Merci beaucoup et Au revoir!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching each and every student over the past 30+ years.  It was also wonderful to work with so many great colleagues at Z.P.S. and E.P.S./E.E.S. as well as throughout our school board and province in the FSL program.

Students, please keep in mind the poem by Joleen K. Fox that I shared with you yesterday:

Merci mille fois for all of your kind messages and hugs!!  They mean so much.  Here are just a few of them:

Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Grade 4 students are using resources like Bitsboard and their notebook to help them write simple sentences as they complete their pattern books in Google Slides. They are also learning how to search for images, copy and paste, and make French accents on the computer. Once they finish their project, they go on to the website “Àtantôt” to build vocabulary (in a game format).




On lit

Grade 4 students have begun to learn how to read French words. We will be focusing on helpful strategies. Today, we discussed pointing to each word as you hear it spoken on the CD, repeating each phrase after the CD, and the fact that letters are not pronounced the same in French as they are in English.