December 11

what I did on the weekend

we made Butter  this weekend  then we put it in a gare then we shuck it for a awer  end then  we  tuck  it  owt of the gare  then  we put it  on  a  ckuracker  a  lot  of  people  said YUM

we sow a  play to day it was about  bullys it was a good play.

November 1

Bus Safety

Tysen and Dylan getting ready to jump out of the back of the bus.

Brett learning about safely exiting the bus.

Jumping from the back of the bus with the helpers.

Wyatt jumping to safety

Students gathering to a ‘safe’ area.

The school participated in bus safety this week. The kids were reminded of the important rules and about some of the evaluation methods in case of emergencies. The students blogged about the safety rules.  Continue reading

October 12

Grade 3’s Blog

20171012-100918.jpg Students are focused on their first blog post

20171012-100948.jpg Using technology to connect with the world

The 2017/2018 Grade 3 class has begun their blogging today. We learned how to look up images on CC Search and then how to import them into our blog post. The students are also learning that there are sometimes technical glitches which can be frustrating. We are learning how to troubleshoot through them patiently.