Our first week of spring!

I hope that you have had a lovely week thus far.

We have been hard at work. Here are some of our highlights this week.

We have been working on the following sight words: left, never, just, thing, our, through
We did a great job creating a list of words with the oat word family. Here are some of the words we came up with: goat, throat, boat, float. We also have been talking about words that have the blend cl like clash, class, clean.

We also began our work on persuasive writing. We have read Click, Clac, Moo Cows that Type to start our discussion about how we need to include strong reasons to convince and persuade the person our letter is for. We have also brainstormed in groups who we are writing to, what we want to persuade them about and at least 2 strong reasons. We recorded them. Our next step is to work on expanding upon our strong reasons by adding support.

We have been hard at work making further discoveries about 3D solids. We have gotten really good at finding and describing the geometric properties of 3D figures. We have built some skeletons of 3D figures which came home last week. With each build, students described the number of faces, edges, and vertices. Great work. We have been describing the 2D shapes we see in the faces of 3D figures. We have also been sorting 3D figures.

We will be finishing up our work on 3D solids this week and moving onto some adding next week.

Some reminders:
Tomorrow is library day
Book orders for those interested are due tomorrow
French activities on Tuesday March 28th. Students will be in Grade 1-6 groupings and travel to different classrooms to explore a different French activity. We will do two rotations.
Friday March 31 is our spirit day for March. We will be focusing on sportsmanship. It is also jersey day. In the afternoon, we have skating.

Yours in Learning,
K. Sbarra

March 6th to 10th

We have had a great start to our week. This week, the sight words that we are working with are: inside, must, than, try, last, outside. Our word family is eet. We brainstormed many words including greet, sheet, and beet. We even realized that the letters eat also sound the same and thought of some words including meat, beat, and treat.

In French we are starting our spring words. As well, we are working at describing a picture about St. Patrick’s Day.

In English, we are continuing to work on writing. A fun activity to do at home is to brainstorm a variety of different things, people or places that your child likes and then choose one out of the bucket to write a shared story about. You could alternate writing sentences.

In addition, we are beginning to work on the Bedford APE strategy to answer a question well. Stay tuned for more information as we delve into this further after March break.

In math, we are continuing to work on 2D and 3D shapes and solids. Today we built towers and pictures using them and then described the different shapes and solids that we used. Later this week, we will be building skeletons of 3D figures using tooth picks and some foam pieces. We will the use them to describe the faces, vertices, and edges.

Today, our Grade 2 students had a visit from Upper Thames River about River Safety.

Below, please find some pictures from when we had one of our community helpers in to share about her job as a Family Doctor. We then traced our bodies working in small groups and added the different organs that help our body function and make us the magnificent people we are! Thank you!




Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Feburary 27th to March 3rd

Bonjour à tout le monde!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

Our sight words for the week are: going, much, open, such, under, and large. Our word family is -ive (live, jive, hive, etc.) and our sound blend is sw (e.g. switch).

We have been working on geometry, 2D and 3D shapes and figures in math. Here are some of our discoveries. We worked on using our pattern blocks to cover designs in different ways. Great problem solving to find different ways!













Have an amazing week. Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Some of our learning to share!

This week, our sight words are most, only, should, land, and until. We are focusing on the -ide word family such as tide, side, etc.

We have been continuing our work on emotions and feelings in French.

During calendar, our leaders of the day have been using a wide variety of questions for their peers. Amazing work formulating new questions !

Tomorrow is library day. As well, it is our spirit day. Wear purple to show Bedford spirit. We will not be having a PACK activity as we did that for our Winter Carnival.

If you have not yet returned your child’s report card envelope as well as the signature page from the bottom, please send it with you child in their mailbag. Thank you so very much !

In math, we have been focusing on symmetry, describing location using words like on, under, above, etc. As well, we have started to explore 2D shapes and 3D figures. Our math activity for this week that you could try at home is a scavenger hunt for 2D shapes and 3D figures. Feel free to have your child draw pictures, take pictures and email them to me, with your help!, or print out pictures to bring in to share. We had so much fun doing a scavenger hunt at Bedford for the shapes and figures.

Here are some of the pictures from creating symmetry with a partner!









Have an amazing end to your week!

Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

February 13-17


We have a busy week ahead of us. Here are some of the highlights!

Sight words in English: every, more, once, same, upon, heard

Our word family is -ock (sock, dock, etc).

Today is 100 Day! We will be doing activities related to 100 today!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. We will be focusing on friendship and things and people we love. We will have the chance to share Valentine’s Day cards or warm fuzzies at the end of the day and students will bring their bag home. On Friday, students wrote down a list with their classmates names to use if they needed them!

Wednesday (weather permitting) is Winter Carnival. If you are able to help our from 1:00 until the end of the day 3:20 with hot chocolate, it would be much appreciated. We are looking for one more volunteer. Please dress warmly this day as we will be outside the entire third block.

Book Orders are due on Friday February 17th.

This coming Monday, February 20th is Family Day. There is no school. Enjoy time together!

Have an amazing week!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra


Bonjour! Information for Skating


Wow. Where did the month of January go. I cannot believe that we are already almost in the month of February.

Thank you to those that have sent back in skating forms. Please return them as soon as you are able! As well, if you are able to volunteer, please let me know. Please let me know if you can go on the ice -skates are required. We require a 1:8 ratio of parents and teachers to students on the ice. Thank you very much! Once I confirm who can volunteer, I will communicate this. I would like to do this by Wednesday if possible.

Thank you! Wishing everyone an amazing week.

Important Dates:

-Wednesday is library day

-Thursday is a PA day

-Friday-skating in the afternoon


January 23-27


I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Here are some of the highlights to come!

Sight Words: this, always, find, done, don’t, cute.

Our word family is -ink (pink, drink, think) and our blend is sk (skin, skunk).

Our French sound is ette. We now have 24 sounds that we have learned!

Today we have a Dairy Education Presentation.

We will be completing our safety posters as well as continuing to work on how to writing!

Here is the information regarding the Elmira Chicken Fundraiser.

Have an amazing week!

Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Our week!


Here is a recap of our week!

We have continued our how to writing. In addition, we have been working on predicting and visualizing through read alouds.

In math, we have been working on probability, balancing expressions, and creating number patterns and concrete patterns that grow and shrink! See some of our discoveries below!

We started creating safety posters for a culminating project for all of our hard word in health! After, we will be moving on to healthy eating.

I will be submitting the book order after school on Monday. If you are interested, please make sure to send in the order form with your child!

Next week:

Monday-Dairy Education Presentation

Wednesday-Library Day

Friday-Spirit Day. Be proud of Canada. Celebrate our diversity. Wear Red and White to help celebrate Canada.

Have an amazing weekend!

Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra