Times flies! Last week of April

We had a very busy start to our week.

We had the chance to present our commercials on Monday. Students worked at giving constructive feedback to their peers about things that they did well and suggestions on how to make their commercial better!

We will be finishing up our persuasive writing and moving into story writing and poetry for the remainder of the year! With our reading buddies, we have started a story! It has been wonderful seeing the Grade 1’s and 2’s collaborate with their Grade 4 buddies!

In math, we have been working on both adding and subtracting as well as measurement.

Students have also been hard at work presenting their favourite things. What wonderful presentations we have had thus far!

A letter has come home for Family Fun Night. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated! Family Fun Night is Thursday May 11th from 5:30-7:30.

Friday morning, we will be participating in our PACK activities after announcements. It is also our April Spirit Day. Students are welcome to dress like their favourite animal. This could be a costume, wearing green clothes if you love frogs, etc. Let your creativity shine!

On June 1st, we will be going on a trip to Wildwood in the afternoon. A permission form was sent home tonight. Please sign and send back by the end of next week. If you are able to volunteer, please let me know!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our Earth Day Celebration

Today, between the rain showers, we made it outside to clean up the community around Bedford. We wore gloves and in groups, cleaned up the Bedford community!

Here’s some of the things we learned!

  • It is important not to litter. (Davis)
  • You can help clean up by picking up garbage. (Thomas)
  • It is important not to smoke and then litter your cigarette on the ground. (Ben)
  • Make sure you put stuff that can be recycled into the recycling bin and don’t fill the recycling bin with garbage items. (Aislinn and Sadie)
  • Don’t throw cardboard on the ground. It can be recycled! (Quinn)
  • Don’t throw things on the ground when you know not to litter. (Siena)
  • If you have a glass container, do not throw it on the ground because it will break and somebody might get hurt. (Brinlee and Lilly)
  • You should recycle cardboard and paper and plastic. Do not throw food items like pizza and apples into the recycling bin. (Freya)
  • Even if you’re busy, you should take time to throw out garbage instead of throwing it on the ground. (Evan)
  • Remember Earth Day so then you can make good choices. (Aislinn)
  • Remember not to litter. (Lydia and Tarek)
  • If you pick up something from the ground, make sure you wash your hands very well after! (Mme)





Earth day is soon!

We have had a busy week of learning. This week, our focus has been on Earth Day and ways that we can help protect the environment. We have wrote about ways in which we can help the Earth through an acrostic poem, explored some vocabulary related to le jour de la terre, and have been working on a media project!


We have been learning about commercials. We have discovered that it is important for commercials to have a strong and positive message, use friendly language, be convincing, teach us something, and share examples (details). The presenters also need to be speak with a loud enough volume and it is important that they are creative with how they share their message (e.g. A song) to help their audience remember their message! We have been working in partners to develop our ideas and practise. We will be presenting them tomorrow to celebrate Earth Day.

We will also be spending some time outside tomorrow. Please ensure that your child has warm enough clothing as it is not supposed to be very warm! We will be spending some time in the morning outside around the Bedford community looking for ways we can help clean up nature and clean up our Earth. Students brainstormed the importance of picking up garbage but also that it’s important to stay safe! We will be wearing gloves tomorrow and making sure that we wash our hands after our exploration. We have also talked about what items would be safe to pick up and which ones would require an adult’s help. If we find newspaper on the ground, that would be okay to pick up. However, if there is glass or something sharp on the ground, to get an adult’s help! Later in the day, we will be presenting our commercials.

In math, we have been continuing our work on adding and subtracting. Our grade ones have been getting great at adding and subtracting to 20 using our counting on strategy and drawing pictures. Our grade twos have been working really hard at adding and subtracting to 100. Here is a subtracting poem we have been using to help us!


Students are also bringing home information for a show and tell next week. Some students want to bring in some items that are larger than the paper bag such as a stuffy or a doll. I let them know that is okay so long as you are okay with them bringing it in. Also, we talked about how the items they bring in will stay in the classroom during recess. Your child also picked their presentation day which is on the paper they are bringing home. If you have any questions about our project, please feel free to ask by writing a note in your child’s planner.

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Wear Pink Tomorrow!

We had a great start to our week. We are continuing to work on our persuasive writing, adding and subtracting, and getting better at speaking in French !

Today we chose to either work on French reading or French writing with our Grade 4 buddies!

Students will be bringing home their Spring Acrostic Poem today or tomorrow! What a pleasure it was to read them.

Today we had our first French activity rotation. Students are in Grade 1-6 groupings and will rotate through 9 different activities related to French culture. Students had the first two rotations today.

A reminder that if you would like to order from April’s Scholastic Book Order, that orders are due on Thursday, April 13th!

Best of luck to our Bedford classes participating in Kiwanis tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Day of Pink! Here is a link for more information!


No school Friday.

Have a wonderful week!

K. Sbarra

A wonderful week!

What a busy week we have had together in our Grade 1 and 2 classroom.

Today the K-3 students had a presentation about the importance of brushing our teeth. We reviewed how to brush our teeth and sorted foods. Each student received a toothbrush and a page to record brushing their teeth. Please send this page back by May 3rd for your child to be entered into a draw for a bike! Happy brushing.

In English, we have been working hard at our OREO Persuasive Writing Mind Map. Students have been then working at taking their ideas and putting them into a letter form. We will be beginning to work at ‘how to answer a question well’ over the coming weeks through read alouds. We have been continuing to work on our writing, sight words, and reading.

In math, we have finished up geometry and have moved back to adding and subtracting. Some strategies we have been discovering and exploring include drawing pictures, writing number sentences, adding the groups of 10’s and 1’s and expanded form (45+21=40+5+20+1=60+6=66). A math game is coming home tonight. Have fun!

In French we will be working towards creating a procedural writing piece. Over the coming weeks, we will be learning vocabulary and structures that will help us complete this task!

In social studies, we will be continuing with our exploration of local communities for our Grade 1’s and global communities for our Grade 2’s.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday April 11th: French Activities

Thursday April 13th: Scholastic Book Order due

Friday April 14th: No school

Monday April 17th: No School

Have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the sunshine!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our last week of March!

We have a busy week ahead of us!

We have been hard at work learning about persuasive writing in English. We will be starting to fill in our mind map for our first persuasive writing piece! Our sight words for the week are: knew, know, new, these, those, over. Our word family is -ame (came, fame, game).

In math we are starting back into some adding and subtracting. We will be exploring different number problems. Sometimes the answer is missing (e.g. 5+6=__), sometimes the start is missing (__+6=11) and sometimes the other part is missing (3+__=10). Grade twos will be working towards adding and subtracting two digit numbers. To start we will be working with number patterns when we add and subtract. We will be solving word problems. Our focus will be on what the question is asking, what strategy we are using to solve it, and how we showed our thinking.

Our new French sound for the week is -ille (eee) like in the word la fille (the girl).

Friday is Jersey Day.  Wear your favourite sports jersey, dance jersey, etc! It is also our PACK activity during which we will be learning more about the HOAP process (honesty, ownership, apology, plan). We will also be skating in the afternoon. Thank you to our volunteers able to join us this time! Please meet us at the arena at 12:40-12:45. We will be getting a bus from Bedford at 12:30. We will skate from 1 to 1:45. Following, we will take the bus back to Bedford.

Friday is library day!

Fundraising order forms are due April 4th (Vesey Bulbs).

Have an amazing week!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our first week of spring!

I hope that you have had a lovely week thus far.

We have been hard at work. Here are some of our highlights this week.

We have been working on the following sight words: left, never, just, thing, our, through
We did a great job creating a list of words with the oat word family. Here are some of the words we came up with: goat, throat, boat, float. We also have been talking about words that have the blend cl like clash, class, clean.

We also began our work on persuasive writing. We have read Click, Clac, Moo Cows that Type to start our discussion about how we need to include strong reasons to convince and persuade the person our letter is for. We have also brainstormed in groups who we are writing to, what we want to persuade them about and at least 2 strong reasons. We recorded them. Our next step is to work on expanding upon our strong reasons by adding support.

We have been hard at work making further discoveries about 3D solids. We have gotten really good at finding and describing the geometric properties of 3D figures. We have built some skeletons of 3D figures which came home last week. With each build, students described the number of faces, edges, and vertices. Great work. We have been describing the 2D shapes we see in the faces of 3D figures. We have also been sorting 3D figures.

We will be finishing up our work on 3D solids this week and moving onto some adding next week.

Some reminders:
Tomorrow is library day
Book orders for those interested are due tomorrow
French activities on Tuesday March 28th. Students will be in Grade 1-6 groupings and travel to different classrooms to explore a different French activity. We will do two rotations.
Friday March 31 is our spirit day for March. We will be focusing on sportsmanship. It is also jersey day. In the afternoon, we have skating.

Yours in Learning,
K. Sbarra

March 6th to 10th

We have had a great start to our week. This week, the sight words that we are working with are: inside, must, than, try, last, outside. Our word family is eet. We brainstormed many words including greet, sheet, and beet. We even realized that the letters eat also sound the same and thought of some words including meat, beat, and treat.

In French we are starting our spring words. As well, we are working at describing a picture about St. Patrick’s Day.

In English, we are continuing to work on writing. A fun activity to do at home is to brainstorm a variety of different things, people or places that your child likes and then choose one out of the bucket to write a shared story about. You could alternate writing sentences.

In addition, we are beginning to work on the Bedford APE strategy to answer a question well. Stay tuned for more information as we delve into this further after March break.

In math, we are continuing to work on 2D and 3D shapes and solids. Today we built towers and pictures using them and then described the different shapes and solids that we used. Later this week, we will be building skeletons of 3D figures using tooth picks and some foam pieces. We will the use them to describe the faces, vertices, and edges.

Today, our Grade 2 students had a visit from Upper Thames River about River Safety.

Below, please find some pictures from when we had one of our community helpers in to share about her job as a Family Doctor. We then traced our bodies working in small groups and added the different organs that help our body function and make us the magnificent people we are! Thank you!




Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Feburary 27th to March 3rd

Bonjour à tout le monde!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

Our sight words for the week are: going, much, open, such, under, and large. Our word family is -ive (live, jive, hive, etc.) and our sound blend is sw (e.g. switch).

We have been working on geometry, 2D and 3D shapes and figures in math. Here are some of our discoveries. We worked on using our pattern blocks to cover designs in different ways. Great problem solving to find different ways!













Have an amazing week. Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Some of our learning to share!

This week, our sight words are most, only, should, land, and until. We are focusing on the -ide word family such as tide, side, etc.

We have been continuing our work on emotions and feelings in French.

During calendar, our leaders of the day have been using a wide variety of questions for their peers. Amazing work formulating new questions !

Tomorrow is library day. As well, it is our spirit day. Wear purple to show Bedford spirit. We will not be having a PACK activity as we did that for our Winter Carnival.

If you have not yet returned your child’s report card envelope as well as the signature page from the bottom, please send it with you child in their mailbag. Thank you so very much !

In math, we have been focusing on symmetry, describing location using words like on, under, above, etc. As well, we have started to explore 2D shapes and 3D figures. Our math activity for this week that you could try at home is a scavenger hunt for 2D shapes and 3D figures. Feel free to have your child draw pictures, take pictures and email them to me, with your help!, or print out pictures to bring in to share. We had so much fun doing a scavenger hunt at Bedford for the shapes and figures.

Here are some of the pictures from creating symmetry with a partner!









Have an amazing end to your week!

Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra