Week of November 20th


I hope that you are staying warm on this chilly morning.

This week our sight words are: put, saw, took, soon, because, best, tell.

Our word family is -ag (bag, tag) and our blend is tr (train, truck).

In French, our sound is -ch like the sound the letters sh make in English.

Upcoming dates:

-Friday is library day

-Friday is also our next spirit day! Here is a little bit of information about it!

Students have been placed in Grade K-6 groupings and these are our PACKS. Each PACK has a different colour. In your child’s agenda on Friday November 17th, I wrote your child’s PACK colour. If possible, please have your child wear a piece of clothing (e.g. t-shirt/sweater) in this colour for our next PACK activity which is this Friday November 24th.

Our PACK activities are activities in which we get to know our greater Bedford community. It is a great way to get to know everyone at Bedford.

Have an amazing week!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our week!

Another great week in Grade 1 and 2.

In math, we did a ‘what do you know about sorting’ activity. We talked about the different ways we can sort by using attributes (colour, shape, texture, size, # of sides, # of vertices, etc.).

As well, we worked on creating numbers using base ten blocks. For instance, 43 is made up of 4 groups of 10 and 3 singles.

We continued our week with some estimation as well as practicing some addition facts through a game called ‘Shape Fill’ from Family Math Night.

We explored more number patterns. One example is:

55, 60, 65, 70, ___, ___, ____. The rule would be counting by 5’s starting at 55. The pattern is growing by 5 each time.

Today we reviewed our 2D shapes and linked it into symmetry. We practiced using miras to copy the other half of the image.

In English, we continued our practice with word work and journal writing. We also spent time working on procedural writing (how-to writing). We also introduced APE for our open reading responses.

A-answer the question using words from the question

P-proof your answer using words from the text

E-explain your thinking

In French, we have been working really hard on our oral speaking and applying our sounds. Please continue to encourage your child to speak in French-taking risks is a good thing!

Our Grade 1 students have started to bring home French reading books. In the yellow duotang, there are many French sounds that we have been learning. They can use these to sound out new words that are tricky!

In Social Studies, Grade 2’s started to describe different celebrations and traditions that they are a part of. Our Grade 1’s began to describe different rules and responsibilities that they have at school.

A few reminders:

  • Library Day is Day 1. I sent home a slip of paper with some students who have outstanding books.
  • I have sent home our last math game for our inquiry. More math games will come, but there will be no surveys with them. I have sent out an email with each of the links from the survey today as well as the surveys from the last few weeks! Thank you so very much for your support.

Have an amazing weekend!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra




Welcome back!

Here are our sight words for the week: big, little, ran, or, off, now, out, not.

Our word family is -ap (cap, tap).

Our sound blend is sn (snow, snap)

In French, our sound of the week is -un.

Important dates this week: 

Tuesday November 15th: Family Math Night. This is a great evening to have fun playing math games. Come on out and check it out! The event runs from 5-7pm.

Friday is library day!

Have an amazing week!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Third Math Activity

On Friday November 10th, I sent home a math activity entitled “Add Up Tiles”. This activity is about being able to find different combinations of numbers which add up to a certain sum. It is also about strategy because the last player able to post a tile on the board wins!

Once you have completed the activity with your child, I would greatly appreciate you filling out the brief survey that I have emailed out about this activity. Happy adding up!

Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in the surveys. I appreciate your feedback. If you have not yet had a moment to complete the survey on Bonds to 10 or 18 and Last One to School, and you are able to, that would be wonderful!

Have an amazing weekend,

K. Sbarra


Our learning last week!

Here are some highlights from last week!

Math: We worked on telling time. Our Grade 1’s worked on telling time to the hour and half hour while our Grade 2’s worked on telling time to the quarter hour (quarter to and quarter past). Their work came home this week for some feedback as well!

We also worked on patterns on hundreds chart. In Grade 1, students develop their understanding that when we skip count we skip the same amount of numbers each time (e.g. by 5’s we count every 5th number). Their goal is to skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. In Grade 2, the end goal is that they can skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s to 200 starting at multiples of 2, 5, and 10 (e.g. count by 10 starting at 35).

We then practiced skip counting to count money amounts. A great precursor strategy to use is trapping and counting on. For instance, if you have 25 cents and still need to add a nickel, trap 25 and count up 5 more.

We also began our work on estimation. We talked about how it is a good guess and that it doesn’t matter if we don’t get the exact answer. We also explored how if we estimate and then take a pile of 10 out, we may want to change our estimate after seeing what ’10’ looks like!

English: We talked about the importance of Remembrance Day and what it means to us. We also practiced our poem which we shared at our Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday. Well done to our class along with Mrs. McLeod’s class for their presentation.

Students continued their creative journal writing. Spending a little bit each week working on writing with your child will help to strengthen their fine motor skills, their confidence in their ability to share their ideas through writing, and let their creativeness flourish!

As a class, we began our work on procedural writing. Students helped to create a sample piece of writing: How to Plant Bulbs. After our title, we listed our materials and our steps using connecting words like First, Second, Third, Next, Then, After, Finally. Students have started to write their own!

French: Students discussed who was in their family with small groups using the following starters:

  • J’ai (I have)
  • Il y a (There is)
  • Voici (Here is)
  • Dans ma famille, (In my family,)

Ask your child to share with you who is in their family in French!

We also worked on our new sound ou and had fun creating silly sentences about animals!

With our learning buddies, we created poppies-les coquelicots and turned it into a wreath for Remembrance Day!

We also created a collaborative art project as a class for our Remembrance Day Assembly.

In gym, we have been working on balances. Students have participated in a variety of centres to practice this skill. One of our favourites was holding 2 pool noodles with a partner and balancing various objects on it while walking or rolling a ball and not letting it fall off!


Our Remembrance day Art!


We can count by 10 starting at 10!


We can count by 10 starting at 7!


We can count by 2 starting at 1.




We can count by 2 starting at 1.

Enjoy your weekend! Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Week of November 6th

This week our sight words are: I’m, some, have, made, may, make, help, how. Our word family is -ot like (hot, dot), and our sound blend is pl like in the word (place).

Our French sound is “ou”.

I will be sending home the math activity entitled Last One to School today with your child. Happy exploring doubles!

Thank you to our volunteers who have started. If you would like to volunteer and you have a recent police check on file at the school, please let me know!

Some important dates this week:

  • Friday is a busy day:
    • We have our Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:15. Our class will be performing a French and English poem with Mrs. McLeod’s class.
    • Book orders are due if you are interested
    • Library day is today

Family Math Night is Tuesday October 14th. It is a great evening to learn some new math games or see the math in some familiar math games. It runs from 5-7. Come and check it out!

Have a fantastic week!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our learning from last week!

First, it was a pleasure meeting with all of you last week for the parent -teacher interviews. If there is anything that would would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me with a note in your child’s planner.

Last week, here are some of our highlights:

  • We worked and completed the good copies of our monster writing which was a focus on descriptive language.
  • We continued to develop our French language with connections to our monster poem and the sound é (which can also be found with the letter combinations et, er, es and ez)
  • In math we completed a variety of word problems to practice skip counting and word problem strategies (circling the important information, drawing a picture, using mental math strategies).
  • In gym, we have moved on from cooperative games and gym routines (though they will remain a focus) to balance activities.
  • In art, we have moved from primary and secondary colours to working with lines.

Week of October 30th

Welcome back!

Some highlights to start our week!

English sight words: gave, give, been, good, into, its ask, ate

Word Family: et (e.g. bet)

Sound Blend: sp (e.g. spell, spooky)

French sound is: é (eh).

Today we have our whole school bus evacuation assembly.

Important Dates:

Monday: Progress Reports come home today

Tuesday: Black and Orange Day

Thursday: Progress Report Interviews. Confirmation of date and time sent home last week. Any questions, please ask. Poinsettia orders due today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

Friday: PA Day, Progress Report Interviews in the morning.

Have an amazing week!

Mme Sbarra

Math Activity 1

Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey! I really appreciate you taking the time.

Our first activity is about bonds to 10 for our Grade 1’s and bonds to 18 for our Grade 2’s.

Here is the task. If you have a child in Grade 1, get 10 counters. If you have a child in Grade 2, get 18 counters. You could you macaroni, counters from a game, pennies (if you have some!), beads, smarties, marshmallows, etc! You also need a cup or container that you can’t see through.

With your child, set out all 10 or 18 counters and then place the cup over some of them. The goal of the game is for your child to figure out how many counters are under the cup. Counting up is a great strategy (e.g. I see 8 counters, 9, 10 is two more; there must be 2 under the cup).The end goal is for them to fluently know bonds to 10 or 18. They may say things like:

  • I have 8 counters so their must be 10 under the cup because 10+8 makes 18
  • I have 5 counters so their must be 5 under the cup because 5+5 makes 10 (it’s a double!)

Happy discovering!

After the activity, I would greatly appreciate you filling out the brief survey that I have emailed out about bonds to 10 and 18!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Mme Sbarra

Our week!

This week, here’s what we got up to!

In math, we practiced telling time with clocks and drawing the time to the hour and half hour. We also worked with some new math vocabulary-greater than, less than and the same. We used packman and white boards to show which number was bigger. We worked with Madame during centres to show numbers using base ten blocks and we practiced using the words 16 is made up of 1 group of 10 and 6 ones. We played a game with popsicle sticks to practice this! We dropped a pile of popsicle sticks and then counted the ones that had groups of 10 on them and the ones that were ones to figure out our number!

In English, we continued our journal writing. We also worked on describing our monsters. Today we finished up writing clues about either a Halloween costume or something fall related and had Madame guess what it was!

In French, we continued using our fall and Halloween vocabulary. Students worked on describing a picture orally. Today we put it into writing. Students began to use prepositional words like sur (on), sous (under), dans (in), devant (in front), derrière (behind) and à côté de (beside) in their writing.

We had our first PACK activity today. Students have been placed into different Grade 1-6 groupings. They are each part of a PACK now. We completed our first team building activity. Students had a goal of learning 5 new names at Bedford through some outdoor games! We even did the Bedford Boogie today as a school!

Have an amazing weekend,

Mme Sbarra