Down to our last few days!

How the time is quickly passing. Today’s surprise was math games! We also attended the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony this morning. Best of luck to all of our Grade 6’s who will be moving on to other schools!

Tomorrow is our trip to Lion’s Pool. Please have your child wear their bathing suit to school. Please send a change of clothes that they can change into following our trip to the pool. Thank you to our volunteers.

A reminder that if your child is in Grade 1, a life jacket is required for pool rules. You are welcome to bring your own.

We peeked at our special day for tomorrow! It is bring your favourite stuffy, or doll and book. We will have the chance to share them tomorrow with our classmates.

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

A week full of surprises!

As we continue our learning to the end of our year together in our Grade 1 and 2 classroom, we have had some special theme days to wrap up our year. On Tuesday, we celebrated our learning in French with a scavenger hunt in French and picnic at Upper Queen’s Park. On Wednesday, we celebrated the first day of summer with hat day. On Thursday, we each chose a name from a hat and create a kindness card for that classmate! Today, we had Tacky Tourist Day as a school and our classroom celebrated our work as authors with our Author’s Circle and a treat. Great work to all of our students who shared their hard work as authors and illustrators!

Your child will also be bringing home a number of pieces of their work. In their home bag, you should find their shared reading from French and English, their French and English journals, some French writing, their art projects from the year, some of their first work from September, as well as the rough drafts of their stories. We have kept the good copies in the classroom to read for a little bit next week.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra


Home Reading

As we wind down the year, please ensure that you return any classroom home reading books, both French and English books as well as Mme Sbarra’s personal collection, to the classroom by this Friday, June 23rd. I will be sending home a letter as a reminder tomorrow. Once your books are returned, please sign the letter and return it to me!

Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup!

Mme Sbarra

Lion’s Pool

The final swim schedule and permission form were sent home with your child today. We will be leaving the school by bus at 9:45 on Tuesday June 27th. We swim from 10-11:15 and get picked up at the Lion’s Pool to return to Bedford at 11:25. We are looking for volunteers. Please let me know if you are able to come! We do need an adult/child ratio of 1:8 in the pool. Thank you very much!

Please see the attached information page for important information regarding this trip. Some of the key things are:

-please have your child wear their bathing suit under their clothes and have your child bring the change of clothes they need for after swimming.

-Grade 1’s are required by Lion’s Pool to wear a life jacket.

-Non-swimming observers may be asked to watch from outside the fence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our visit today: Learning about Radiology

Today, we had the chance to invite Dr. Dan, also known as Dr. X-ray, into our classroom to share his expertise about radiology and being a radiologist. We had the chance to see what our skeleton looks like and put together puzzle pieces to make a skeleton in groups.  We also learned about how an x-ray works, got to see an older version of an x-ray, and analyze pictures of different x-rays of both healthy people and people who needed a doctor’s help to get better! We had the chance to see the layers that make up our hands through the use of a model-we noticed that there are both bones as well as ligaments, tissues and muscles beneath the skin. We even had the chance to see a skull and a real femur bone.

Thank you Dr. X-ray!

Here’s to another great week in Grade 1/2

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and had many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather!

We have a special presentation this Wednesday!

This week, we will be finishing up our stories and creating our published version. We will then we sharing them in Author’s Circle to celebrate our hard work.

In your child home bag, I have been sending home completed work. Please take time to celebrate your child’s successes and next steps! We are all learning no matter our stage in life.

In Health, we will be moving onto some growth and development. Here are the expectations from our curriculum:

Grade 1: Identify the 5 senses and describe how each functions; identify body parts using the correct terminology.

Grade 2: Outline the basic stages of human development and related bodily changes; identify factors important for healthy living throughout life.

We will also have the chance to share pictures from Dr. Dan about doctors and medicine from around the world!

Have a wonderful week. Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Our learning last week!

Thank you to Dr. Dan who came to share his knowledge of family medicine. We even got to see a how a fiberglass cast is put on! Thank you for sharing your expertise. We look forward to looking at the pictures you sent us of medicine around the world and making more comparisons.

As well, we had the opportunity to visit the London Children’s Museum. A huge thank you to our parent volunteers as well as the leaders at the Museum who ran our activities!

Grade 1’s got to explore a mock community and become community helpers in the first part of their day while our Grade 2’s had the chance to learn about animals in the arctic including their adaptations and instincts. We got to see an arctic fox and discuss why it’s fur would change colour throughout the year.

In the afternoon, after we had lunch together, our Grade 1’s participated in an outdoor exploration of plants. They had the opportunity to plant some plants and give them water as well as explore what certain outdoor treasures look like up close using a microscope connected to a computer! Our Grade’s 2’s spent our afternoon learning about people in the arctic! We had the chance to see an amauti (a very warm coat worn in the arctic) as well as a frame drum which is used for celebrations.

It was a great day of learning and connections to our work in the classroom! Here are some pictures of our adventures!

Wildwood and our recent visitors!

We had a wonderful trip to Wildwood on Thursday. Students participated in an activity to orient themselves and take the journey of a monarch butterfly. They learned and furthered their understanding about how to use a compass. The second activity involved using a parachute to mimic a butterfly’s life cycle from being an egg to becoming a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Earlier this week, we had a presentation from a parent on her job as a pharmacist. We learned about strategies we can use to stay healthy such as getting exercise and washing our hands. We also learned about prescription medication and the importance of following the doctors instructions and having parents help administer it! Thank you, Christine!

Yesterday, we had a visit from Perth EMS. Students became familiar with a stethoscope, and oxygen masks, among many other items that a paramedic may use on a daily basis. Students had the opportunity to tour the ambulance! Thank you, Jackee!

Here are some pictures of our adventures!

Tomorrow is our Wildwood Trip

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our trip to Wildwood!

We will be leaving Bedford around noon. Our program runs from 12:30-2:30 at Wildwood. We will then be returning to Bedford for dismissal.

We will be having a snack before we depart for our field trip.

Thank you to our volunteers who will be joining us! We look forward to having you share in our learning.

Have a wonderful evening,

K. Sbarra