Our learning last week!

Last week, here’s what we got up to!

  • began our exploration of time-Grade 1’s tell and write time to the hour and half hour/ Grade 2’s tell and write time to the quarter hour
  • continued to work on number recognition and fluency with basic number facts
  • had a challenge to create a pattern that repeated. We also had to be able to name what attribute was changing and find the pattern core-the part that repeats!
  • continued our sight words and word work in both French and English
  • brainstormed adjectives to describe our monsters
  • continued to develop as writers in both languages through journal writing

Here is us practicing our poem from last week!

Have an amazing week!

Here’s what we got up to last week!

In math, we started to learn about time. We first completed a chart showing everything we remembered about time. Then, we practiced telling time to the hour and half hour (Grade 1 expectation). We will eventually extend our understanding of how to write and tell time to the quarter hour (Grade 2 expectation). We also continued our work with money. Students used their knowledge of coins to create a pizza with different toppings. They then calculated the cost of their pizza. We continued our work with money by showing how many ways you could make a certain value of money. Students chose an amount of money to show and then worked with coin manipulatives to show different coins that would add to that value. Finally, we began to look at patterns by exploring what we know. We figured out that patterns have a pattern core that repeats and that they can change by different attributes.

In English, we continued our word work learning. As well, we continued journal writing. We began to design monsters and we will eventually be describing our monster. Our first step was to describe Madame’s monster together as a class!

In French, we completed work around the sound ‘u’. Students completed different activities to practice this sound through a poem. We also continued to work on our writing by using our fall vocabulary. We practiced some familiar oral questions and we practiced describing who is in our family. With our learning buddies, we reviewed French colours through some oral games!

Yours in learning,

K. Sbarra

Here’s some of our rainy day artwork practicing our understanding of mixing primary colours to make secondary colours!



Here is our learning that we shared about patterns!


Here’s what we know about time!


Week of October 10th

Welcome back after our Thanksgiving long weekend. I hope that each and everyone of you had the chance to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

This week our sight words are: we, on, to, too, two, up, can, did, from

Our word family is -at (like cat) and our blend is ch (like chocolate)

Our French sound of the week is u (ew).

Upcoming dates this week:

  • Milk begins
  • First Pizza day is Wednesday October 11th
  • Thursday is library day; if you are interested in the October book order, this is also due today. I will be putting in the order after school.
  • Friday October 13th is our trip to Wildwood in the afternoon

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week!

K. Sbarra

Recap of last week

We had a wonderful week of learning last week.

In English, we continued our week on story retells using the language at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. We have also started to use the words next, after, then in our oral story retells. This is a great activity to incorporate at home during home reading activities. We also started to brainstorm descriptive words for describing monsters. This will be our writing focus of the month. Journal writing as well as writing about why we are thankful were also part of our activities.

In French, we worked with our poem of the week for the sound ‘o’. Students found the sound in the poem, read it with a partner/small group, put the poem in order and completed pictures of what the poem meant. We continued to work on our writing skills through describing a picture and our oral skills through talking about it using our fall vocabulary.

In math, students completed a project on reading thermometers and drawing related activities and clothing for that specific temperature. We also began to delve deeper into different ways we can show a number (ex: number line, base 10 blocks, number sentences, skip counting, draw a picture, tallies, 10 frames, money, etc.). We worked together as a class to find the important information in a word problem before solving them! We ended off our week with a game called Race to 50. This game came home with your child with instructions. It focuses on the idea of counting by 10’s and that once you have 10 ones, they become 1 group of 10 which will later help us with regrouping for adding and subtracting.

Check out some of our work learning the game Race to 50 and finding more effective ways to count rather than by 1’s (skip counting).



Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

October 2nd, 2017

Our week started off great today!

Words for the week are: he, she, his, her, want, has, had him, for

We worked on the -sh sound and the -ay blend! Check out the words that we came up with as a class!

In French, our new sound is o/au/eau (oh). A poem that we did for the i sound is coming home with your child tonight.

Book orders came home for October today, for interested families. They are due October 12th which is a Thursday.

Our field trip to Wildwood is coming up on Friday October 13th. Thank you for those of you who have returned the permission forms. If you have yet to do so, please send them back with your child as soon as you can. Once I have them collected, I will communicate with volunteers!

Library day is Wednesday October 4th.

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra

Our week of learning!

This week, here is what we got up to!

Today was our Terry Fox Run/Walk. Great participation by all! We raised over 600 dollars as a school. Thank you for all of your support!

In math, we did an assessment on 10 frames, more or less, representations to 5 and 10 and representing numbers in groups of 10.  We also created our own number lines to use as a strategy when solving word problems. Great work ordering numbers and counting! Students had the opportunity to explore base ten blocks and how they can be used to represent numbers as we continue our exploration of groups of 10’s and 1’s.

A math game is coming home with your child tonight. You need a dice (1 or 2 or more depending on how comfortable your child is with numbers) as well as two counters. Here’s how it works:

  1. Player 1 rolls the dice and then says their number.
  2. Player 2 does the same.
  3. Both players decide which number is ‘more’ (e.g. 5 is more than 3 if playing with one dice and 11 is more than 8 if playing with two dice).

Possible Extensions:

  • Have your child say how many more or less the number they rolled is from 10 or 20.
  • Will they say their number if they skip count by 2 or 5.
  • Estimation-is their number closer to 5 or 10, 0 or 10, 10 or 20, etc.

Have fun!

In English, we practised our sight words and remaining letters. We reviewed how we do independent reading and buddy reading. We continued to develop as writers through creative journal writing and near the end of the week we brainstormed things that we think of in fall to create a piece of writing!

In your child’s home bag, please find their work entitled “My Favourite Thing”. They worked on this earlier this year through a planning page and then bringing their ideas together for a piece of writing. At the bottom of the page, you will find a check mark and a think bubble for some feedback for their work.

In French, our class is taking turns to lead our calendar. Fantastic job to all students who have participated thus far. We are continuing our work with our sound and poem of the week. We also introduced some of our fall words that we will be working with over the coming weeks. We talked orally about a fall picture using the sentence starter: Je vois (I see) to explain our thinking and comment dit-on ______, when we were unsure of how to say a word in French. We then took what we did orally and created some sentences to describe the picture. Our Grade 1’s did a great job writing their first French sentence. Our Grade 2’s did a great job of extending their work from last year to add increased details! We will add it to our writing wall to celebrate !

A few reminders and notes:

Tomorrow is a PA Day

A permission form for a trip to Wildwood Conservation Area on Friday October 13th was sent home today. If you have a current police check and would like to volunteer, please let me know. I will communicate with volunteers once confirmed!

For those of you who have let me know your interest in volunteering and have a police check at the school, I will be communicating with you next week. We will start to have volunteers join in our learning after Thanksgiving.

I learned of a neat app for the iPad and I believe that it will also work for android devices for families that want an additional way to practise reading at home. It is currently free for iPad users (until September 30th). It is called Teach your Monster to Read. Feel free to check it out!

Yours in Learning,

K. Sbarra