Reader Mode in Safari on the iPad

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Happy October 19th everyone! Apple experts Leann LaFramboise and Jonathan Jones taught me something recently that I think is really great for the iPad. It’s called “Reader Mode” (sometimes “Reader View”) and it’s a very good way condense the nonsense when using the Safari web browser. Long story short: there is a nice “secret” little… Continue reading

French Tip Sheets

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Leann has made up some french tip sheets. I will post them all in this thread with a short description of what they are underneath. steps-for-adding-french-keyboard-to-ipad – Instructions on how to add a fully functioning French keyboard on the iPad. adding-accents-in-french-using-ipad-keyboard – Instructions for adding different accents on the French keyboard.


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Interesting website where you paste text and it will make it easier to read by changing difficult words into easier to understand language. It also includes a dictionary and an interesting page that will determine the part of speech of each word. Here is a link rewordify Big thanks to Judy Campbell and Katey Kneider for… Continue reading