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Welcome to the new STAR blog. Please use the links at the top of the page and the menu on the right side to visit the different areas I am blogging about. This blog will focus on iPad apps, resources and programs usable by teachers to accommodate all learners. You can email me at danikipf@fc.amdsb.ca with… Continue reading

French Tip Sheets

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Leann has made up some french tip sheets. I will post them all in this thread with a short description of what they are underneath. steps-for-adding-french-keyboard-to-ipad – Instructions on how to add a fully functioning French keyboard on the iPad. adding-accents-in-french-using-ipad-keyboard – Instructions for adding different accents on the French keyboard.


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Interesting website where you paste text and it will make it easier to read by changing difficult words into easier to understand language. It also includes a dictionary and an interesting page that will determine the part of speech of each word. Here is a link rewordify Big thanks to Judy Campbell and Katey Kneider for… Continue reading

Snapverter: How to Install and Use

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Snapverter is a tool that attaches to your Google Drive to allow you to easily convert pictures into readable PDF files and nonreadable PDF files into ones that can be read by an iPad or computer. Installation Snapverter is a google extension so you have to be signed into your Google Chrome account to install… Continue reading

LD@School Webinar (Learning Disabilities, Memory, Cognitive Load)

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If your interested in learning more about learning disabilities, how memory works and cognitive load the link below gives access to a video of an excellent webinar hosted by LD@school. It gives great tips for helping our students with learning disabilities. The webinar is an hour long with an extra 20 minutes of questions. I… Continue reading

Setting up Google Read & Write on a Computer

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Google Read & Write is finally here!! Below I am outlining the steps to authorizing it on a computer. The process for the iPad is different and I will include that in another post. Note: for the program to work on an iPad it must be first authorized on a computer!! Step 1: Logging In In… Continue reading