A Successful Three Weeks of Learning

Time to Celebrate

We did it! It is the last day of the North Perth Summer Numeracy Program 2018.  It was an amazing 3 weeks.  We tried to do all of our favourite math things today to celebrate.  And we certainly had a lot to celebrate. Student report cards were sent home today, and they were a pleasure to write.  What a successful three weeks!

The students enjoyed doing the surveys yesterday, so we made a “Would you Rather” one to celebrate our last day together.  Here are a few of the results:

We also shared one last story:

And we used one last math tool:

And of course, one last snack math!Have an amazing holiday everyone!  I liked being your teacher this summer!

2 Surveys, 2 Stories, and 2 Math tools!

Today’s First Survey (For Parents )

Thank you for your commitment in ensuring that your child participated in our Summer Learning program! Each day has been filled with strategic instruction, active recreational play and friendship building. As the program is entering its final days, we would LOVE to hear from you about your child’s experience. Please take a few moments to complete the questions in the above survey,  as it helps guide our future planning regarding Summer Learning.

Today’s Second Survey: Class Survey. Our survey data was collected and shared during class.  Here are some of the results:

Today’s First Story:

Today’s First Math Tool: How Many More?

Today’s Second Story:

Today’s Second Math Tool: Canadian Money

This and That and Other Math Things!

This and That and Other Math Things!  We had a hard time thinking of a specific title today.  We did so many things that it was hard to describe.  Hopefully the following photos help!

Today’s Number Tool:  The image below links to a Number Rack!

Today’s Attendance:  We did attendance with money questions.  Everyone had  to use their own bank to pay for attendance!

Today’s Math Book: How much is a Thousand?  We learned that the answer to this question depends on how you count.  It’s 1000 1’s or 100 10’s or 10 100’s or 1 1000!

Today’s Snack Math: It was almost like a grocery store today!  

Today’s Adding Strategy Review: 

Today’s Game: Connect 4 facts

Arrow Math Magic: Adding Double Digit Numbers

“Arrow Math Magic” Today we used arrow math to add double digit numbers. You start by finding one of the addends on a hundreds chart, in this case 19.  The arrows are used for the second number, in this case 44.  You move the “down 10’s’ arrow down by the 10’s digit (4 down).  You move the “over 1’s” arrow over by the 1’s digit (over 4).  The number you land on is the answer!

Students are bringing home their arrows, a few problems they solved in class, a fresh 100 chart, and a challenge arrow question to solve tonight. Good Luck!

Students also picked out a math book to share with families tonight.  They promised to take care of my brand new books. How could I say no? Enjoy it and bring it back!

It’s Day 100-ish!

Deep in thought on Day 10

Today was day 100-ish!  We noticed something interesting during attendance.  There are 10 students, and if every student arrived every day, there would be exactly 100 stickers on our chart:

How many stickers? How do you know?

There was a power outage in Listowel today, and it came back on just in time for us to share another math book! This story is about  a class that celebrating the 100th day of school: A Class Full of Projects

A Class Full of Projects Activity

I also managed to share the book Ish, by Peter Reynolds at lunch time.  It is a favourite of mine, and it gave me the idea for today’s title.

Estimate, Count, Combine

Estimate, Count, Combine

Estimate, Count, Combine: We invented another game today. We decided to call it Estimate, Count, Combine.  You need ten frames, counters, and a partner.

Other math tools we used today included base base 1o blocks:


And the hundreds chart:

Students highlighted used clues such as “3 tens and 4 ones” to uncover this guy!

Today’s Math Story:

Have a wonderful weekend!


As requested by Sawyer: Snack math!

A Morning of Learning: Inventing Games, Counting Cats and Kittens, and Everything In Between

The teacher’s view during math story time!

Inventing Games:  Our summer learning mornings always begin with an assortment of “table top activities”.  I set these up before the children arrive.  The first few minutes of this is spent in unstructured exploration of various manipulatives.  When the students have settled in, I guide the ideas I hear into various “math challenges”. The last few minutes of “table-top activity” time are spent sharing student thinking.  Today was an interesting conversation: Everyone thought of a game!

Game: 1 The Tri-onimos were used to invent a flash card game, challenging players to add all three numbers on a tile:

Game 2: The dice were used to invent a different adding game to practice adding on to a running total:

Game 3: The ten frame towers were used to invent a game for practicing making 10:

The next two photos are not games, but they do so great progress.  We are now estimating and counting numbers greater than 50:

And our snack math prices require more coin combinations:

We added the doubles plus one addition facts to our chart:

And we read two math books!

Book 1: Ten Black Dots

Book 2: Cats and Kittens!

And finally: Our morning of learning ends with consolidation.  To consolidate, I share photos of the learning activities we’ve done together and we select a few to add to the blog.

I hear the afternoon program is just as fun.  Apparently they’re doing water games today!

Half Way Through: Math Project Day!

Project #1:  Our first big project of the day was 100 chart magic.  We turned 100 charts into number lines.  And then we counted:
Project #2 Our second big project was counting money.  This was another way to practice skip-counting to 100.

Today’s Math Book:

Today’s Math Tools: Ways to Skip Count

Project #3 Fake Test!  Our third big project wasn’t that big. We had a fake test.  We made up fake names and told each other the answers.  Everyone got perfect, so everyone got a fake sticker! I only took fake pictures though:

How Many Is Too Many? And Many Other Things!

This elephant was made from exactly 100 things.

Today’s attendance question was “What math things would you like to use again, or learn to use?”

We have even more math tools than shown here!

When everyone had shared their answers, we with the  things (tools) that were chosen.

We used these:

Bead strings to 100

And these:

Open number lines to 20

We also used these:

Brynlee can count quarters!

We read today’s story:

And then we used these collections of 50 things:

To Make These Things:

Week 2: Back To Work!

Week 2: Back to Work My post today is mostly pictures (and one story).  That’s because I had a lot to take pictures of today! We started with an attendance review of some of the things we already learned.  Our attendance question was:  What is your favourite math tool?

We had a new quantity to estimate:

And bigger ten frame organizers to count:

We made lots of open number lines outside:

Of course we had a snack math break:

And we added too:

Math Tool of the day: Cuisinaire rods!

Cuisinaire Values Anchor:

Cuisinaire Values

Cuisinaire Magnet Math: