SNAP:  I thought the title of our Blue Spruce story today would be a good title for a blog post too.  We’ve read 7 of the 10 stories so far, and it is going to be hard to decide which one is best.  Tell your family what Blue Spruce book your favourite story so far is, and explain why.  Then write your answer as a comment for Family Day homework!

Tyler was our star.  He is a 7th generation Metzger Canadian.  Check his blog to find out what Metzger means.

Math: We had one last symmetry session today.  It was ‘choice math’.  Some students experimented with Mira reflections and others worked on their symmetry flag research.


Check out:

I loved when I got to show my post about my heritage and teach the class what being a Metzger is all about. By the way, I do not kill animals like Peter Metzger did! (Tyler)
I enjoyed when we got to draw pictures of flags and write the country names . (Tyson)
The whole school went outside to put up a new flag and I thought it was exciting. (Hudson)
We learned how to put a flag counter on our blogs. (Spencer)
I thought it was special that I did my best, biggest post and I wish for more GoNoodle time (Quinn)
On Valentine’s Day we had heart-shaped pizza. It surprised me! (Taylor)
I had a comment from my cousin Nadine on my blog and I commented her blog (Luci)
I wrote a LOT in my check out and it is still a draft because I am working on it (Boston)
We read Blue Spruce books. I really liked The Night Gardener. (Grady)
Mason wishes that we could do the dice game again. He also liked his nice letter on Valentine’s Day.
Andrew wishes we had more time for language groups, especially Reading Rock Stars, Typing Team, Explain Everything, Voice Recording, and Blog Buddies.
Ally thought it was really funny that her summary of InvisiBill was invisible!
Malcolm loved learning about how to use a Mira and he’d like to have his desk moved

***Check student planners tonight for Term 1 Report Cards.   Happy Family Day!

Spirit Buddies

Spirit Buddies: I decided to start our days a little differently for the next few weeks.   We are going to try having Spirit Buddy time before we begin our morning language lessons.  One of our Blue Spruce books is called InvisiBill.  It is about a boy whose family didn’t pay attention to him and he became invisible.  This book made me think about how hard it must be to be in Grade 2 and feel invisible.  It would be hard to focus on my work.  I would just want someone to pay attention to me!  That is what a Spirit Buddy is for.  They are a class friend who checks in with you in the morning to make sure you are feeling okay.  They help you feel ready to learn.   Spirit Buddies get to chat and snack until 9:10.  That way no one will feel invisible and we will all be ready to learn.

Science: We started our Movement unit today.  We began with movement vocabulary (words we know).  We practiced using words to describe location and movement by drawing the picture described by these sentences.

  1. There is a house in the middle of the picture.
  2. There is a tree to the left of the house.
  3. There are three flowers to the right of the house.
  4. There are two clouds above the house.
  5. The front of the house has a window and a door.
  6. There is a person in the house.
  7. There is a road in front of the house.
  8. There is a car on the road.

We also used practiced with our bodies. We played Simon Says, and acted out the difference between spinning and turning.  The trickiest word was vibration.  This required using elastics safely and respnosibly to create movement and sound.

Other notes:

  • Report Cards are going home tomorrow. These reflect the entire term.
  • We will not have our spelling test until next week.  We didn’t have enough practice time this week, and next week will be short too.


Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day: Eastdale celebrated Flag Day today.  The whole school went outside to watch the raising of our flag and we sang O Canada together.

Our class extended the celebration.  We added flag counters to our blogs!

We noticed that many of the flags on our class counter have symmetry.  This became a math/social studies activity.  We researched lots of flags, and then showed that we understand symmetry by drawing six symmetrical flags of our own.  

Looks like Hudson understands symmetry!

Malcolm (Thomas) Long was our star today, and Aiden even checked in from Florida.

Luci thinks it looks like you shrunk Aiden!

Our Special Project, Part #2

Surprise! Pizza Delight Delivered 3 Heart Shaped Pizzas to our classroom! It made our celebration extra special. Thanks Listowel Pizza Delight!!!


Our Special Project, Part #2: We did it! We shared our homework from last night, and then we worked together to make over 100 hearts with over 100 reasons why we love school.

Math: It turns out that hearts have that special line of symmetry we learned about yesterday.  We discovered how easy it is to cut hearts.  First you fold a line of symmetry on construction paper.  Next, draw a swoop over the line of symmetry.  After that, just leave the paper folded, hold on to the line of symmetry and cut the swoop. Now you have a heart! I think our special project turned out just perfectly:

There are actually 109 hearts, if you count the big one!

Max was our star.  His mom came to visit for a few minutes because his artifact, a family Bible, is too precious to go to school in a back pack.  Hopefully he has time to finish his blog post soon so I can make a link to his work!

Max shares his heritage research

And the fun part: More pictures!

The Special Project

The Special Project:  We do not have reading homework tonight. We have to get ready for the 100th day of school tomorrow.  We are making a class project called 100 Things I Love About School. We figured out that if all 18 kids think of 5 things they love about school, we will have 90. We will need 10 more to make 100, so I will think of 10. 90 + 10 is 100! We got the idea from our new iBook, 100 Things I Love About School.

**Aiden, we hope you are having a great time in Florida.  Please comment this post with your 5 creative, interesting and wonderful ideas!

Symmetry:  Math class today was amazing. Have a look at what we learned, and then check out the video we watched to see examples of symmetry in nature.

Hudson was our star today

Goals This Week:

At the end of the day, we decorated our Valentines Day bags.  While the class decorated, I read another two iBooks: One was about Bunnies and one was about Dogs. Tomorrow will certainly be busy!

It Made Me Feel Like A Million Bucks

It Made Me Feel Like More Than A Million Bucks: Today everyone in our class got to show their blog to a friend from Mrs. Baxter’s class!   Taylor did a good job of explaining why this was so special:

It was the best feeling when I read my writing and it made her smile.

So did Tyler:

It made me feel a million bucks when he listened and he liked it and he asked questions.

Goal Check: I forgot to post a picture of last week’s chart, so today you get to see two weeks worth of goal setting notes:

Spencer: Spencer was our heritage star.  He found the Netherlands on our globe (job 1), showed us a photo of a family farm where soldiers hid during the war (job 2), and he recorded lots of dates and facts that are important, including when his parents got married, Ollibolen, and the Christian faith (job 3).

The Netherlands

Math: We did our first Zearn shape lesson (geometry). I showed the class how to draw an octagon.  It is easy.  You just draw a square and cross off the corners.  Try it!

Check Out:

Quinn liked that Mrs. Baxter’s class came over and she got to read in a quiet space with
Andrew enjoyed the racing heart GoNoodle activity we did today.
Mason did six posts this week, and most of them were his own plan!
Taylor thought Drama was fun this week because the class got to make monsters with a group.
Luci knows that we started reading Blue Spruce books this week, and more importantly, she rocked her goal! I saw her planner every day.
Malcolm enjoyed making a punctuation Explain Everything and he wants to make a Perseverance.
Tyson loved recording himself reading ‘The Nightingale’.
One of Hudson’s favourite things this week is that we went to the computer lab and wrote a blog post about measurement.
Spencer read the class a big post his family heritage
Boston was star and he really liked that he got to show the class his family tree. Boston has a very clear and expressive voice. His recording is always fun to listen to.
Finn likes that we started our character trait ‘Perseverance’
Grady enjoyed sharing his blog with Liam R.
Ayla has shared about all of the Blue Spruce books we read this week on her blog.
Ally’s heart was full when I told the class they made ME feel like a million bucks. They actually do this everyday, I just don’t always tell them.
Tyler liked the story ‘Harry and Walter’ because it had a happy ending.
Arjeta wishes she could do another video post on her blog.
Aiden wishes that we could check out Mrs. Baxter’s class blog.

We Have Something To Share

We Have Something To Share: If you are reading this, you may  have already seen what we have to share.  It’s our blogs! I have invited the Grade 1/2 class  to visit us tomorrow so we can share our work.  That means that we had to prepare today. We spent a class finishing drafts and making sure our blogs are ready to show off.  I wonder what questions the other students will have about blogging?

Quinn was  our star.  She published two super posts today.  She was the last student to have a chance to create and share a family tree ‘Explain Everything’. She was also the first student to share her heritage research. She did all 3 jobs, and she also published a post about what she learned:

  1. She  identified a country from her heritage that she wants to research (France).  
  2. She brought an artifact that is important to her history (a picture of her great-grandmother).
  3. She filled in many boxes of information about her family heritage.  (Some cool things that she found out include a dairy farm and the Mennonite faith)

Reminders for tomorrow: Pita forms are due tomorrow, we have a spelling test tomorrow, Spencer will share his heritage project tomorrow, and…. it is Aiden’s last day before Florida!

Photos from today:

Forest of Reading: The Blue Spruce™ 2017 Nominees

Forest of Reading  The Blue Spruce™ Award is given to a book chosen through a provincial primary reading program. This program helps children in Kindergarten through to Grade 2 develop the skill of evaluating picture books based on the story and the pictures.  10 stories are nominated each year. These stories are read in classroom all over Ontario, and every student has the chance to vote for their favourite story.  The story with the most votes wins the Blue Spruce™ award. Other Forest of Reading Awards include the Silver Birch™ Award, the Red Maple ™ Award, and the White Pine™ Award.

Our Class Blue Spruce Project: For the next few weeks, I will be reading the Blue Spruce Stories in our language class. After the class hears me read, they will record a short summary of the text on their Blue Spruce chart. Here are the instructions the class followed to set up their writing and complete their first summary:

And, here is a checklist the class is expected use every time they hear a new story and complete a new box:

2017 Blue Spruce™Award Nominees: These are the rest of the special stories that have been chosen for 2017:

The Artist and Me – Shane Peacock

A fictional confession of one of van Gogh’s bullies — a young boy who adopted the popular attitude of adults around him.

The Good Little Book – Kyo Maclear

A boy pulls a book off a shelf and with great reluctance begins to read. Before long, this good little book becomes his loyal companion… until, one day, the book is lost.

Harry and Walter – Kathy Stinson

A For Sale sign appears on Harry’s lawn. Harry is devastated that he and Walter will no longer be neighbors. Without Walter to share things with, nothing seems to be much fun…until one day, Harry hears a familiar voice.

If I Had a Gryphon – Vikki VanSickle

Inspired by her book of mythological creatures, Sam longs for a more exciting pet. But she soon realizes that taking care of these magical beasts might not be as wonderful as she thought.

InvisiBill – Maureen Fergus

When Bill asks for someone to, “Please pass the potatoes” at the dinnertable and no one pays any attention to him, he actually turns invisible.

The Night Gardener – Terry Fan

Every night, the trees in Grimloch Lane are worked into fantastic sculptures until the entire town is transformed. A local orphan investigating, finds inspiration and a calling.

Snap! – Hazel Hutchins

What could be more perfect than a brand new set of crayons? Evan can’t wait to use them, until Snap!, the brown one breaks in two. Then one by one, the others break, get crushed, are blown away, or simply disappear.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox – Danielle Daniel

In this introduction to the Anishinaabe tradition of totem animals, young children explain why they identify with different creatures.

Stanley at School – Linda Bailey

Stanley the dog is curious about what kids do in school all day, so he and his friends decide to investigate.

The Wolf-Birds – Willow Dawson

Deep in the wild winter wood, two hungry ravens fly in search of their next meal. A pack of wolves is on the hunt, too. Food is scarce, but, if they team up, the ravens and wolves just might be able to help each other.


**Luci was our star.  I think she had a great day.

Full Paragraphs about Full Hearts

Full Paragraphs about Full Hearts: Our hearts are full in Grade 2!  We are learning to write paragraphs, and our topic this week was ‘My Heart is Full‘. I hung the finished paragraphs in the hall today because everyone did such fantastic work. Students knew they had done a great job when they read their work to themselves and checked to make sure they did all the jobs on my list.

Perimeter Problem: I got super confused in math today.  We are learning about perimeter and we found out that if you make a square out of 4 centimetre squares, it will have a perimeter of 8cm.  That made sense. But then we made a bunch of other shapes using the same 4 centimetre squares.  These shapes all had a perimeter of 10cm.  That didn’t make sense to me.  How is it possible to end up with different perimeter measurements, when you start with shapes that are the same?

Spencer manged to explain this, and if you click on his name after the quote, you can play a game with the shapes we created.

“If you make two shapes with the same number of blocks. It does not mean that they have the same perimeter. This is because some shapes will have more edges hiding, so it is a longer distance if you trace the outside.” ~SPENCER

Heritage Projects:  Yesterday we talked about heritage.  The next star job is to choose a country from your heritage, and to share a little bit more about your family history. Choose something that would go in a history museum about your family, so you can create a presentation like this:

Jumping Out Of Bed Goals

Jumping Out Of Bed Goals: Monday is goal setting day in our class. Today we tried to think of goals that are so good they make us want to jump out of bed in the morning!


Math: In math we worked in small groups to estimate and measure things in our classroom.  We did the final challenge together: How wide do you estimate our classroom to be?
Finn: 7m because I pictured a metre stick and laid them out in my brain.
Luci: 10m because I imagined it from a birds eye view
Ally: I think 4m because I looked and it is shorter than measuring the length. I know it is way more than 1 m

The actual answer was: 6m  and 51cm

Star Sharing: Our star today was Tyson. We only have a few more family trees to hear about before we move onto something new.  Today we talked about the new job. It is actually 3 smaller jobs.

  1. Choose a country from your heritage and find out where it is on a map
  2. Ask your family to help you find the most important thing that would be in a museum about YOUR personal history. Bring that thing (or a photo of it) to school.
  3. Find 5 or more important dates/facts about your family to share.

Tomorrow I will present my example!

What an Odd Week!

I took a selfie to show how small our class was by the end of the day today!

What an odd week!  Our class usually has fantastic attendance, and I am rarely away. That is why this week was so odd. On Tuesday Mr. Hollinger taught the class for the afternoon. On Wednesday Miss Russell taught the class for the whole day. On Thursday, no one taught because it was a PA day. Today was the oddest day of all. It started out normal, but one by one, children started to disappear. Their parents picked them up for a long car drive to a special hockey weekend:

Drive safe!

The ten of us who lasted for the whole day had a great time.We had a bit of a dance party, and enjoyed Billy Goats Gruff.  Then I introduced  a new app that we will use for class presentations. Keynote is similar to a power point presentation and allows students to prepare slideshow-type presentations that can be shared on our smart board.

We learned about the features of this app and made presentations to explain our favourite fairy tale.  So far, the only drawback we found is that keynote presentations aren’t easy to export, so our hard work today cannot be shared on our blogs.

Boston was our star today and Ally ran the show yesterday with Miss Russell.  I hope you take a minute to visit their blogs and enjoy their explanations of family heritage.  You showed great understanding kids!

Check Out our Check Out Paragraphs:
This week I read ‘The Nightingale’. We saw where China is on a map and we talked about how the colours on the class map show the difference in the quality of life in the country. China is orange so it was medium quality. Canada is yellow because we have a high quality of life. (Boston)

On Thursday it was a PA day and it was Groundhog day. (Taylor) The day before that was Wednesday, and Miss Russell came to teach for the day. (Tyson) The day before that, Mr. Hollinger taught the class in the afternoon(Arjeta). And the day before that, I made a mistake. Ally thought it was pretty funny that I wrote on the floor with a white board marker because I thought it would come right off, and it definitely did NOT come right off.

Other things that were mentioned in our checkout include: Hudson pointed out that we learned about how to measure around something. It is called perimeter. He wrote a post today about it. Quinn says she liked listening to the Billy Goat’s Gruff, especially when the biggest goat knocked the troll off the bridge. Tyler’s best memories are that he got to wear a tie to school on Friday and he watched star wars with his dad on the PA day. On Friday we watched a little Groundhog News video (Max). Finally, Andrew remembers got to play OSMO.

All About Report Cards

Dear Team 2,

The reason there is no school on Groundhog Day 2017 is that teachers are writing report cards.

Elementary Provincial Report Cards tell you if you have reached the expected level of achievement  for Grade 2 at two times during the year (February and June). You receive a letter grade for academic subjects until grade 6, and a percentage mark in grades 7-8.   You will also get a grade for each of your learning skills and work habits.   In addition to the grade, you will see the comments that I wrote. My comments focus on your strengths and next steps for learning improvement.

Your final report will be two pages, front and back.  It will have a lot of little boxes and a lot of little writing.  It shouldn’t have any surprises though.  It just says things you already know.  You know what was easy and hard this year.  You know if you’ve always done your best or not. You know if your behavior has been appropriate or not.

Here is a link to the document I refer to when I write reports:

And here is a grouchy, grumpy groundhog. Just because.images

Perhaps You’ve Heard of Perimeter?

Perhaps You’ve Heard of Perimeter? Perimeter is a special measurement word. It is the distance around something.  You are finding perimeter when you find the length of a ring, a belt or a fence.

Today we used metre strings to find things in our class that have a perimeter less than, greater than, or equal to a metre.  We found out that if the sides are straight, you can add all the sides together to find the perimeter.

What is the perimeter?

We measured the 4 sides of two LEGO rectangles. Then we added all the sides to find the perimeter.

I seem to have forgetten the answer.  I hope someone will write me a comment about this. Tell me what the perimeter of these blue and green rectangles is in centimetres, and also how you know.

Writing Update: If you thought last week’s stories were great, you will be blown away by the fairy tales we are writing this week! Today I could hardly keep up with everyone who was ready to share something on paper or on their blog. Two specific challenges for the class to remember for fairy tales this week are:

  1. Add a meaningful title.
  2. Make sure you say why it doesn’t work the first few times a fairy tale character tries to solve the problem.

In non-fiction writing, Finn and Ally are working on a research report about Fred Cyclone Taylor.  Stay tuned!

Have you heard of Fred Taylor?

Andrew was our star.  It was such a busy day that he stayed in with a friend at 2nd recess to squeeze in all the special things he wanted to do!

Grady, Andrew, OSMO


My Goal This Week is…

My Goal This Week is: Monday morning in our class means goal setting, a new spelling list and word work lesson, a story, and, usually a mini writing lesson.  Just for fun, we attempted to make a YouTube video out of our goals today:

Word Work: Our spelling words this week are words you can use when you ask a question. When you say a question, your voice does something special.  It goes up at the end of your sentence.  When you write a question, your pencil does something special.  It makes a question mark.  When you type a question, your fingers do something special. You have to hold down the special ‘shift’ key to type a question mark.

Story:  Our fairy tale today was called The Nightingale.  We had to check the map during this story to find China and Japan.

Mini Writing Lesson:  The class wrote some awesome fairy tales last week, but I noticed that many of the stories had the title Fairy Tale.  Today we talked about adding meaningful titles to stories we write and Ayla wrote The Giants Giant Problem.

Mason was our star.


Ally’s Post is Astonishing!

Today we all brought $1 for Me to We because it was a special PJ and stuffy day to raise money!

Ally’s Post is Astonishing:  This is another time when the title doesn’t need any explaining.  Ally didn’t submit lots of little posts this week.  She saved up one big one. She made one amazing blog post that she worked on for 3 days.  You will  probably do a double thumbs up dance in front of your screen when you see it!

Ayla was our star.

Goal Check:   I finally achieved my goal this week.  I wrote the date correctly every day. It feels good to share my success  Good goals are like that.  They are hard, but not impossible, and when you finally manage to achieve your goal you feel like a million bucks.

Check Out: Grady remembers going to the high school to watch Robert Munsch plays and he got to sit beside Taylor and Tyler.
On Wednesday and Thursday we wrote and shared Fairy Tale stories. (Aiden)
Tyson liked when we got to do the Sprint game on Zearn.
Malcolm got to stay in at recess with Mason on Friday at both recess and they made hockey pictures on GOOS feeling paper.
Mason thought it was cool that he and Malcolm got to use the feeling GOOS paper.
Boston liked that he got to work on the typing game on a chromebook.
We had stuffy day and Tyler brought two penguins (Tyler)
Taylor brought her monkey for PJ day! (Taylor)
Ally is excited that her name is in today’s title!
We learned about adobe voice when we did our contractions project (Finn)

Wishes: Arjeta wants to record herself telling more stories.
Luci wishes that we had more time for Go Noodle.
Spencer wishes we could have more time to blog.

You Have To See Grady’s Blog!

You Have To Read Grady’s Blog: Today I do not have to explain my title.  I think you can figure it out.  Grady was our star today and has shared two pieces of quality work. You should also check out what Tyler, Taylor,  Luci and Malcolm did today.

Math Challenge: Here is the problem we solved today:

Bonus: How many centimetres long would it be if you lined up 3 class iPads in a row?  I’m hoping for comments on this one!

**Tomorrow is PJ Day.  Dress comfy and bring $1.00 for Me to We