Their Last Grade 2 Wishes

Their Last Grade 2 Wish: Today is last time I will ever write a wishes for this year’s Team 2.   Next week, when we have Check Out it will have to be a wish for Grade 3!

Check Out: Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.  Here are today’s notes:

  • Grady wrote a story about Jumbo the elephant and read it to the class.  It was 3 pages long and it was on our new Storyboard writing account. He wishes this wasn’t the last wish!
  • Spencer really liked doing Storybird too.  He likes that he can do his own writing and teach other people what to do on Storybird.
  • Mason made his third iMovie today!  It is the most special one because he did it himself. He wishes that next week we can play class Gaga ball!
  • Malcolm remembers that Thursday was Kendra’s last day.  His final wish is to learn about pollution from cars.
  • Aiden loved sharing his habitat with the class and he wishes that he can do even MORE animal research in Language groups.
  • Finn really liked learning about Amphibians.  He wishes we could do more music with Zen,
  • Tyson remembers that he filled almost every single space on the animal page and he just need to finish amphibians.  He wishes to do more reading.
  • Andrew remembers working on an iMovie (his first one) with Arjeta.  He wishes he could learn about arachnids by watching a video clip.
  • Arjeta made something pretty amazing to share next week on her special day.  She wants to do more GoNoodle.
  • Quinn loves that she put links in her post!  It links to Storybird, Aiden’s blog, and Malcolms blog!  She wishes to do even more blogging.
  • Boston remembers doing animal research and finishing writing about a lizard. He wants to do more Zentangle.
  • Tyler had a great star day!  The best part was how everyone listened just to him!  He wishes that we could do a class game of ball.
  • Taylor wants to do more language groups where everyone picks their job.
  • Max wants to play the dice game again.
  • Ayla remembers learning about amphibians and she wishes for more Storybird and reading rock star time.
  • Miss Versteeg wishes that every teacher could have a class as great as hers!

What Happens When You Die?

What happens when you die? In science today we took a close look at the frog life cycle.  This led into our health class, and another chat about how humans grow and change.  It was easy for me to answer the questions about the stages in the human life cycle.  Except for the questions about what happens when people die. (I’ve never been dead, and I don’t know anyone who has, so I can’t just ask!) Students had a lot of their own answers for this, including going to heaven, turning into animals, turning into ghosts, or just being dead.  Here is how I tried to explain what happens:

I know that when a maple leaf falls off of a tree it decomposes. When a person dies, their body does the same thing as a leaf body. We respect human life more than leaf life, and we take care of human bodies in special ways so that we can remember them and say good-bye.  I also know that there is a part of me that isn’t really a body part. It is the part of me that thinks and wonders and makes choices . It believes things and has feelings.  I call that part of me my spirit.  I think my spirit doesn’t die.  I think it goes where I decide it will go, and I have decided it will go somewhere wonderful.  I call that wonderful place heaven.  I think that all children will go there too, and then when they are old enough, they can decide what they want to happen when they die.  If they want, they can come to heaven with me.  If they decide they want to be a ghost, an animal, or  just be dead, they can do that too.

What happens to student blogs in the summer?  A blog is not a living thing so it will not die!  It will be a little different though because in the summer, I  will not be watching my reader very closely.  You will need to wait longer to see your drafts published or your comments approved.   Your Grade 3 teacher will add you to her Grade 3 blog in September.

In other news:

  •  We said goodbye to our co-op student Kendra
  • Tax receipts were sent home for Jump Rope donations
  • Mrs. Lee asked me remind the class about tomorrow’s “Wet” Phys. Ed. class.
  • Tyler shared his Great White Shark habitat
  • This is the Frog Life Cycle:

It’s Summer!

It’s Summer! Did you know that half of the world has summer while the other half has winter?  We learned about hemispheres today! Today’s Google doodle celebrates the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere:Google has also created a doodle to celebrate the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere:Language Groups:  After Aiden approved comments on his Gorilla presentation, we did language groups again.  We even added two new ideas: ‘Animal posters’ and ‘Storybird’.  Here is a video Malcolm made while we worked!

Let’s Get To Work

They’re not all doing the same thing, but they are excellent at whatever they are doing!

Let’s Get To Work: What would you work on in Language class if you were allowed to work on any job you wanted?  We made a list of all the Language Group jobs we could think of today.  And then each student chose their favourite and did it.  We will certainly do this again tomorrow!

Science:  It is Amphibian week!  The class is getting very good at reading a passage, highlighting important things and then writing the five most important things they learned:

Math:  One of the kids in my Kintail group brought math cards to do on the bus.  I thought it was so fun that I entered the Fun Fair draw for the basket that had math cards in it. I won. Now we can all play math cards!

What card games does your family play?

Fun (Wet) Friday:  Mrs. Lee sent a note home in planners today:

This is yours Max. We miss you!

Malcolm was our star and he shared his tiger habitat project:


A7: What is the one word that best summarizes your year?

#Awesome:  Today was the last #AMDSBkidschat of the year.  The last question in today’s chat asked us to think of one word to summarize our year. I think over half of Team 2 wrote #Awesome!  Here are our answers to the first 6 questions:

Social Studies:  Finn has been wishing for more social studies for a long time.  Today we finally learned about the Oceans! Check student blogs today to see how these maps turned out:

Oceans Day. You are Welcome Finn!

Goals: Mine are here, and student goals are on their blogs:

Just for fun:  Today was our turn in the Gaga Ball pit!

The final showdown!


Happy Father’s Day!

This is what I wrote. The student writing below is even better!



Fun Fair Friday

Hall update! I had to take down our animal writing because I needed more space for all the goals Team 2 achieved this month!

Fun Fair Friday:  The Eastdale Fun Fair is tonight from 5:00 – 7:00.  It is Aiden’s birthday too! To celebrate the end of the third last week of school, we had a special check out day.  I’ve noticed that the wish parts of our class checkouts usually start something like this: “I wish I had more time to work on…”.   I asked every one to do a special writing job, and then identify what they wanted to work on to make their own wish come true.  Read our check out to find out what they did!

Check Out: Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.

  • Aiden loved that he made a secret post to make his wish come true and he typed 251 words.
  • Tyson liked that we had a lunch-to-lunch work time. He made a secret wish come true!
  • Taylor’s best memory is that Mrs. McDowell tried on her glasses and helped her put the minis.  Taylor’s wish came true when she used the class computer to blog for the whole wish time.
  • Ayla remembers that we started to learn about insects. She made her wish come true by blogging about Kintail.
  • Malcolm remembers that on Wacky Hair Day he was Wacko!  He made his wish come true by reading and writing using PebbleGo.
  • Mason remembers that his cousin taught Team 2 and he saw Mrs. Boyd!  His wish came true when he got to play cards in hall with Malcolm.
  • Spencer remembers that he had two supply teachers.  He made his wish come true by doing two huge blog posts!
  • Quinn remembers that her dad drove a parent bus to Camp Kintail!  Her wish came true because she got to do her favourite language group (Blog Buddies) and she submitted all the drafts she was working on plus a new one for today!
  • Max remembers shooting slingshots at Camp Kintail. His wish didn’t quite come true because Zearn was not Zearning!
  • Hudson remembers that two of the Kintail counselors names were Turkey and Piglet.  He made a Fun Friday post, and needs more time for Social Studies wish.
  • Tyler remembers that we went to Kintail, especially the 100 ft. slide!  He made is wish come true by making a secret blog post.
  • Luci remembers that the supply teacher did gym with the class.  She made is wish come true by doing All About Me and her 22nd badge.
  • Grady remembers that he finished a reading log and that he made is wish come true by doing a secret post.
  • Arjeta remembers collecting things on the beach at Kintail. She made is wish come true by blogging.
  • Finn loved when we did the secret thing.  He made his wish come true by researching animals.
  • Andrew remembers that he thought Ally had the wackiest hair on Monday. He thought All About Me was a great wish to work on, and he still wishes for Zentangle
  • Boston remembers this:

Hey parents: check your kid’s bag for these

Probably, Possibly, Quite Likely, THIS Will Happen

Our Bus Map:  What three seats could be you be on this map? (Match your colour to your group!)

Probably, Possibly, Quite Likely THIS Will Happen: We will go to Camp Kintail tomorrow!  We made groups and a map today.  Match your colour to your group to see where you sit.  Miss Versteeg, Boston, Max, Arjeta Malcolm’s Dad, Malcolm, Hudson, Luci Grady’s Mom, Grady, Ayla, Taylor, Andrew’s Mom, Andrew, Ally, Quinn,  Mason’s Mom, Mason, Finn, Tyson, Kendra, Aiden, Spencer, Tyler.

Hudson was our star today.  He shared an Orca Habitat:

If you pull the wire, the orca swims!

Health:  We had a discussion after lunch that turned into this week’s health lesson.  All animals change as they grow.  People are mammals so we change as we grow too!  We talked about all kinds of similarities and differences between different people. If you can think of more with your family, leave me a comment!

Things we talked about in heath

Paper Blog Posts!  A few kids have been posting photos of great writing on their blog.  A few other kids have been writing each other comments on sticky notes.  Today everyone wrote paper posts with the the title Kintail Probability. Then we wrote each other sticky note comments and approved comments with a sticker. Read mine first because I hid some reminders for tomorrow, then enjoy some of our best Grade 2 writing. Just click to zoom in!

My Example

“What is Camouflage?” and Our Own O Canada

Our Own O Canada: Something is going on with the connections between classrooms at Eastdale today, so we sang O Canada ourselves. Our own version of course! Spencer was our star and he presented a salamander habitat. At first I did not see the salamander because it looks like a rock and blends in with the habitat.

Spot the Salamander!

“What is Camouflage?” When something blends in with it’s habitat, it is called camouflage. We read about other hide-and-seek animals during shared reading today:

When we learned more about insects today we labelled a grasshopper. What insects use camouflage?

Grasshopper Diagram.


Monday Routine

Monday Routine: Today I set up my post exactly the way I expected Team 2 to set up theirs.  It will be interesting to see who was able to remember all the writing rules and all of the blogging tricks you need to remember for this!

My Goal:

Kintail Spelling List:

1. beach
2. cabin
3. outdoor
4. camper
5. lake
6. craft
7. ropes
8. parents

insect, father, certain

My Turn:

Quinn made a Butterfly Habitat

Wacky Hair for Me to We!

What A Quick Week!

Luci’s Bearded Dragon Habitat post is her 100th post! Way to go Luci!

What A Quick Week!  We had to do our Friday things on a Thursday.  There is a PA day tomorrow.  That means we had a spelling test, we finished up this weeks language groups, and we posted successful goals in the hall.  Our hall display board is getting FULL!

Impossible/Unlikely/Certain/Likely:  Today we practiced using our new math vocabulary words.  We did “Dice Probability”, “Ping-Pong Probability” and “SmartBoard Probability”.  How would you answer these questions?

BONUS: What is your favourite kind of M & M?

Check Out: Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.

  • Grady remembers that Max and Tyler have an UP trick. He wishes for more June field trips.
  • Finn liked that Mrs. Blackmore shared the Canada 150 birthday song and we listened to it a lot. She even came to our class to hear us sing!
  • Mason remembers that the M & M math activity certainly made him hungry. He wishes to play math war.  He remembers that he beat Kendra and Kendra beat Miss Versteeg in the dice game!
  • Tyson liked handing out the Jump Rope for heart prizes and saving the best class for last: Team 2! He wishes for more mammal research.
  • Aiden loved that his comments to the three stars, Tyson, Taylor, and Luci all said “YOU BLEW MY MIND!” He wishes we could go to Mrs. Baxter’s class.
  • Taylor remembers that she presented an elephant habitat on her star day. She wishes that we would visit Mrs. Preistap’s class.
  • Quinn liked that we got to do language groups and when she was a blog buddy today she published a post that was 149 words long. She wishes to have this memory next week too (that means more language groups).
  • Malcolm loves that his dad is coming on the bus to Kintail.
  • Spencer remembers how much he liked doing blog buddies this week because he did two posts in one day.
  • Hudson remembers that we made a Mammal poster by cutting up magazines and he wishes to do more social studies.
  • Luci remembers that she reached 100 posts this week! She wishes that we could do All About Me again.
  • Ayla remembers that we did Antonyms and we did Probability. She wishes for more mammal research. Ayla’s birthday is on Sunday. Happy Birthday Ayla!
  • Tyler remembers that we had our last library book switch, and he got the Pokemon book! Tyler’s wish is to do more health
  • Andrew wishes that we could do more ZenTangle time.
  • Arjeta remembers that on Wednesday Mrs. MacNeil gave us stickers and bookmarks at the library. She wishes to do more GoNoodle and outdoor DPA.
  • Boston remembers that we learned new math vocabulary: impossible, unlikely, likely and certain. Boston wants to play 31 again. Miss Versteeg noticed that Boston tried to show integrity in the classroom this week.

Boston’s Blog:

Boom, Boom, Thunder!

Taylor presented her African Elephant habitat

Boom, Boom, Thunder:  We did a number of emergency procedure drills today, including a facilities check, a severe weather drill, and a Code Red lockdown.  Mrs. McDowell informed us that we did a great job! I wonder if she heard my ‘Boom, boom thunder’ sound effects?

Math:  Today we did a doubles experiment and learned some new math vocabulary:

What else is impossible?

Camp Kintail Trip Update:  All 18 permission forms have now been returned. 15 people also remembered to pay $11.00.

10 parents said they can volunteer to join us on our trip. 4 kids (Grady, Andrew, Malcolm, Mason) are bringing notes to their parents today to tell them they should to be ready to get on the bus with the class at 9:00 on Thursday June 15, 2017.  Volunteers who do not get this note will need to drive a ‘parent bus’! Here is the route:

Click for directions

*if you are driving a ‘parent bus’, you may drive your own  child to and from this event if you notify me beforehand.

**Next week, our class will have pizza day on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Tuesday Team 2 Teamwork!

Our star student Tyson, created a King Penguin habitat!

Tuesday Team 2 Teamwork! Teamwork is when you work together.  This post shows some of the things Team 2 worked together on today:

We worked together in our language groups!

We worked together for our last Jump math lesson: delivering prizes!

We worked together to make animal posters about the 4 animal groups we have studied so far.

Music: In music class, we worked together to record all the lyrics to our special Canada song:

150 Canada Birthday Song
We are humble we are brave
A double double starts our day
We say sorry that’s our way
And every sentence ends with ‘eh?’
Touques atop us all
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Fishing lines and logging trucks
Mounties and mukluks
Oh Canada, your majestic northern lights
Oh Canada!
Bonne Fete to the red and white
We’ve been together for 150 years
And we’ll stand for 150 more
We are water we are wind
Land of feather fur and fin
Ocean tides and prairie skies
Maritimes and Rockies high
We’re all north of the 49
Midnight sun in the summertime
Hockey rinks on frozen lakes
We’re freezing all the time
Oh Canada, Your majestic northern lights
Oh Canada!
Bonne Fete to the red and white
We’ve been together for 150 years
And we’ll stand for 150 more
It’s our home and native land
In all of us command
We celebrate this ancient land
Oh Canada, your majestic northern lights
Oh Canada!
Bonne Fete to the red and white
We’ve been together for 150 years
And we’ll stand for 150 
Oh Canada, your majestic northern lights
Oh Canada!
Bonne Fete to the red and white
We’ve been together for 150 years
And we’ll stand for 150 more

We even worked together at indoor recess. No devices allowed. Recess is for PLAYING!

Four More Weeks!

These two learned a trick that helps them not mix up p and q in UP!

Four More Weeks! We have four weeks left.  Four weeks of learning, four weeks of June, four weeks of fun.  Here is my plan for the fourth last week of school:

Antonyms:  Our word work this week will focus on understanding, writing, and looking for antonyms.  Here are a few we found during independent reading time:

Writing:  This week our writing topic is ‘Mistakes’.  The blog buddy group will write about mistakes:

Math: Our math lessons will be about probability and we will do lots of experiments and games.  Check Ally’s blog for the instructions to today’s game!

First Try: More Tails. Second Try: More Heads. Third Try: Tie. WHY?

Mammals:  This week in science, we will learn about the mammal kingdom. Our star today even shared a mammal habitat!

This is Boston’s cheetah habitat!

Only One More Month Until Canada Turns 150!

Only One More Month Until Canada Turns 150! Canada is going to have a big birthday party this year!  We are learning a fun new song to get ready.  What are some special things about Canada that you know?

Habitat Time:  Today was Ally’s turn to present.  She made a habitat for an Australian Water Dragon.  I didn’t even know that this animal existed before her presentation! 

Check OutCheck Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important. Usually I type the class checkout. We tried something different today.  They wrote it themselves:

Malcolm Made A Movie! You will notice that Malcolm didn’t do a sticky note.  He made a movie trailer instead.  Way to go Malcolm!
Extra Notes:

*We are still collecting for our Sports Basket!

**Many parentss in our class are interested in coming to Kintail!  I am waiting for one more person to return their form. Next week I will let parents whose names are on the approved list at the office know if I need them to ride the bus, or drive on their own

***Check out these photos of what Boston got done in his Big Blog Book this week!