Friday Check Out Time!

Friday Check Out Time!

Captain Emily: Captain Emily did a retell of Swamp Water by Robert Munsch. He is one of our favourite authors, so after her retell, I read the whole story to the class (in my best Robert Munsch voice, of course!).

Build your own mini-race car: Yesterday, Team 2 asked me take a picture of the design challenge instructions at the end of our new class family book.  I forgot to share it! I decided to make up for it today. I am sharing what you get to make:

And of course, the instructions too:

Have a fantastic weekend. See you on Day 52!

50 Days of Learning

Every day (or sometimes the day after if Bill doesn’t remind me!) I add another number to the school year calendar on our class bulletin board. Today I got to write 50.  We’ve already had 50 days of grade 2!

Measure it: We worked on measurement estimation challenges again:

We found out that Lahkai’s arm is longer than mine by 2 cm.  We also used our desk and pinky measurements from yesterday to make good estimates for our chairs and a thick book

Braysen has been working on writing his own esti-mysteries for the class to solve:

We followed his clues to find 39, and then we did one of Mr. Wyborney’s original challenges:

Red and Yellow

And what else? Well, we finished our language Job rotations, sang song #50 in our music curriculum just for fun, and did a 50 days of school dance.  Students had time to do personal research h on a holiday. We also did a fake spelling test, played I have who has, and I read a brand new book called “Better Together”.

Better Together will be a special book for Team 2. On Captain days, starting today, students get to bring the book home to read with their family. After they read, they get to sign their names inside the front cover. I signed my name right after I read it to Team 2 today.  Captain Jaiden and her family will read and sign tonight!

Captain Jaiden did her retell about the 3 Little Pigs

I know I did a good job!

I know I did a good job!: This week our Team 2 goal is to know that we did a good job. Today I kept asking our class to do different jobs. After they did a job, I would ask: “Do you know if you did a good job?”.

They could all (almost) always say yes, and how they knew it.  Except for once or twice when someone was honest and didn’t say yes.  And that is okay. It’s important to know when you didn’t do a good job too.

Here’s the awesome thing: Seeing that my class knew they did a good job (or not) was how I knew that I did a good job teaching today!

And  it was so much fun. I took pictures, made links, and described, some of the things Team 2 knows they did a good job at today:

Math #1:  Morning math was Geometry again.

We did some extra 3-D shape work after morning math, just because Marcus loves it. We learned about nets and made cones!

Math #2 Learning about Estimating Measuring centimetres:

Read the challenge

Do the work: First estimate, then measure.

Social studies: We used Pebble Go to compare an American holiday (Veteran’s Day) with a Canadian holiday (Remembrance Day) in Canada.  There were  lots of similarities!

Music: We are learning a traditional folk song called Lukey’s Boat.  Yesterday we listened to how the band Great Big Sea sings Lukey’s Boat as a rock song.  Today we listened to two more Great Big Sea songs: When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down) and Ordinary Day.

Language Jobs:  We always do a good job at language jobs.  You can see more details about how this works here: Wild Cat Jobs.

Captain Hannah: Hannah didn’t retell a great book. She retold an AWESOME book. Everyone who did the independent reading Wildcat Job got to read Little Critter stories because of it!

Hannah retelling”What a bad dream

News about New Things

News about New Things: My title is exactly what this post is all about.  It’s news about 5 new things we did today!

New Game: In math we played a new card game. The instructions are below the photo.Which is bigger: 72 or 27?

  1. Remove all face cards and 10s from the deck
  2. Deal all cards between 2 or more players
  3. All players flip 2 cards
  4. All players arrange their cards to make the highest 2 digit number possible.
  5. Partners compare the number they create
  6. The partner with the highest number wins the round.  They collect all cards from the round and add them to their own card bank
  7. Repeat from step 3
  8. Try this game again, but make the lowest number the winner or use 3 cards each.

New food: In social studies, we tried a new food.

It’s a date!

New Feelings: Every hour, on the hour, we recorded a new feeling.  I added more  ideas and details to the class chart to help Team 2 find ideas to show how they feel.

New Captains: We heard retells from Riley and K’nya today!

New song: We learned a new song in music. It’s a fun one that our parents might know:

We Remember

We Remember:  On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, Canadians across the country stop. We stop and we are still and silent. The whole country is silent.  We are silent because this time on this day is important and serious.  It is the time our country remembers.

Eastdale stopped to remember twice. We stopped at 11:00 in our classrooms.  We stopped to remember again at 12:00 when we were in the gym for our school ceremony. We must never forget.

Other Monday things to share:

A new goal

A new list.

Image links to a new math book


Image links to a new math activity. Try it with two or more 10 frames.


Weekly Checkout, Captain Dakota and More!

Oops!  Wrong Button. If you received a email with a messy draft of this earlier, I apologize!

Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our Team 2 classroom.  We reflect on what we learned and we share wishes for our next week together. Here are the notes from today’s meeting:

Captain Dakota: Dakota’s retell was about the book So Much Snow.  It was perfect for the snowy morning we had today!

Another Esti-Mystery

Esti-mystery time! How many pencils are there?

Veteran’s Week 2019: Today we learned about the brave relatives of the last 3 animals in our veteran’s Week 2019 activity package.

Squeaker the Pigeon‘s relative Beachcomber was a messenger pigeon for Canadian troops in WWII.

Win the Bear, had a relative named Winnie who was the mascot for a Canadian Army regiment.

Bonfire Jr. The Horse had a relative named  Bonfire who belonged to Dr. John McCrae. This doctor rode Bonfire when he was a Canadian army surgeon.


Block Challenge, Braysen, Veteran’s Week 2019

Team 2 accepted the challenge! It was excellent (see below)

Block Challenge: During last week’s Check Out, Marcus mentioned that his favourite thing about our week was morning math, because there was a 3-D shape challenge on Wednesday’s Geometry page.  I remembered that he said that when I was planning this week. This week’s Wednesday morning math had a cube, which is another 3-D shape.  After we counted the faces(6) and sides(12) on a cube, I got out a lot of cubes for this challenge:

Captain Braysen:

Brayson did a retell of Pinocchio. Thanks for being prepared Braysen!

Veterans Week 2019: Today we learned about Simone the cat’s ancestor Simon.

Captain Owen and Animals in War

It’s a great book!

Captain Owen delivered our first retell. Retells are short and simple presentations, but there is a lot of work going into getting ready.  You have to read and understand a story well enough to decide only the most important 3 things that happen (Beginning, Middle and End). After Owen retold Gus Was a Gorgeous Ghost, he was able to spend extra time using our OSMO activity for independent math challenges .

Veteran’s Week 2019: November 5-11, the week leading up to Remembrance Day is Veteran’s Week in Canada. Our class is learning about Veteran’s Week in social studies.  We are reading stories about animals whose grandparents and relatives are Veterans.  They helped in a Canadian war. Today we learned about Gandy the Dogs’s Grandpa.  His name was Seargant Gander:

We also learned about Ellie the Elephant’s relative Bandalo

Next Monday at 12:00 our school is having a special ceremony to celebrate Remembrance Day.  Teaja will read special words. The whole school will sing this song together:

Being Kind First

Being Kind First: In health class this week we are going to talk about how we all have emotions. Understanding emotions can help us to understand each other and be kind to everyone.

How do you feel when you are kind?

How do you feel when someone is kind to you?

Why is it hard to be kind first?

A Kind Guest: Kent Cleland is our local ETFO president. His job is to help teachers. Every autumn, he visits Eastdale to spend time with the teachers. Mr. Cleland does not have his own class to teach, so when he visits every autumn, I invite him to read a story with Team 2.

Mr. Cleland brought Milo. Milo is learning to be a service dog.

This year, Mr. Cleland read a story about kindness. This great book was sold at the book fair last year.  Many more great books are available in this year’s book fair, which is happening this week. Our class has a turn to view the books tomorrow morning. The book fair will be open for purchases every  day this week.

Cats and Kittens: This weeks book is about being kind to animals by adopting them. There are 20 pets at the start of this story.  The number changes as pets are adopted. Cats and Kittens:Math activity: This is a partner counting activity. Why is it important to do a fair share of the work when you have a partner?

This Week’s Spelling List:

No test!

Check Out #9 and Snowfall #1

Check Out is for things our class does together. But everyone’s real favourite memory is always recess!

Check Out #9:

Snowfall #1: We made a plan for how to deal with all of our extra clothes in the winter so that transition times go quickly and we are all ready to learn when class begins.  Here is a before and after collage to show the difference: