One Fine Day In Early Spring…

One Fine Day In Early Spring…

We started our day with a song today. Yesterday in music class, we started to learn ‘The Lollipop Tree’  We managed to sing it twice before O Canada.  The version we use in class is a simplified edition of Burl Ives’ original  The Lollipop Tree  shared above.  This song is a fun one to learn the words to:

One fine day in early spring I played a funny trick
Right in the yard behind our house I planted a lollipop stick
Then everyday I watered it well and watched it carefully
I hoped one day that stick would grow to be a lollipop tree

Ha ha-ha, Ho-ho-ho
What a sight to see
Me and my lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lolli-lolli-lollipop tree

Ha-ha-ha, Ho-ho-ho
What a sight to see
He and his lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lolli-lolli-lollipop tree

Then one day I woke to find a very lovely sight
A tree all full of lollipops had grown in the dark of the night
I sat beneath that wonderful tree and looked up with a grin
And when I opened up my mouth a pop would drop right in

Ha-ha-ha, Oh-ho-ho
What a place to be
Under a lollipop, lollipop, lollipop lolli-lolli-lollipop tree

Ha-ha-ha, Ho-ho-ho
What a sight to see
He and his lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lolli-lolli-lollipop tree

Winter came and days grew cold as winter days will do
On my tree my lovely tree not one little lollipop grew
From every branch an icicle hung, the twigs were bare as bones
But when I broke the icicles off they turned to ice cream cones

Ha-ha-ha, Oh-ho-ho
How I danced with glee
Under the lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lolli-lolli-lollipop tree

Ha-ha-ha, Ho-ho-ho
What a sight to see
He and his lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lollipop tree

In Math class today we practiced writing money amounts in two ways:

Try this at home. Draw the coins you would use.

We also did a final activity with the story Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday.  We used hundreds charts and worked backwards from a dollar to model and record exactly how much money he had left after each purchase.

Once again, we found out that Alexander spent every last cent!

Money Scoot, Menu orders and Maple Sugar

Money Scoot We scooted all over the place in math today! To play scoot, each child takes a numbered card with a secret money amount on it.  They create this amount on their desk using coins, and then hide the answer.  Next the children “scoot” around the room, counting money on each other’s desks, and recording the total in the correct box on their paper.  At the end of class, we checked the answers together.  Here is what we came up with:

Diner orders:  For more money practice, the class chose items from the menu in Friday’s post to order and pay for.  This was a fun way to practice adding money. We had a variety of interesting orders, since no one was allowed to order the same combination!

Speaking of eating things, Addison had a surprise for us today.  She went to her grandparents sugar shack this weekend and she brought us maple sugar to taste!

Thank you Addision!

Check Out Notes: March 18 -22, 2019

Check Out Notes: March 18 -22, 2019: “Check Out” is how I end a week of learning in our classroom.  We take this time very seriously. We reflect on what we learned and share wishes for our next week together. These are our notes from today’s meeting:

Restaurant Math: Usually when you go out to eat, you order more than one thing.  Choose two things from the menu below to order.  What does your meal cost? What coins could you pay with?

” I want a cheese sandwich and milk. 15 cents and 35 cents makes 50 cents, so I would pay with 2 quarters”

And Finally: Everyone cleaned their desks this week.  Make sure to find a place at home for your caterpillar and everything else that was saved!

Odd Socks and Money Caterpillars

Today is World Down’s Syndrome Day

Odd Socks: Many people are wearing odd socks on purpose today.  March 21st, is World Down’s Syndrome Day .  March 21st was chosen because March is the third month.  People with Down’s Syndrome have three 21st chromosomes. Chromosomes usually are in pairs that look socks and so odd socks are worn on this day to represent the extra chromosome that some people have.

Money “Caterpillars”: Math activities today included creating money “caterpillars” and several computer tasks.

Math night reminder: Tonight is family math night at Eastdale. Your whole family can come back to school from 6 – 8 pm tonight to play games, enter contests and have fun!

What we found on Wednesday

What we found on Wednesday:

We found ‘treasures’ in our desks: Several students made the choice to spend  morning recess cleaning their desks.  This means that their backpacks will need to be cleaned out tonight.  Hopefully our families enjoy the ‘treasures’ we found!


Smartboard notes today

We found out more about money We counted more coins, practiced writing money using dollar signs, made coin caterpillars, and  re-read Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday. This time, we stopped reading every time Alexander spent some money. We calculated how much he had left.  We proved that he really did spend all his money.

We found out what bus tokens are:  At the end of the story about Alexander, he only has bus tokens. Evie brought a subway token today so we were able to see what transportation tokens look like.

Evie’s token



Hairy Money?

Check out this prize table! On Thursday March 21 Eastdale is having a family math night from 6-8 p.m.  Plan to come if you can. Maybe you will win something you see here!

Hairy Money? Today we learned a trick to count money by giving it “hair”. The “hairy money” method helps students learn to identify coin values and count coins by 5’s. “Hairs” are drawn on coins with each “hair” representing 5 cents.

Pennies are bald! They are left until the end and counted by 1s

This video clip uses American coins to explain hairy money.

Our class tried this using Canadian money and it works just as well for our coins. Here are a couple of challenges to try at home:

How much is each line worth?

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! I (Miss Versteeg) am back to teach in the mornings, this class blog is back, and most importantly, Team 2 is back from March break. I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I did.

Now, Let’s Get To Work!

For the next four weeks, I will be teaching music, math, and dance

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day 2019. Our music and dance activities this week will focus on the songs and traditions surrounding this holiday.  Today’s lesson included an Irish jig.

25, 50, 75, 100: Our math this week won’t exactly be about St. Patrick’s day (unless you are thinking about counting a pot of gold!) But we will be studying money.  We will learn how to add coin combinations together and learn about making change. We started with a story about spending money:

We spent the rest of the morning doing a variety of activities to practice  counting coins.  Three important things we learned are:

-100 cents equals 1 dollar

-You have to know how to count by 25s to count quarters 25, 50, 75, 100

-It is easier to count money if you sort it out first and then start with the biggest coins

We ended class with this game to practice counting.  Be sure to select Canada!

November 2018: What Will We Learn?

This week, I have created a collage that gives an overview of the Ontario curriculum expectations our class learning goals will be based on for the month ahead. There are no “Captain” students this week, and many exciting new things will be introduced.

All Ready For November (And Our Check Out!)

“Check Out” is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. I take this time very seriously. I pay attention to what kinds of things stand out in student memories, and I try to make every wish come true.

All Ready For November: When a new month begins, our class does special things.  We make a new seating plan and meet new spirit buddies:

We review our reading log entries from the previous month:We make a new calendar:

We learn about the new Captain Job:

And we do our best work on everything else too!

All of the Costumes, All of the Kindness, All of the Captains, All of the Notes

All of the Costumes:  Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To tell the class about my costume today, I used adjectives. I was an excited, thankful, big-eared, quiet mouse.  I took photos of everyone, and we thought of adjectives to describe our costumes.  Check student blogs to see how these creatures described themselves!

All of the R.A.K.s:  Our day was full of kindness. Our main class R.A.K. for today was to walk to Caressant care to show the residents our costumes.  It rained, so we had to cancel the walk. And then someone did an amazing R.A.K. They hired a bus so we could go even though it rained!

A Random Act Of Kindness so we could do our Random Act of Kindness!

Our class R.A.K. yesterday was making awesome awards.  Today DQ made the awesome awards even more awesome.  They added free ice cream to the awesome awards.  How awesome is that?!

Ice Cream is always AWESOME!

I’m in the mood for one last October R.A.K. to keep the kindness excitement going.  Are you ready?


All of the Captains: Brayden had his turn to be the captain today.  Great work everyone!

All of the notes:

1) The adjectives I wrote about the quiet mouse are correct.  I have nearly lost my voice.  Interviews tomorrow will be interesting!

2) Even thought there is not homework, we will still  have our E spelling test tomorrow.

3) There is a new list for Pizza day tomorrow:

4) Someone else finished a whole reading log!