North, East, South, West

Margaret Wise Brown also wrote The Important Book.

North, East, South West We’ve been learning about cardinal directions in Grade 2.  The new school in Listowel is called Westfield.  Our school is called Eastdale.  This helps us to understand where is north when we are in our classroom.  It is not straight up in the air!

Can you find  East and West on this map?

Math:  Comment Challenge!  Tell me the next 3 numbers:

1, 3, 6, 10, 21, __, ___, ___

More numbers: Speaking of 3 numbers, you know which 3 you need for this!

Angel was our star:

Check Out: Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share a memory from the past week or a wish for the next.  Here are our notes from today:

All About Mistakes and Me and Empathy

Try this at home with LEGO.

All About Mistakes:  We made a lot of mistakes in math today.  Even my brain hurt by the end!  Mistakes are important and they help your brain grow.

How many towers did you make?

Watch this with your family so they can see what you learned about your brain and mistakes:

All About Me: We spent a few minutes creating Avatars today using the All About Me link and new passwords.  Abram was away so we made one for him.

I’m not sure this looks like you Abram!

Empathy:  Our class bulletin board looks a little different now.  Visit student blogs to see what we wrote.

We did our best work for the hall!

Phoenix was the star today.

Science: We learned about important safety symbols.  We discussed Flammable, Corrosive, Explosive and Poisonous. There are many more you may recognize.

Where have you seen these in your home?

And the whole day started with a CRUNCH!

Don’t worry.  Apples are not flammable, corrosive, poisonous or explosive!


20 Free Meals and 20 Free Books!

20 Free Meals and 20 Free Books:  We had our Happy Lunch today!  We made a big poster to show the North Perth Fire Department, Listowel McDonalds and Zoe’s mom that we are thankful they helped us have this special day.  When someone does something nice for you, it is important to say thank you!

First, everyone enjoyed eating their special lunch.


Next , I taught a lesson about garbage and recycling.  I noticed something interesting.  There was hardly any garbage!  Almost everything in a happy meal can be recycled!

Is there any garbage in this picture?

After that, we enjoyed reading our new books.

Which one would you choose?

Finally, the students put their new book  in their planner to read for homework.  They also put a special note for their parents in their planner.

Please return tomorrow.

Liam was our star.

Visit Liam’s blog to see his pumpkin jar!


Popping in a Popplet Picture

Our Carpet Spots

Popping in a Popplet Picture:  On Tuesdays, we work on our words on a device.  This means we type, take photos, and use our media sense! Our device partners are:

  1. Todd and Angel
  2. Meika and Liam
  3. Autumn and Abram
  4. Leah and Avy
  5. Fiona and Stephanie
  6. Mason and Miley
  7. Pheonix and Brynn
  8. Grace and Preston
  9. Lucas and Jade
  10.  Zoe and Ava

Today’s device project required planners, a photo, the popplet app, a screenshot, and everything we already know about blogs.  It must have been a pretty great lesson because I published a lot of student posts today!

My Popplet Example

Count the Ps! Using alliteration makes writing fun!


Does anyone besides Brynn see some patterns here?

Social Studies:

This is a compass.


Star Student:

Jade was our star

Happy Reminder:

You only need to pack a snack tomorrow.  We are having a happy lunch!

A Monday Of New Things

New Math: It is the 28th day of school. Some students brought this home to check.

A Day Of New Things:  Today was a day of new things.  They were all important new things, and I think the most important one was our new student, Avy. Welcome to Eastdale Avy!

New Word List:  The students record their new list in planners at the start of the week.  Remember you can see all of the lists here.

New Books:  We spent time choosing new books today.  Here are some of our choices:

5 Just Right, 1 Chapter, 2 dessert

New Empathy Video: We had another lesson about Empathy and everyone wrote about what Empathy is:

Empathy is showing that you care.

New News: We decided our Mcdonald’s  Happy Lunch is on Wednesday!  It would really make me happy if I saw a note like this in someone’s planner tomorrow:

Dear Miss Versteeg,

I can pick up your McDonalds order!  They will have it ready to be picked up at 11:00.  I can get it for you and bring it to your class by 11:20 for your first lunch break!

These are our orders:

New Star: Fiona was our star student today!

Fiona made an F


Fantastic Floating Friday!

Fantastic Floating Friday:  If you’ve been keeping up with the Team 2 blog this week, you know that  on Monday, we had no school.  You know that on Tuesday we learned about fire safety.  You saw the maps we made of our escape plans on Wednesday. You know that we built boats in science on Thursday.  Now you also know that Friday was fantastic and  that the Team 2 Fire Boat is one of the ones that floats!

Check Out:  This week the students wrote their own Check Out blog posts.  Please check them out!

Grace was our star student:

Fantastic Friday!

I managed to get a picture of the water truck!


Building Boats: We Hope They Float!

Page one of today’s shared reading.

Reading Preston’s blog together yesterday went so well that I added another story for us to read today.  This one was a science story about things that float and things that sink.

We discussed what it means to float and sink and then wrote these important science words in our notes.   

And then the fun really started. Everyone in our class made a tinfoil boat. Students worked together to create boats, float boats, and publish blog photos of boats.  Some boats sank and some of the boats floated.

I wonder if mine will float?

Tomorrow we will bring my boat with us when we walk to the fire station at 11:45.  They have a big tub of water we can test my boat in. We will also bring the home escape plans we worked on for homework this week.  We agreed as a class that we will plan to have our happy meal lunch delivered to the school next week so we can eat together! (*Date will be decided tomorrow. If you would prefer to have me send the happy meal coupon home, please write me a note in your child’s planner.)

Star Student:  Autumn shared today.  Her blog has a video!

Happy Birthday Preston!

One of my traditions is that if your birthday is on a school day, you do not have to do homework!

Happy Birthday Preston! We did many things to celebrate the first Team 2 birthday.  First, we read Preston’s blog together to learn about birthday celebrations around the world.  Then, we wrote about what we learned.

Grace’s writing is also on her blog.

Next, we shared our writing with a small group.  Finally, everyone wrote a sticky note about what they could do even better the next time:

Grace commented her own blog instead of doing a sticky note.

Math: We learned about 2 attribute patterns.

Our shapes are an ABC pattern. Our colours are an AB pattern.

Homework Update: we have lots of great home escape plans to deliver to the fire station on Friday afternoon!  I am happy to see that these families took time to discuss their plan:

Something special: The best part of my day was a surprise that the class made for me at indoor recess:

**We will build our cardboard boat tomorrow.  If you bring supplies we could use, we will try to use them!