Friday May 24th. Check out and More!

Math: Last week I gave a “Friday hint” about the next next animal group we will study by sharing a video to learn bird calls.  Today’s “Friday hint” is the math story I shared this morning: Dog Sled Race!

Scavenger Hunt #2

Science: We did our second science scavenger hunt today.  A bird hunt, of course.  Many students also completed their song bird research projects.

Captain Ivy built a pulley:

Captain Alyssa built a screw-slime-machine:

And someone got their other science work done and built this!

Notes for next week:

This is your last weekend to fundraise for Jump Rope! forms are due next Friday and our event is June 14

Thank you to Sabriel, Addison, Bennett and Alyssa’s parents for volunteering  to join us on our year end Kintail trip June 6!

Cupcake Arrays, Adding Patterns

It is Addison’s 8th birthday! She brought cupcakes for the whole class.  Since they are in an array, we ate them in math.  Can you tell how many there are?

Happy Birthday Array Addison!

In math, we did a final addition table activity and practiced by rote. Then students made their own colorful, patterned versions, most of which turned out better than the ones from our original lesson!

Evie and Hunter were Captains today. They’re both wheel and axle  experts!

Evie’s milk carton car

Hunter’s bike

Evie brought something extra to share that she’s been working on.  She wrote a non-fiction fish book with labelled diagrams! Here are are few pages that I enjoyed:

The Catapult, Scratch Programming, and The Great Marble Maze

It’s a Lever! (Captain Sabriel’s Catapult)

Math: Our LEGO robot building usually goes well. But programming the robot movements usually does not go so well. To help with this, I spent most of math class today teaching the basics of programming. Scratch Jr. is an app designed to introduce students to simple computer programming, and it correlates well with the features of our WEDO LEGO robots.

The class had time to experiment with location and movement using a cat and a choice of 3 backgrounds. This activity answered many student questions about programming and allowed me to cover some location and movement math expectations like the one below.  Win-win!

Location and Movement:
By the end of Grade 2, students will:
– describe the relative locations (e.g., beside, two steps to the right of ) and the movements of objects on a map (e.g.,“The path shows that he walked around the desk, down the aisle, and over to the window.”)

Today in Science:

Bird Notes


Captain Addison’s Marble Maze:

Reminders for tomorrow:  We have library day, Mrs. Atkinson will teach in the afternoon and I am waiting for 1 more field trip form!

Tuesday May 21, 2019

Captain Leena: Lever, Wedge

Math/Addition charts: We started our Tuesday  a quick community circle to share about our weekends and Leena and Jack led us through the usual morning math routine.  Then it was time for the math lesson of the day.  We made our own addition charts, practiced using them, and found many patterns. 

Science/Birds: The animal of the week this week is birds.  We are completing notes about birds in science class and learning to write our own nonfiction research information about birds in language class.  We all started with the Blue Jay:
Language/Spelling:  The list is a little different this week.  I assigned the same words to the whole zoo!  It is a four day week and only the first 6 words will be tested.

Jack’s Wheel and Axle

Happy Friday!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Happy Friday: Today we finished our math array activities and wrapped up our fish study.  We did spelling tests and had time for independent reading and blogging.  Our two Captains, Avery and Colin did simple machine presentations. And, as you can see above, we had a car race in our pyjamas! Here are our best learning memories from this week:Have a wonderful long weekend, and don’t forget your Kintail permission forms on Tuesday!

Avery’s pulley

Colin’s Wheel and Axles

Array Play with Flipp: What does the grocery store sell in arrays?

This was one of our best fish lessons yet. Share your card and answers with your family!

Scavenger hunt!

Happy Birthday Sabriel!

Today was a wonderful day for Grade 2, especially Sabriel!  In math we finished our array cities, and moved on to gardens, stadiums, garages, and even seating plans. In music, we learned the song  I’se the bye. It is a a Canadian song from the Province of Newfoundland. In guided reading we read a pourqoui? tale from the Haudenosaunee that explains how birds got their song. I shared a video as an extension of the story. It’s a big hint about what animal group we will learn about next week!

Look carefully in student planners tonight.  I sent home permission forms for our year end class trip.  We are going to Camp Kintail in just 3 weeks!

Two reminders tomorrow: 

-It’s’ pj day for Me to We.  Wear you pyjamas and bring a dollar.

-Spelling test!

Arrays and Ballets

Array City

Array City: We worked on a new array project in math. An array is a math word to tell about equal rows of something.  We used grid paper in math to create array cities.  My example above has square windows that are 4 squares.  They cover 2 rows of 2 (2×2=4).  It has a flag that is 15 squares. It covers 3 rows of 5 (3×5=15).  The lines on the road each cover 2 squares.  They are each 1 row of 2 (1×2=2)

Ballet:  In grade 2 dance, students  get to explore a variety of dance forms
and styles from the past and present.
Today’s exploration was something called ballet. In order to perform ballet, dancers must learn a very specific technique. This technique is the steps and body movements that are used in ballet.  Like hoop dancing, this kind of dance was created centuries ago (in the past), but is still performed today (in the present). Today’s lesson was as present as it gets:A live stream from the national ballet of Canada

And this was a surprise for Mrs. Atkinson yesterday. We wrote about it today. It is definitely NOT a bean!

Play day at Eastdale

What a great day for Team 2!  We ran Grade 1 and 2 races in the morning and we had play day in the afternoon. Everyone tried their best and earned a participation ribbon.  I took photos of the first two races.  After the boy’s photo, you will see the information I shared with the class about our  afternoon play day!

1: Paddles, Noodles and Balloons with Ms. Machan

2. Snack with Mrs. Keil

3. Chalk and Blubbles with Ms. Bishop

4. Equipment with Miss Versteeg

5. Golf Roll with Mrs. Brooks

6. Sand Castle and Swings with Mrs. Edgar

7. Sack Races and Kick the Shoe with Mrs. Lee

8. Parachute with Miss Fowler

9. Bean Bag Toss with Mr. Wray

10. Hula Hoops with Mrs. Loube

Other notes: We finished our class novel!

The last page.

For Technology Tuesday, Issac came up with a clever way to display his word work:

And finally, I sent home a number of things in planners.  Be sure to check for these:

Fish, fish and more fish…

Not a fish:  First things first. For Team 2, that is always Math.  We read  a new math book about counting and a fun fair game.

Fish, Fish, and more Fish… New Science Unit! We started the science unit the class has been wishing for all year:  It’s animal time!. The first animal group we are studying is fish.  Today we watched a planet earth video about fish. We completed a fish diagram

We added information about fish to our Science notes:

A Place to Read about fish: Pebble Go is is a place to read and learn non-fiction information.  Use the username: eprise  password: school  Name: eprise Password: school

New Spelling words:  These are all adjectives.  How many can you use to describe a fish?

Fish Songs: In Music today we sang fish songs of course:  Fin the fish and Sammy the Salmon!

Play day at Eastdale:  Tomorrow we will spend half of the day outdoors (1:00 – 3:00).  Older classes will be the highschool for Track and Field. Come prepared to play!