Lots of Liquids on Word Play Wednesday

Lots of liquids: We drew liquids in Science today.  Our pictures look like puddles, don’t they?  This is because a liquid is something that has no shape of it’s own.  It can take the shape of the container it is in.  If it is in not in a container, it has no shape! 

Spelling Routines:  Mondays will be Meet the Word Monday.  I will introduce a new word list for students to carefully print in their  planner.  Tuesdays will be Technology Tuesday.  I will review or teach a new way to practice spelling words on tablet or computer.  Today was our first Word Play Wednesday. 

Word Play Wednesday:  Our Word Pay  Wednesdays start with everyone writing one letter on their whiteboard.  They try to leave this letter on their whiteboard for the whole lesson (this week it was A).  I give instructions for students to add/erase various letters to transform that letter into every word on the list.  See if you can follow some of the instructions from today:

  1. Write the letter A.
  2. Add one letter to spell at.
  3. Add one more letter to spell to  spell bat.
  4. Change one letter to spell rat.
  5. Change one letter in goal to spell ran.
  6. Erase one letter to spell an.
  7. Change one letter to spell a word from this week’s list that is only 2 letters.

Captains today: 

Parent Reminder: Our first Pizza Day is tomorrow!

Picture of the Day:  These writers are had at work!

Technology Tuesday, Making 10 Again and a Monarch

Extra Library Time! Mrs. MacNeil read us the new Robert Munsch book and explained the jobs our library helper will do. Regular library visits will be Day 3.

Technology Tuesday: On Tuesdays, Team 2 will use technology for our word work activities.  Today we tried our first google form.  Try it yourself here:

Did I make any mistakes? Did you?

Math in the morning:  Today we organized our math thinking from yesterday.  We reread the Make 10 story I shared yesterday and we worked as a class to make an ordered list to show all the make 10 facts:

For independent practice, each student made their own ordered list, including representation on a 10 frame. These were very well done, and students can show you their work tonight!

On paper

After submitting their independent practice sheet to me, some students had time to represent the facts using yesterday’s math tool :

Captain Update: Addison and Bennett were today’s team captains.  They ran the Smartboard for math, shared their special things (and remembered the timer!), played OSMO, and more!

Mrs. Sullivan: Yesterday, we visited Mrs. Sullivan’s Grade 3 blog.  Their school is in London Ontario.  They shared a fascinating video (below). Tomorrow, our class will use this video as our topic for writing a variety of sentences!


The 10th Day: Making 10, A Spelling List, A Science Note

The 10th day!  It is already day 10. Part of good number sense is to develop a full understanding of 10Ten is an extra special number!  I am posting earlier in the day today because the links below will be used by the Team 2 mathematicians to explore making 10:

A New Math Book: That’s 10

Math Tool of the day: 10 frames (Berry Baskets!)

A Spelling List: Our new word list is below.  Spelling lists will be added to this page every week.  Words below the line (10/11) are bonus words to learn to read only.  *If you can remember what the bonus words are and spell them correctly on our Friday quiz, you will get a bonus mark!

A Sentence Writing Review:  We discussed this writing sample today.  Our chat reviewed the 3 sentence types and why there are hardly any uppercase letters.

A Science Question to ask your family: What do you know about solids? How many solids can you think of?

Social Studies:  We’ve already had several comments on our blog from families and from classrooms all around the world.  We used google maps to explore some of the places that are farther away:

London Ontario – (Mrs. Sullivan’s blog with the dots and the caterpillar is here)

LA California (Mrs. Yollis)

Australia (Mrs. Morris)

South Africa (Mrs. Beal)

Learning Expectations: September 17 – September 21, 2018

Each week, I create a collage that includes the Ontario curriculum expectations our class learning goals will be based on in the week ahead. These collages also feature students scheduled to be ‘Team Captains’ in the week ahead.

This month, Captains will do an informal show and tell presentation so we can get to know each other better. They will teach/show us  two new or interesting about themselves.

In this week’s collage I’ve displayed a few specific expectations corresponding to the lessons I have planned for the upcoming week.  There is no guarantee that we do everything, and we will likely do things that are not included!  This format just helps me stay accountable to the Grade 2 curriculum, and in the past, both my Team 2 families and my teaching colleagues have enjoyed when I share a week at a glance. I used a student iPad this week and the quality isn’t what I’m used to, but I think this gets the message across. So, enjoy!

More Dots, Science Matter, Special Voices Reading, and Weekly Check Out

Dot Creations!

More Dots: We are bringing home lots of dots today!  Tonight, Team 2 can show families art dot projects, math dot notes, and they can sing a special dot song with actions!  Our dot math notes are particularly interesting. We all started with the same paper:And we all had the same job.  “Show the math ideas you think about when you look at this paper”.  The activity resulted in all kinds of great ideas: counting, adding, shapes, colours, patterns and more.  And everyone was right because everyone showed math thinking!

We also shared another book about dots in math, Ten Black Dots.  This helped us to do even more dot math thinking:

Science Matter: Our dot activities this week helped us to understand that each of us is important and that each one of us matters. But matter is a word that has another meaning.  It is a science word too!

Last Friday for Check Out, Alyssa and Hunter wished for Science activities.  They wanted to make potions or volcanoes.  I made their wish come true today!  After I explained what a solid is, I mixed some solids into a solid potion:

I’ve been told that I did it wrong.  My Team 2 scientists tell me that in order to really make a potion, I need liquids and containers.  Maybe next week we can try again.  I’m going to need help with ingredients. We decided that anyone interested in helping may bring in one small (parent-approved!) item that would be a good material for a potion ingredient or a potion container.

Special Voices Reading:  When there are 18 people in a room there can be a lot of noise.  Today we learned to read some big words that explain the voices we use in our classroom:

Check Out:  “Check Out” is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share a memory from the past week and one learning wish for the next week. I take this time very seriously. I pay attention to what kinds of things stand out in student memories, and I try to make every wish come true. Here are this week’s notes:

Madison: We signed out Eastdale library books for the first time.
Jack: We celebrated great homework with a gum surprise. I wish that I could bring my volcano set to share.
Henry: I have a special box for only my medication in our class now.
Colin: We read “Big Brother Peanut Butter”. I want to read more books with cartoon pictures like the Angry Birds atlas that I picked for my dessert book.
Katelyn: We had indoor recess and I got to read books like a teacher. I wish for more window books.
Sabriel: I got a figure skating book at the library. I wish that we could mix things like slime in science.
Lila: We had a science talk outside about matter.
Lauryn: I got a job to turn the smartboard on and off.
Addison: We made art dots.
Ethan: I learned to power through and it helped Miss Versteeg feel like a good teacher. I want to use 10 frames in math.
Evie: We had a fire drill. I want to do more writing.
Avery: I tried super hard to be an awesome listener! I want to do a REAL science mixing potion with liquid next time.
Alyssa: We finished our math Frayer Models for Meet the Teacher night.
Anya: I got glasses!
Bennett: Madison and I switched carpet spots.
Ivy: I helped teach the class about palindromes.(MOM, WOW) We also learned the dot song and actions
Leena: We did dot math.
Hunter: My mom commented on our blog this week! I want to read more non-fiction books.

Dots, Dots and more Dots!

Dots, Dots and more Dots!

It is the eighth day of school and the fourth day of our special Dot Week.  International Dot Day is named for the classic Peter H. Reynolds storybook The Dot. It is about a girl who becomes more confident after a caring teacher challenges her to “make her mark.” Peter Reynolds is one of my favourite authors. His stories show that everyone can learn, mistakes are important and speed is not important!thedot2Technically, international dot day is on Saturday, September 15.  Since we won’t be at school on Saturday, we are having a whole dot week instead!  Every day this week has been a little dot day-ish, and we’re getting really great at our special song:


Lyrics to the Dot Song

Math:  In math today, many of us made mistakes! Mistakes are great because they help your brain grow. We started math class by watching this little video together to find out more about the importance of mistakes:

I make mistakes too. When I make mistakes and I always learn things.  Our math lesson today had a Dot theme. We counted, coloured, and listed patterns and numbers. We made some great mistakes. Students will finish this activity in tomorrows math class.  Their thinking may look a lot like mine, or nothing like mine at all!image

Captain Students: Hunter, Katelyn

Notes for families:

  1. Photo day information was sent home today.  Eastdale’s Fall photo day is September 26.
  2. Enjoy Eastdale library books tonight.  We had our first sign-out time today.
  3. Next Monday is our first Eastdale walking field trip. We will walk to the Listowel Legion at 9:00 with Mrs. Fowler’s Grade 1 class.

Screens UP! Screen Break!

Screen’s UP! How many rectangles can you make using 12 squares?

Screens UP! Screen Break!  We used iPads for math today. First, we re-read the On Safari story:

Next, we thought of two new iPad instructions to remember.  Screens UP is what I will say when it is time to pay attention to your own iPad job.  Screen Break is what I will say when it is time to pay attention to me!

Today’s second Screen’s UP challenge was to build rectangles using 12 squares.  The image below shows two ideas.  Can you do more? Click the image below!

We ended math with, a quick Screen Break for class consolidation.  Consolidation means we talked about the lesson.  Here are some of the things I heard from the class:

Sabriel: I liked making a whole bunch of different rectangles with thinking.

Lila: I made a bunch of rectangles and one big one.

Addison: I like that I could move the blocks and that you could set it to show graph paper.

Katelyn: It grew my brain! I got to help the rest of Team 2 open the book to read (Jack helped with that too!).

Dot Week Surprise: Even our Team 2 art teacher, Ms. Anderson, is excited about dot day!

You should see what the class did to this!

Speaking things you should see:  We finished our important writing today and we are working  on our important illustrating.  You can see and read our work tonight.  You can see the dot art and Ms. Anderson too, because….

It’s Meet the Teacher Night! (and a few other items for parents:)

  1. See you tonight! You are invited to check our our classroom tonight.   I am excited to say hello to my Team 2 families.  I will open our classroom at 5:30.
  2. Two Forms to look for: 
  • Everyone: Walking Persmission Field trip (our first trip will be to the Legion Week display on Monday September 17 at 9:00 am)
  • Youngest and only: Fresh From the Farm orders were sent home today

Also today:

Evie shared 2 special things about herself

 New Good Morning Checklist

I can’t… YET!

“I can’t” said Hunter.

“Finish that sentence.” said Miss Versteeg.  “You can’t… YET!

I think Hunter thought I was CRAZY when I said that the first time, but then we read a special story.  It is about a girl named Sophie who things she isn’t smart.  She learns that everyone is smart and that when you think you can’t do something, you just can’t do it… YET!

What can’t you do… YET?

I took lots of pictures today:

Math: We spent most of our math class learning a smartboard routine and making made math notes on whiteboards:

Captain Ivy and Captain Lila: Today’s co-captains shared special things:

Writing: We are working on something important.  You will see it soon!

Our writing is more important than this.

Spelling: Students really did record their spelling words in planners today! (I got ahead of myself yesterday – we only read them in class.)  Today we read the words and we wrote them too.  Check you child’s planner for something that might look even better than the one I shared on the Spelling page:

Classroom Business:

Dot Week Day 2: For today’s dot activity, we learned the actions to our special song: