Au Revoir Avril!

We reflected on our April goals and cleared the board for May!

Au Revoir Avril!  Au Revoir Avril is french for Good-Bye April.  We spent the last school day in April following the plan I shared yesterday.

We sorted our letters and  stamps

A few of the letters ended up in this Post Office box

We made a connection to Finn’s Health lesson while we were downtown

Luci got to cancel her own stamp!

We visited the Grade 1/2 class

**For the rest of the year we will study Growth and Changes in Animals in Science.  The Grade 1/2 class showed us how to use Pebble Go This is a great place to learn about Growth and Changes in Animals!
Name: eprise Password: school

Name: eprise Password: school

Check OutCheck Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is  a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.  Here are my notes from this week:

Malcolm was partners with Ella when we went to the Grade ½ class and he wishes that we could do PebbleGo more and wishes he had another name job.
Grady liked doing a World Map. He wishes we could go back to the Grade ½ class. Alexander was his partner.
Andrew is excited that he has a special secret post published that no one else saw yet.
Max liked when Mrs Danen visited to teach us about Dairy Goodness. He wishes that we could do more Zearn computers.
Tyson liked walking through the high school to deliver letters. He saw someone he knew in the cafeteria!
Aiden loved that he got to blog instead of math today. There are two funny things at the end!
Taylor remembers that she only did a short walk with us because of her knee. She got to spend time blogging with Kendra and they looked up a book Kendra thought was scary when she was little. She wishes we could learn with Mrs. Priestap’s class.
Quinn liked that she published lots of her old drafts today. She wishes we could do language groups.
Mason liked that we did Zearn in the classroom this week. He wishes we could research animals and build habitats.
Ally really liked that we got to visit Mrs Baxter’s class because Kole was a great partner. She wishes we could do blogging in the computer lab.
Spencer brought the coolest stamp today.
Ayla remembers that even though she didn’t know what her best post since March Break was, her friends did and they wrote her wonderful comments. She wishes that we could do Social Studies and go to the library.
Tyler liked when we were walking to the Post Office and Ayla said she saw her mom! He wishes that we could visit the Grade 1 class.
Finn really loved when he got to do OSMO on his star day. He wishes we could visit Mr. Wray’s class.
Luci got to share her stamps with the class and she got to cancel her own stamp. She started with 10 stamps and now she has 7. Thank you Luci! Luci wishes we could do more GoNoodle.
Arjeta loved the protein chant we learned when the Dairy educator visited. She wishes we could do more field trips.


Planning For Tomorrow

In Social Studies, we labelled and coloured world maps while we listened to Louis Armstrong.

Planning For Tomorrow:  Tomorrow will be a busy day.  We wrote this together at the end of the day so we remember everything!
1) We will not have our spelling test because we did work on them very much. We will work more on the Gg/Jj list next week.
2) It is the last school day before Mason’s big holiday and Hudson will not be here because he is starting his weekend early.
3) Ayla will be our star. I hope she is here!    (Grady was today’s star)
4) We will visit the Grade ½ class to share learning.
5) Number 5 gets it’s own section. See below!

We have lots of important letters to mail!

Number 5:  If it is not raining tomorrow, we will be going on a walking field trip. We have some mail to deliver.  We will make three stops: Listowel District Secondary School, the Municipal Office and the Post Office.  If your family has an extra postage stamp to send tomorrow, that would be great!

Click to see how much Eastdale has raised online!


Dairy Goodness

Arjeta was our star.

We had a morning visitor today!  Mrs. Danen is the Dairy Educator and she taught us about dairy goodness.  Did you know that when you are 7 you should have 2 servings of dairy every day?  Check the comments to see everything the class learned from the Dairy Educator this morning.  If you have a chance, try taking a virtual tour of this farm.

Writing Important Letters

Today Finn was our star and he shared a special post about how his parents took him with them when they donated blood. This generated a great discussion with lots of connections to what we are learning in health.  It also reminded me to show the class how their family can access the page to raise $5.00 for registering on-line.  We talked about ideas for raising money and one of the ideas was to be like Ayla and write letters to important people to ask them to help. Great idea:  Writing letters is a great idea! I want them to be great letters, so I did a lesson to review how to write a great persuasive letter:

Parts of a Persuasive Letter

I guess I will need to find a list of important people, their addresses, paper, envelopes and stamps!  Our plan is to write our letters on Wednesday and Thursday and then walk to the post office on Friday morning to mail them.

My Pictures Today: The captions on these photos tell the story of the rest of our day:

We took a closer look at the earth in Social Studies

We brainstormed some ideas for our letters

We learned about pulleys in Science

We did more book sale math. Can you make up your own book sale question to solve?

We ended the day by watching the Spring Concert dress rehearsal.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words:  Sometimes pictures of what you did or learned are the best way to explain.  Today’s post is mostly pictures with captions to explain.

Buddy Bench:

We have a special bench on the play ground. The buddy bench is a place to find a friend. We learned about it at the end of the assembly last week. Today we checked it out and Grady explained what the buddy bench is all about for the kids who missed the assembly.

Book Sale Math:

Real-life problem solving. There are still hundreds of books for sale. Bring your quarters!

Social Studies:  The class read a book about the earth together.  Here are some important things we learned:

Planet Earth
The earth is round like a ball.
It has a belt around its belly called the EQUATOR
The EQUATOR gets the most sun it is HOT
The points at the top and bottom are the NORTH POLE and the SOUTH POLE
The NORTH POLE and the SOUTH POLE get the least sun so they are COLD

Another important thing about the earth is that we need to keep it clean!  We cleaned up part of the play yard instead of doing DPA inside today.

GOALS: I thought I’d try sharing about student goals on Friday this week.  I’m planning to talk about who met the goal they set this morning. All of the goals we met so far in April are on display in the hall.

What goals have you set and achieved lately?

I’ve been sharing my goals for the coming week in the middle of our bulletin board. They are always the curriculum expectations that I want to work on teaching this week.

Tyler was the star today.  We all wrote comments on his post about The Trumpet Of The Swan.  It was a great post Tyler!


Tongue Twister Title – DOUBLE BUBBLE GUM, BUBBLES DOUBLE:  I thought I’d try a tongue twister today instead of a joke.  Friday often a gum day in our class.  Here is who got to chew gum this morning:

Math #1 For the first part of our math lesson today, we made our May Calendar.  

When you are the Team 2 star in the month of May, you get to share a talent!  This means telling us about something you are an expert at, and showing us how you do it.  Mrs. Cox is an expert at gardening, and we visited her to learn about her gardening talent.

Math #2 Mrs. Cox is also an expert at counting, adding and sorting.  For the second part of math, we counted, sorted and delivered Jump Rope For Heart letters and envelopes to every class in the school.  The information we delivered explains how to collect money for the Jump Rope For Heart event at our school next month. It will be on Malcolm’s star day.

Check OutCheck Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is  a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.  Here are my notes from this week:
Aiden loved watching a whole bunch of people writing a comment on his blog today.
Luci was really excited that we got to see the Trumpet of The Swan movie. She wishes for more ZEARN
Malcolm was amazed by how long his comment to Aiden was when it was published. He wishes that we could watch Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.
Tyson liked that we finished the last chapter of The Trumpet Of The Swan.
Spencer liked playing the domino game with Miss Versteeg.
Mason remember when we learned about directions and compasses. He wishes to play the dice game.
Hudson remembers that he got to make a robot on his star day.
Finn liked when we watched Alexis the Earth hero and he wishes we could visit Mr. Wray’s class.
Andrew is excited for the Assembly today. He wants to use the road maps again.
Ally really enjoyed when we did our spelling tests on our blogs instead of paper. She wants more time to blog in the computer lab.
Quinn liked when we had a whole Trumpet of the Swan day. She wishes we could have language groups again next week.
Boston liked that we got to watch The Trumpet of The Swan. He wishes to do the Google Earth app.
Arjeta liked counting papers and delivering them to other classes. She wishes to have more gym and to deliver more papers.
Ayla was happy when Miss Versteeg said she looked good in her glasses. (Ayla looks better than good. She looks brilliant!) She wishes for more Science Max.
Grady remembers that we read part of an Earth book today.
Tyler really loved that we got to do the domino game for a second time and he wishes that he could visit his Grade 1 class.
Taylor wishes that the other class would come over soon and we could on a field trip.

Our Trumpet of The Swan Day

I have two things to return to the North Perth Public Library today!

To celebrate the fact that we have finished reading a 252 page story, our class had Trumpet of the Swan day!

I wrote a few things about what we learned:

The class wrote many things about what they learned.

Next, we watched a movie that was made about the book.

We turned our class into a movie theatre!

Finally, we blogged about about:

1) What was the same and what was different. 2) Which one we liked best and why.  3) Other movies we have seen that are based on books.  4) What we think the best way to tell a story is.

Malcolm was our star.


Can You Name The Poles?

Can You Name The Poles? The north pole, the south pole and the tadpoles!

We will learn more about tadpoles when we study growth and changes in animals at the end of the year.

#AMDSBKidsChat: We answered every question in the April #AMDSBKidsChat about Earth Day this morning.

It was fun to share our ideas with the world.  We got a few of our Earth Day ideas from Alexis:

Cardinal Directions:  There are two cardinal direction words hiding in today’s joke. Do you know what they are? Mason will probably know right away, since he drew this after our Social Studies lesson about the compass on a map:

Math:  Math was fun today. We played a domino game where you match fraction symbols and pictures. I had a challenging partner that I could hardly keep up with.  He blocked me a few times:

Spencer didn’t make a single mistake!

Trumpet of the Swan:  We read the last two chapters of our book today.  What a great story! I have a fun plan to celebrate the story tomorrow.  I hope everyone is here to find out what it is!

What Do You Call A Cow When It Lays Down?

What Do You Call A Cow When It Lays Down?  Ground Beef.

Today’s joke is not related to anything we are learning. It is just funny!

Our Weekly Goals: 
Earth Day:  Saturday, April 22, 2017 is Earth Day.  Today we watched a video to get our brains ready for tomorrow’s #EarthDay#amdsbkidschat. You can peek at all the videos and questions here.

Hudson was our star today.

Math Challenge:  If you can explain the answer to this question, please comment!

What Does The Easter Bunny Fly In?

What Does the Easter Bunny Fly In?  A “hare-plane”(airplane!)

Healthy Teeth:  We finished our healthy teeth lesson today.  Everyone got to show what they learned in a presentation that included 3 ways to take care of teeth, and one other cool thing they learned about dental health.

Check Out:  We have a class meeting at the end of the week to share the important things we remember learning.  Here are this week’s notes.

Malcolm’s goal this week is one to remember.  First, he accidentally put Friday and there is no school tomorrow.  Second, he had to be honest and not take a check on one day because Miss Versteeg is super-strict.  He made a cool connection that he showed honesty and our character trait in April is honesty.  He wishes we could do more PicCollage projects about health.

Aiden loved that the Cyclones coach came with the Cherrey cup and we got to take a class picture.  He wishes we could do more poems like corn dog poems or I Spy poems because that was fun

Tyson liked that Miss Versteeg brought a piano into the classroom and played songs from the Trumpet of the Swan.  He wished the class could try the ‘finger trick’ that Miss Versteeg was strict about.

Finn liked learning about teeth and when canine teeth fall out.  He wishes for more art.

Ayla remembers that we learned about teeth in health

Ally really felt special when her PicCollage was shared on the Team 2 blog.  She wishes for more art and blogging time.

Mason remembers when we took a photo of all the I Spy books.  He wishes for more Social Studies.

Boston remembers that IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  He wishes for more health and DPA

Arjeta wishes that we could do a new GoNoodle with KidzBop.

Taylor wishes we could go on a field trip soon.  She wishes we could learn with Mrs. Priestap’s class.

Quinn liked doing the Tooth infographic.  She wishes for more language groups.

Andrew made 3 Easter Eggs for me to find on blogs!

Tyler liked that we got to do a LE pretest right before our LE test.

Spencer wishes we could have Mr. Hollinger again.

Max learned that kids have 20 primary teeth and then you get 32 adult teeth.

Hudson remembers that he taught the class how to do the math sheet.

Grady remembers that we did fractions.

What Nickname Did The Dentist Give X-rays?

What Nickname Did The Dentist Give X-rays? Tooth-pics (tooth pictures/toothpicks!)

We did a lot of reading in health class today. We read a fiction story about children who have healthy dental habits and we read a non-fiction infographic that shows 5 ways to prevent kids’ tooth decay.  What healthy dental habits do you have?I Spy Writing:  We wrote and published our own rhyming I Spy poems today. Here are a few of my favourites:

Math and Spencer: Spencer was our star. He built an airplane robot! He also shared his flag day post. We were learning about symmetry when he wrote that, and it is all about flags with symmetry. We know about fractions now, so we can write about flags with fractions too.

Why Did Mozart Get Rid Of His Chickens?

Why did Mozart get rid of his chickens? They kept saying Bach, Bach!

Music: The Trumpet Of The Swan turned into a music lesson again. As I read our story, I stopped to play the piano several times.  I played music by the famous composers mentioned in the text.

I surprised them. Team 2 found out that I am piano player!

Language: Finn’s wish is often that we could have time to do Language Groups. His wish came true today.  Here is a copy of our tracking sheet:I think Finn was right.  We did need more time for Language groups.  Team 2 did fantastic printing, reading, and Explain Everything presentations.  A few groups even made an excellent video like this: IMG_2260-1e8e8s6

Math was taught by Hudson today.  He did a pretty great job.  Check his blog to see what he showed us today and what he is going to teach us tomorrow!  Quinn was our star, so check her blog too, especially her Irish  post.

End of the Day Announcement:  Wear Pink Tomorrow!

What Shoes Should A Spy Wear?

What Shoes Should A Spy Wear? Sneakers

I Spy: I Spy stories are popular search and find books.  They were written by Jean Marzollo.  Did you know they also poetry books? We signed out every single I Spy book in the school library today.  We will start to write our own I Spy poetry tomorrow.

I spy a button, a barrel, a bell, A little pink pail, and the poor knight who fell; A towel, a trowel, a taxi, a dog, A bottle-cap knight, a key, and a frog.

Math and Fractions:

That was the hardest math we’ve done in Grade 2    (Aiden)

A paper that says ‘Colour 1/4 of these things’. means ‘Colour one quarter of these things.’.  It  is easy to do this if there is only four things.  They are already in groups of one, so you just colour one of them.  It is hard if you have more than 4 things because first you have to put the things into four equal groups before you colour in one group:

Goals:  Student goals will be shared on student blogs this week. This is my blog, so here are my goals:

Luci was our star today.  She choose to play OSMO instead of building a robot.  I’m glad she remembered this choice!

Surprise!  We had a special guest at Eastdale today.  You will have to track down someone from Team 2 to ask them what is going on in this picture.

What Happens When The School Has No Internet Connection?

What Happens When The School Has No Internet Connection? I play the dinosaur game.  And then it’s business as usual. The blog just doesn’t get updated until the problem is fixed.

**The dinosaur game is a hidden feature of Google Chrome.  If you attempt to open a new page on your desktop and the internet is not connected, Google Chrome gives you something to amuse yourself with until the problem is solved.

We did a survey about our week.  Here are a few of the responses.

We analyzed this information and then spent most of our day enjoying the most popular choices.  I read several chapters of the Trumpet of the Swan, we played lots of math games, and we ended the day with poetry. Our star Taylor even had time to share and make a robot,

Fraction game!

Check Out:Check Out is how we end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is  a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.  Here are my notes from this week:
Aiden loved looking at the Ontario map and trying to find a city name in all upper case because that meant it had the most people
Taylor loved the new Pizza fraction app and she wishes that Mrs. Priestap’s class could check out our blogs and do some work with us.
Mason remembers that we googled The Ritz hotel when we read Trumpet of the Swan and he wants to play math war.
Malcolm loved when we made pickle Popplet poems. He wants to make more kinds of poems. Possibly a corn dog poem.
Tyson got to build a lego robot with Taylor.
Finn liked that I hung up a new class map. He wishes we could have more language groups.
Grady loved that we looked at where Pittsburgh is on a map.
Hudson had a week where his brain hurt every day. This means he got a LOT of work done this week. He wishes for more science and math.
Andrew liked that we read window books in the pit during check out. He wants to learn about bees and wildflowers.
Ayla remembers that we saw what the Ritz Hotel looks like and she wants to watch more Science Max.
Luci loved that we did spring cleaning on our blogs. She wishes we could do more DPA.
Quinn liked that she picked new books today because she got some really good ones. She wishes for more blogging time.
Ally really enjoyed Fraction Concentration. She wishes for more blogging time too.
Max remembers having two indoor recesses. He wishes for language groups again.
Arjeta wishes we could go on a field trip.
Boston liked when he was star and he got to share his best post about his baby brother. He wishes for more drama and science.
Spencer remembers when we did the April 7 survey.
Tyler really liked when we each learned a line of the LOUD poem. He wishes that we could have a Check In too.

Thanks for a great week kids!

What Does An Aardvark Like On His Pizza?

What does an aardvark like on his pizza? Ant-chovies (anchovies)

What fractions do you see in this pizza?

Math: Pizza day seemed like a good day to introduce this Grade 2 Number Sense expectation:

With this app:

Pizza Fraction App (it’s a freebie!)

It was a good day to play a partner game too:

Do you see any pairs?

Spring Cleaning: We did ‘spring cleaning’ on our blogs today.  We finished or deleted old drafts, adjusted settings and changed themes.  Tyson was our star.  He shared a post from last November.  It was a great post, and it was an old post.  Now that we have done our spring cleaning students must share things have been written since March break.

What Do Brains Do At Ball Games?

What Do Brains Do at Ball Games? They do the brain wave.

My Brain Hurts

When a student tells me that they are hurting, I expect them to be very upset. Except when they are telling me that their brain hurts. Then I expect them to smile. When you notice your brain hurts, it means your brain is growing. And that is wonderful! I think I had everyone smiling about a hurt brain today.

iMath: Something important to remember about how brains grow is that speed is not important:

The follow-up iMath activity for this video is to fold a square paper into fractions.

Malcolm defends his thinking to Hudson the judge

This class chart helps us remember what fraction words mean:

Boston was our star. He shared what he wrote on his blog about his baby brother. He had a great star morning and you can read about that on his blog too!