Would You Rather…

Would You Rather:  Today we wrote a lot of questions!  We each picked our best one, and put it on a speech bubble for our class hall display.Preston: Would you rather get rid of your video games or your Pokemon?
Jade: Would you rather be invisible or be pizza?
Angel: Would you rather your family have a new baby boy or a new baby girl?
Fiona: Would you rather be superman or batman?
Meika: Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
Zoe: Would you rather have 100 stuffies or 100 bags?
Brynn: Would you rather have 5 pianos or 10000 drums?
Miley: Would you rather be an arrow or a puppy?
Autumn: Would you rather be famous or be poor?
Grace: Would you rather fly for four hours or drive for 6 days?
Ava: Would you rather eat 100 people or 100 houses?
Stephanie: Would you rather play with with your friends or not play with your friends?
Abram: Would you rather jump off a mountain or jump off a roof?
Phoenix: Would you rather have kids or dogs for the rest of you life?
Todd: Would you rather be pro at minecraft or new at roblox?
Lucas: Would you rather have tie shoes or velcro shoes?
Mason: Would you rather eat a sharks eye or lizard tail?

We picked new books:

5 Just Right, 1 Chapter and 2 Dessert

Stephanie was our star

Check Out: Check Out is how we will end a week of learning in our classroom.  It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share something about the week that was important.  Here are my notes from today:

Stephanie: Going on a Drama Bus.
Zoe: I wrote about my books.
Miley: We have to keep our books for a whole week before we pick new ones.
Fiona: I remember books are like bikes!
Meika: We got to check off all the sight words we know on our own paper.
Grace: We did a spelling test.
Todd: We went to the school library.
Mason: We got to play class Gaga Ball.
Brynn: We went to the computer lab.
Jade: We did the Terry Fox walk.
Autumn: Writing would you rather questions.
Ava: I wasn’t here one day.
Angel: I liked our spelling test.
Lucas: I got to be the star this week.
Preston: I liked when we checked the words off on the list.
Abram: I liked when we put up the birthday months.
Liam: We played LEGO at indoor recess.

Our Wishes: More spelling tests, Miss Versteeg for a Grade 3 teacher, MathTrek 123, Gaga Ball, Computers, Drama, Plant something, Library, GoNoodle, An Outdoor Class.

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