Professional Presentation Strategies

Professional Presentation Strategies:  Four students have shared family trees already.  As we listen, we are thinking of lots of ways to make our presentations more professional.  Here are some things we will try to do:

For the Student Sharing: 

  • Use a powervoice.
  • Practice what you want to say at home.  Make sure you know the tricky names if you plan on saying them!
  • Point to the part of the family tree that you are talking about so the audience knows.
  • Get someone to hold your work up for you if it is a big poster so that your body doesn’t block the audience view of your work.
  • If your work is a small paper, take a picture and show it on the smartboard.
  • When it is time to find your country on the globe, explain what you do to find it.  If you don’t know, ask me so I can teach you!

For the Audience: 

  • Choose a spot where you can see.
  • Do not leave for a washroom break during a presentation.
  • Pay attention.  Try to notice the things they do to make their presentation great.  Think about how you could do one extra thing to make your next presentation awesome.

Meika and Zoe both identified counties that are part of the United Kingdom. Check their blogs!

Contractions:  During morning reading, students kept track of contraction words they found on sticky notes.

When we shared our sticky notes, we sorted what we wrote on a padlet.  The padlet explains why some of the words we found are not a contraction.

Language Groups:  Back by popular demand, I made brand new language jobs today!  The recording sheet this week looks like this:

Make and Break Time.  In math today we used base 10 blocks and the make and break strategy to make adding sentences that equal 81. 

My brain hurt by the end, but Fiona was still smiling!

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