All About Check Out

“Check Out” is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. It is a special time where everyone has a chance to share a memory from the past week and one learning wish for the next week.  I take this time very seriously.  I pay attention to what kinds of things stand out in student memories, and I try to make every wish come true.

I publish our check out notes at the end of each Friday post.  It looks a little different every week, but the guidelines are the same.  Everyone participates and everyone gets to share one memory and/or one wish.

Here are a few different ways I’ve published our check out notes this year:

Student sticky notes

Chart format


Individual student blog posts


Student comments

My typing

There is no school on Friday this week.  That means we made Thursday check out “notes” today:

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One Comment
    Phoenix – Belarus
    Stephanie – Latvia
    Liam – Poland
    Angel – Germany
    Brynn – Slovakia
    Preston – Great Britain
    Jade – Italy
    FIona – Italy
    Miley – Ukraine
    Avy – Croatia
    Lucas – The Netherlands
    Ava – Finland
    Autumn – Japan
    Meika – Kazakhstan
    Zoe – Norway
    Todd – Czech Republic
    Abram – Norway
    Mason – France
    Leah – Czech Republic

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