Hazards, Homework, and Hundreds Chart Patterns

Fire Safety Presentation

Hazards: A hazard is something that is dangerous.  The North Perth Fire Department brought their hazard house to our classroom this morning.  The hazard house reminds me of a scavenger hunt.  It is used to teach children about fire hazards and to answer their questions about fire safety.

Challenge Accepted!

Homework:  Tonight’s homework is special.  Tonight students will create a map to show their own home escape plan.  Use what you know about maps, your house, and safety! Everyone must do this. This is important for our trip to the fire station next Wednesday!  You may also read and practice your spelling words.

Hundreds Challenge:  Can you show two skip counting patterns on one hundreds chart?  What do you notice when you do this?

Ethan and Sabriel were our Captains today!

Video Bonus: By request, I am sharing the video we watched while we worked on our world map colouring.  A few of these countries do not exist anymore, but it’s still pretty great.  Enjoy: 

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    • Hi Madalie!
      It’s too bad missed the hazard house. Team 2 says it was fun. Would you like to do our homework challenge? There will be a tasty surprise for you if you do! Come see us before Wednesday.
      From Team 2

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