Our Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Book Fair!

Our Random Acts Of Kindness Week This will be an extra-wonderful-four -day week. In addition to Halloween celebrations it is R.A.K. week for Team 2. R.A.K. stands for ‘Random Acts of Kindness.’

Random Acts of Kindness Day  is really on Friday, November 2.  Our school has a PA day then, so we are going to have a whole Random Acts of Kindness week instead!

Each student has a Kindness Bingo sheet that is full of ideas for how they can show kindness this week. They also have a small blue card to use for an extra special act of kindness.  Use link above to print Bingo cards for your whole family!

More Media Files:

1) A Dot Talk Screenshot:

2) A Sample Student Survey

3) The New Spelling Words

4) I am Peace: Enjoy our bonus word story!

5) Book Fair News: Today we did our our first whole-class R.A.K.  We helped Mrs. MacNeil make the book floor display look perfect for the people who shop next!  Every class makes a wish list at the book fair.  Here is ours:



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