On The Second Day of R.A.K. Week…

There are 5 R.A.K.s in this picture.

On The Second Day of R.A.K. Week:  We did another class R.A.K. today. Our school has many Halloween traditions.  One of them is a family pumpkin carving contest.  The top 3 pumpkins in each category win a family prize.  There are over 70 pumpkins, but only a few pumpkins will get one of the family prizes.  We thought that every pumpkin deserved a prize, so we made AWESOME awards. Mr MacSorely asked the Team 2 students with June birthdays count all of the AWESOME awards to make sure there were enough.  There were 82.  Now everyone will have a prize winning pumpkin tomorrow.

Other Great things:

1)We did two dot talks:

2) We Learned More About Halloween:  What do you know about the history of Halloween?  We read about it here:  The History Halloween. What did you learn?

3) It’s almost November: We started to make our November calendar today. We still need to write instructions for the Captain job.  I will send the calendar home when we come up with job instructions.4) A Student Achievement:

BREAKING NEWS: Addison has filled a reading log. She wrote 39 pages. You are more than 400 minutes smarter now Addison.

5) Two Captains: Ivy and Avery explained how to make some Halloween things.

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