All of the Costumes, All of the Kindness, All of the Captains, All of the Notes

All of the Costumes:  Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To tell the class about my costume today, I used adjectives. I was an excited, thankful, big-eared, quiet mouse.  I took photos of everyone, and we thought of adjectives to describe our costumes.  Check student blogs to see how these creatures described themselves!

All of the R.A.K.s:  Our day was full of kindness. Our main class R.A.K. for today was to walk to Caressant care to show the residents our costumes.  It rained, so we had to cancel the walk. And then someone did an amazing R.A.K. They hired a bus so we could go even though it rained!

A Random Act Of Kindness so we could do our Random Act of Kindness!

Our class R.A.K. yesterday was making awesome awards.  Today DQ made the awesome awards even more awesome.  They added free ice cream to the awesome awards.  How awesome is that?!

Ice Cream is always AWESOME!

I’m in the mood for one last October R.A.K. to keep the kindness excitement going.  Are you ready?


All of the Captains: Brayden had his turn to be the captain today.  Great work everyone!

All of the notes:

1) The adjectives I wrote about the quiet mouse are correct.  I have nearly lost my voice.  Interviews tomorrow will be interesting!

2) Even thought there is not homework, we will still  have our E spelling test tomorrow.

3) There is a new list for Pizza day tomorrow:

4) Someone else finished a whole reading log!

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  1. Hi Team 2,
    I love all of your Halloween costumes! You all look fabulously spooky! What was the best part of Halloween at Eastdale?
    Happy Halloween!
    From Elicia

  2. I think your way of teaching adjectives is awesome. It really gets the students to figure out interesting words to describe their costumes.

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