November 2018: What Will We Learn?

This week, I have created a collage that gives an overview of the Ontario curriculum expectations our class learning goals will be based on for the month ahead. There are no “Captain” students this week, and many exciting new things will be introduced.

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  1. Hi Miss Versteeg,
    I am taking the Edublogs course and trying to get my students blogging. I have started my own blog, but I love how you have each of your students blog right in your blog with their picture. How did you do that?

    Although I teach sixth grade, the layout of your blog is very friendly and inviting, something I am aiming for.

    Thank you,

    Sally Erickson

    • Thanks for the feedback Sally!
      I’m taking a short leave from teaching, so there haven’t been updates for quite some time. I can try to answer your question though:
      The images my students use for their avatar are their school photos. It was easy to upload these into individual student media libraries from our school record keeping system. To make the photos appear on the Team 2 blog, I added the “Class Blogs” widget and them selected ‘Avatar + Blog Name’. This only works if students have added their photo as an avatar – otherwise edublogs just assigns them a cartoon character.
      Hope this helps. And Merry Christmas!
      Miss Versteeg

  2. Hi Miss Versteeg,
    How are you? I had a question. Where are you because I really MISS you . I hope you come bach to Eastdale .
    Bye – bye

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