Jump For Heart Day 2019


I think this was our craziest morning yet!  Zehrs provided breakfast for Eastdale today, but our class didn’t get ours until just before Phys. Ed. class at 10:15.  We managed to fill the time creatively.

Alyssa brought birthday cupcakes today and we ate those for snack while we did our spelling test.  After that, we went to the library for our last book exchange.  Then Addison did her Tiger  Captain presentation.  Breakfast arrived part way through her tiger video, and so did Mr. Uhler!  No one wanted to miss Phys. Ed. so everyone saved their breakfast for lunch and went to gym.

The rest of the day was just as mixed up, but we did get everything done, including check out and a reptile scavenger hunt. We finished just in time to get ready for Jump Rope at 2:00.

Check Out:

Jump Math Facts:


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