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Tuesday Goals

Tuesday Goals: There are only seven days of school left.   Today Lila had the idea that we could set goals to work on for the rest of the year.  It’s not too late to get better at something!  Homework was a popular goal, and we talked about different options for the last few days, including printing the fair poem, making a blog post, writing animal fact cards, doing your reading log, bringing your music duotang home to sing, or just getting your parents to initial planner if it’s a busy night.

Animal Captains: Hunter presented his wolverine research and showed us a video from wolverinefoundation.org. Evie presented her Snowy Owl research and  brought us a real one. We took turns petting it to feel how soft it is.

Other Tuesday Things: We played an amphibian version of rock paper scissors:

We learned that there are 5 amphibian types: frogs, newts, toads, salamandars and caecillians.  The caecilian is sometimes confused with worms and snakes because of its appearance. We took a closer look here:

Library Countdown: It is time to bring your library books back to school now.  Ms. McNeil is counting down how many books Eastdale still needs to return.  I have a list posted in the classroom of what our class still has signed out.  Our class needs to return these by Friday.

A Clue:  What could these lines from a mystery email that I received earlier today possibly mean?

Please remind your students to wear old shirts or clothes on Thursday. Paper towels and small brushes and larger brushes are required. I’ll be bringing the rest of the materials I need. …


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