What a Wednesday

Captain Alyssa surprised the class with a funny book

What a Wednesday: Today was one of our best days yet.  The class was co-operative, kind, and responsible. Everyone was where they needed to be and doing what they needed to do all day long!  We did two big projects today.  The first was a math project that took almost all morning.  We used spreadsheet information to estimate, sort, count, and deliver all of the Eastdale Jump Rope For Heart prizes:

Thank you Eastdale for raising money; thank you Team 2 for your help!

The second project was a secret important writing project that took almost all afternoon.

Captain Alyssa shared her Cheetah research and habitat.  Captain Ivy presented her sloth research and habitat

Yestderday’s Clue:  What could these lines from a mystery email that I received earlier today possibly mean?

Please remind your students to wear old shirts or clothes on Thursday. Paper towels and small brushes and larger brushes are required. I’ll be bringing the rest of the materials I need. …

Answer: Wear old clothes to school tomorrow because our class is going to do a special art workshop.

Today’s Clue: It involves paint, it sounds messy, and Miss Atkinson will be at Eastdale tomorrow!


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