Math, Art, Writing, and More Art!

Art Workshop:  We learned how to paint roosters today!  They turned out wonderful.  It was tricky. It was messy. We weren’t sure if we could do it. And everyone did!  Even me!

Morning Math Problem: On the announcements today we heard that Eastdale has 298 books signed out.  Only 71 are signed out to students. Who has the rest? And how many is that? How do you know?

Did you figure it out? It’s the teachers. We still have 227!

Writing/Spelling Writing was fun today.  We typed silly spelling sentences.  The purpose was to practice our spelling words, and to make sure we followed sentence rules for capitals, spaces and periods.  Here is what someone funny had to say:

There was a NICE two headed giraffe but I ate him TWICE. I was riding my guinea pig like it was a RACE car. I was DANCING with a dress on. I put a pen in the PENCIL sharpener. I ate 1000 ICE cubes. I put my FACE in some dirt. I was surprised the PRICE of a apple was 100 dollars. I SLICED my lunch in half. I found a CITY on the moon.

By Jack

Captain Bennett shared his Arctic Fox research today, and the day ended with our regularly scheduled Art class with Miss Anderson.


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