National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day: June 21  is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.  It is a day to celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.  Today we reviewd some of the other things we’ve learned about Indigenous Peoples Day this year:

-Guided reading graphic novels

-Okitotiunga and other Indiginous songs

-EPIC books

-Evie has Indiginous anscestors

A day to celebrate indiginous people is important, so we celebrated!

First, we read a math book about lacrosse, Lacrosse, Canada’s oldest sport.  We learned that long ago, First Nations lacrosse games had teams with hundreds of people playing at once and the game lasted for days.

Next, We learned how to play the kayak and travois math game. In this game, there are 21 spaces and you are invited to a National Indigenous Peoples Day celebration on June 21. The travois will help you get there faster but the kayak will bring you back down.

  1. To play, you’ll need a token for each player and two dice
  2. Throw the two dice and subtract to find out how far to move. Example: let’s say you throw a 6 and a 4 (6– 4=2); you would then move two spaces.
  3. If you get a double, a 5 and a 5 for example, you add the two dice (5+5=10). You then move 10.
  4. If you arrive on a space where a travois starts, you must read the sentence written in the space and move upwards until the travois ends.
  5. If you land on a space where a kayak starts, you must move downwards to the space where it ends and wait for your next turn.

Finally, we enjoyed our guided reading graphic novels one more time.

We did all of the usual Friday things too:

1) Katelyn and Madison led morning math and presented their animal research (Pandas and Penguins.

2) We did an amphibian scavenger hunt.

3) We had a spelling test

4) Homework Check: WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  Since our Tuesday chat, this class has amazed me every day. Proper sentences in reading logs, students using paper and books from home when they forget to pack everything,  blog posts, stories and more! Katelyn, Madison and Leena did all about me blog posts, several people wrote stories, and I even got this today!

5)We cleaned our class, cleaned our desks, and ended the week with our checkout.


Need something to do tomorrow?

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