Goodbye Blogs, Hello GSuite!

This year, our class used student blogs as digital portfolios of their Grade 2 work.  In Grade 3, students will use GSuite as their digital portfolio.  I introduced the class to their GSuite accounts earlier this month.  They used it to create and edit their first google account projects (Animal Research .doc and Goodbye Mr. MacSorley .doc).

Today I talked to the class about how to keep all of the work in their grade 2 digital portfolio forever.  There are two ways to do this.

Book One .pdf:  Book One is to add your blog to your GSuite.  This makes a .pdf file that can be read, printed or enjoyed at any time.  Here are some samples: Brayden, MadisonColin.

After I did this three times, it told me I had to pay. So, if other students want to do this, they need to do it on a computer that doesn’t belong to Eastdale! It is simple.  Just do what I did. Access this link: and follow the instructions.

Book Two: Hardcover Another way to make your blog into a book is to use a site like  This allows you to make your blog into a hard cover book.  You can read it online as a guest for free, or buy the real thing.  Here is a screenshot some pages from Anya’s blog as a book:

I’m not sure what I will do with the Team 2 blog yet.  The class and I will certainly continue to enjoy blogging for the rest of Grade 2. But, AMDSB has decided not to support blogs next year. This means I am going to learn something new. I’m going to learn to make a GSuite blog.  I started something, but it isn’t perfect YET!  I hope it will be as wonderful as this blog has been.

Lauryn: Arctic Fox

Other Monday Things: Today was a marvelous last Monday together. Especially the part where I announced that I am not assigning a spelling list this week!  Other highlights included more of our class novel, google maps, time in the computer lab, a new music unit, and new reader’s theater stories.    Most importantly, Monarch Butterfly Brayden and Arctic Fox Lauryn were Captains and they presented their research and habitats.

Brayden: Monarch Butterfly

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