Books, Mambas, Ramona, and ABC’s

Henry’s Black Mamba Habitat

Our classroom library needed some attention.  The job was too big for one person. It was not too big for 20 people.  We worked together, organizing, counting and sorting.  When we finished, everything was where it belonged.

There were extra books are ones that we enjoy, but that didn’t really belong anywhere. They didnt’ match any of our labelled shelves or labelled buckets.  Those extra books, all 244 of them (we counted!), now belong somewhere too:

Captain Henry shared his research today. Henry put a lot of effort into this project. His presentation included three pages of research notes, two habitat models, one blog post and one video.  Way to go Henry! You earned a double thumbs up dance and a round of applause.

We also finished our class novel, Beezus and Ramona, today.  It ended with everyone being happy.  That’s a good way to end a book. That’s a good way to end anything!

I hope our shared doc has a happy ending.  I gave the whole class access to it at the same time.  We are collecting words for  a project called “The ABC’s of Team 2”.  Students Only: open the link to read and continue editing tonight!





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