Beezus and Ramona vs Ramona and Beezus

Beezus and Ramona vs Ramona and Beezus: I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a movie with my class in the last week of school.  Today we did.  We had a book vs movie faceoff! It was delightful.  The class had lots of great reasons to support their decision that movie, Ramona and Beezus, is the winner.   I voted for the book.

A special ceremony: At the end of the school day, we attended the Grade 6 graduation celebration.  A special part of this ceremony is this special award called “The Heart of Eastdale Award”:

Team 2 has shown the Heart of Eastdale. I like them!

And finally: Our last three Captains presented their research today.  Ethan studied the tiger, Anya studied the Arctic Fox, and Lila studied the dolphin.


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