Goodbye Grade 2!

The last day of the school year at Eastdale is always a fun one.  We always begin with a whole-school assembly.  This takes up our whole morning.  Students put on a talent show. Ivy danced while Avery sang, Evie sang a song she wrote while she played her ukulele. Leena did a piano duet with Mrs. Brooks. The grade sixes did a play and awards and birthday ribbons were handed out. We also said goodbye to the graduates (32 this year) and staff (9 this year) who are leaving.

After a pizza lunch, there is always ice cream treats from Dairy Queen and a student-teacher baseball game. The game ends when every Grade 6 has had a turn to bat.

The teachers always win.

The rest of the day is spent in the classroom. Projects are finished, lots of treats are eaten,  bags are packed, and gifts and hugs are given.

I only made it through saying thank you for all of the gifts and hugs I was given today.  I just didn’t have time to write thank you card for all of the thoughtful chosen  flowers, gift cards, treats, mug, totebag, crafts, cards  and letters that students brought to surprise me today.

The class didn’t have any time to chew all the gum I surprised them with either.  I think that can be okay. When we enjoy our things later we can think of each other and remember what a great year we had together.

Have a safe and wonderful summer.  See you in September!

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