Monday Notes and Our First Team 2 Captains

Someone made me a surprise!

Monday Notes: We started our day with math class.  We talked a lot about patterns. I made a chart to record what we did:

In Language today, we learned how to spell everyone’s name.  Students wrote their name on the Smartboard for the class and then we copied the list into our planners. This is a list we will learn to read. Future lists will be to learn spelling.

I think the most important thing we did today was demonstrate good listening skills.  This happened many times, but it was especially excellent when our first Captains taught us two things about themselves.

Captain Tanner:

Tanner plays ball hockey and loves pokeman. He brought 6 pokeman cards to show us.

Captain Dakota:

Dakota loves to build things with LEGO. She brought a stuffy to show us exactly what size she was when she was born.




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