I Am Responsible

I Am Responsible: Team 2 students have a number of personal responsibilities. This includes taking care of their personal belongings, keeping their desk organized, and always doing their best work.  Some students are excellent at all of these and have asked for even more responsibility!  I made a list of some jobs I need help with in our classroom. I told the students to think about whether or not they wanted to do any of these, and that if they did, to write a note to let me know! At the end of the week, I will read the notes, conference with students who were not able to write, and then assign tasks.  I’m looking forward to the help!

Growing patterns: Today I introduced a new kind of pattern. Growing patterns are exactly what they sound like.  They grow.  They grow by the same amount every time.  Can you guess what comes next here:

Bill’s growing pattern

Or here?

Braysen’s growing pattern

Captain Marcus: It was Marcus’s turn to use his presentation voice today. He taught the class two things about himself.  He brought his mouth guard to talk about the sports he plays. He also brought a picture of his family.

More Dots: Today the class made dots in art and we added some actions to our special song. On Thursday, we will celebrate dot day!

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