Tomorrow is Team 2 Dot Day!

Tomorrow is Team 2 Dot Day: My title is a reminder that tomorrow we are going to do wonderful dotty things!  If you have clothes with dots on them, you can wear them to school tomorrow.

News about today:


My 2 attribute pattern

We learned about 2-attribute patterns.  We all finished, our shape pattern and we all wrote about our shape pattern. Tomorrow we will add a colour pattern that is not the same as our shape pattern.


How many solids did you think of?

We wrote a science note! It is about solids.  We made lists of solids too.

Captain Owen:

Captain Owen

Captain Owen brought many things, but he only needed one. We learned that he likes huskies, pokeman and Nascar.

Printing Practice

Perfect Printing Practice

I gave the class a new job today and I told them I would take a picture of one to show you.  It was hard to pick.  They were all fantastic.

A Special Letter:

A friendly letter from our new librarian

We found a letter on my desk after recess.  Ask a Team 2 student to tell you what happened while we were in the library today!

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