Day 100: February 24, 2020

Happy Hundred’s Day Eastdale!

We had a busy 100th day of Grade 2! The highlight of everyone’s day, mine included, was participating in 100’s day challenges when we finished all of the math and language tasks described below. We cut 100 snowflakes, built things out of 100 LEGO pieces, stacked 100 cups, and more.  Ask a Team 2 student to find out more information about how we celebrated the 100th day of school.

In math we finished the March calendar and practiced all of the 10 and 20 point Captain jobs together, and skip counted by 2s past 100.  In language we learned a new spelling list, Captain Bill taught a word, and we added today’s Blue Spruce book, Sloth at the Zoom, to our posters.

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