Day 101: February 25, 2020

March Captain Practice: We practiced Skip Counting to 200 with iPad partners!

Music: We started to learn about instrument families and the orchestra today.  Today we learned about the string family:

Captain K’nya Taught us Magnificent:

We read the 10th and last Blue Spruce book, That’s Not Hockey.

Students with perfect attendance this month have a poster that looks like my sample below, except theirs is on display in the hall.  This was our longest writing project so far, and Team 2 did fantastic!

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day:
This year, Pink Shirt Day, or Anti-Bullying Day, is on February 26. It is a day when people come together by wearing pink shirts to school or work to show they are against bullying. The focus for 2020 is “lift each other up”


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