Monday, April 27, 2020: Checkout Graphs and Monday items

Parents: There is important information for you at the bottom of this post.
Student Quick Links:  Monday Check In Monday Hand In

Monday, April 27, 2020

Image shows that according to 14 Team 2 students, math is the best part of school at home, followed closely by Check In/Hand In

Information from  Checkout I made many graphs using what our class told me last Friday!  Thank you for doing your Check Outs Team 2. I think you will be able to understand the information presented in the graphs, so I used the captions to add just my thoughts. Look at every graph carefully and read every response.

This weeks goal, this week’s spelling list, today’s math answers, another copy of the links to Check In and Hand In and news for parents are at the bottom of this post. Mrs. Anderson’s weekly art update is available on the Phys.Ed/Art/Drama page.

Graphs to Read:

Monday Items:

Student Weekly Goal: I always check my work so that I can fix the mistakes I see. I still miss things sometimes, but when I check my work by myself, I get to make it better by myself. This always makes me feel good. My goal this week is to keep checking my own work. My parents do not check my Team 2 work. I do not think Team 2 parents should have a goal to check Team 2 work. Team 2 students are encouraged to check Team 2 work!

Students are welcome to create their own weekly goals instead of sharing mine.

Weekly Spelling List to Copy:

If you are interested in learning two optional bonus words, you need to do some extra work!

Daily Math Notes and answers:

Daily response Links: Monday Check In  Monday Hand In

Important News for Ontario Parents:

Last night, April 26, 2020, Education minister Steven Lecce gave a press conference that is going to affect us. Ontario schools will not be open in May 2020. Our Eastdale Principal, Mrs. Lovell, addressed this encouragingly at the start of her Facebook announcements this morning. Direct Link : Listowel Eastdale Facebook Live April 27, 2020

I spent some time this morning finding a way to simplify the details.  The image below helped me. It explains yesterday’s press conference very well. It was created by Ontario Families for Public Education:


Direct Link: Ontario Families For Public Education

Direct Link:  April 26 News Release:

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