Friends Around The World

One of my favourite parts about blogging is that it allows me to make global connections.

Update September 18: We’ve already had several comments on our blog from families and from classrooms all around the world.  We used google maps to explore some of the places that are farther away:

London Ontario – (Mrs. Sullivan’s blog with the dots and the caterpillar is here)

LA California (Mrs. Yollis)

Australia (Mrs. Morris)

South Africa (Mrs. Beal)


Mrs. Morris teaches Grades 1, 2 and 3 in Australia. She helps me understand how to best use a classroom blog for teaching and learning.

Mrs. Yollis teaches Grade 3 in the United States.

Mrs Beal blogs with several classes in South Africa. We will connect with her primary classes.

We are working on a special project dot day project with these classes.  Our shared dot blog can be found here:

We’ve already enjoyed looking at some work from Mrs Beals class:  

And we got this idea from Mrs Morris’ Class:

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