Happy Easter Check Out

Team 2 knows their Movement vocabulary

Happy Easter Check Out It seems too soon to be doing a checkout today, but we did!  There is no school tomorrow or Monday because of the Easter holiday.

We spent most of our day today consolidating learning.  This means reviewing and finishing everything we started to make sure we understand.

Today’s Fraction Challenge

We showed what we know about fractions in math.  We finished our Movement posters in Science.  In Language we had a spelling test and read more of our new class novel.  I read some new poems and we listened to Evie’s poem presentation too. The class had pizza, indoor recess, phys ed and computers today.

SPELLING: I finally had a chance today to type all of the words Team 2 worked on in Spelling lessons while I was away.  There are a lot. Can you remember them all? Can you read them all? Can you spell them all?

Here they are!

Clean, wash, peep, teeth, egg, swim, river, pool, stool, blue
Those, wash, hold, warm, year, place, paint, sold, shirt, bird
April, seed, bring, found, around, please, under, spring, rain, rabbit
Our, tray, play, junk, flat, met, does, made, work, been
Shine, kind, hike, snail, dairy, water, swim, leader, bucket, basket
Season, cycle, yesterday, blame, kind, quiet, pedal, drive, truck, window
Dirt, spring, Easter, bird, flower, puddle, green, nest, playground, plant
Skunk, knock, clock, search, chop, neck, carry, above, country, continent
Better, bring, carry, clean, cut, done, draw, drink, eight, fall, symmetry, icicle
Laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, March, geometry
How, know, live, of, once, just, let, may, old,open, friend, winter,
Trip, tree, say, said, hop, train, number, stop, stopped, one, diamond, rhombus
This, then, thing, thank, bank, with, wish, think, sing, these, just, February, Valentine,
Have, give, love, from, live, friend, much, such, old, told, Atkinson, Science, leader
More, store, stand, star, blew, flew, new, stone, sting, ring, graph, phone
Now, down, how, out, shout, about, our, house, slow, show
Boat, coat, float, long, along, belong, paw, fawn, tall, wall, January
Be, see, got, she, sheep, shop, queen, green, bee, he
As, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, hop, big
Cute, cube, huge, music, use, you, few, view, usually, ukulele, unicorn
Home, nose, joke, also, boat, goal, own, snow, hero recorder, portfolio

A Busy Wednesday

Shake and spill! What fractions can you spill with 5 counters?

We sure got a lot done today!  Classroom activities included:  Spirit buddies, desk cleaning, new math notebooks, learning to write fractions, making science posters, Hunter’s presentation, Daily 5, a new class novel, and our Easter music game.  When I was typing this, the class was outside for Phys. Ed. class and the temperature was 13 degrees Celsius. Click here to compare this to the current temperature in Listowel.

Captain Hunter shared a rhyming poem about hockey


Another day, another poem.  Stay tuned next week to see who presents Jasper Joe!

The following spelling lists will be tested tomorrow.  Review them tonight.

Monkeys/Cheetahs: clean, wash, peep, teeth, egg, swim, river, pool, stool, blue

Zebras/Giraffes: shine, kind, hike, snail, dairy, water, swim, leader, bucket, basket

A quick book sale picture with Lauryn during desk cleaning time.  Thank you for your donation!


Poems, Fractions, Movement and a Fundraiser

Poems.  Our Captains Avery and Jack demonstrated fantastic presentation skills today.  Jack shared a funny poem about a snowball and Avery shared a poem about her name that you can change to your own name if you want.  I had time to share a new poem today too.  The blobfish is a real fish.  We looked it up at indoor recess

Fractions: In math we used fraction blocks and whiteboards to learn some special  fraction words: whole, part, half, third, fourth, quarter. Fractions numbers are written in a special way too.

Movement We used some special words in Science too.  We are making posters to teach important movement words.  Here is the information we used today:

Finally, a fundraiser was sent home today with the youngest and only students:

Making a Great Monday

Making a Great Monday: We started our day with a class meeting today. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about our classroom community.  We updated our job chart, added Spirit Buddy time to our morning routine and reviewed what it means to be a great classmate.

Math: Today we played 2 games to review our doubles plus one math facts.  We started by making this chart to help us.  What patterns do you see?

Spelling: The word lists assigned last week by Miss Atkinson will be tested this Thursday.

Science: We started our Movement unit today. We began with movement vocabulary (words we know). We did a writing activity to practice using words to describe location and movement.  We also used practiced with our bodies. We played Simon Says, and acted out the different words!

Our Checkout for Miss Atkinson

Miss Atkinson has been a wonderful teacher for Team 2 for the last 4 months.  Today was her last day.  We used our checkout time today to create this memory for her:

Grade 1 Book Sale:  The grade 1 class is having a book sale soon.  If you have books at home that you want to contribute, bring them in!

Colin and Hunter donated books to the sale that their family has finished enjoying.

Head(phones) Up! Wear Green Tomorrow!

Thanks for your help Foundation for Education!

Head(phones) Up: Today I officially opened a mystery box that I brought with me when I returned to Team 2 a few weeks ago.  In the box were 20 brand new sets of headphones for us to use when we to listen to reading.  I thought having access to headphones would help everyone in our classroom focus when they, or others, are listening to devices.

I was able to buy headphones because I applied for something called a grant.  A grant is like a gift, and this gift was from the Foundation for Education. My application was approved and now Team 2 has a full class set of headphones. Thank you!

One of my favourite people to listen to reading is Robert Munsch. Try it here: Listen to Robert Munsch.

Wear Green TomorrowYou’ve probably heard about this by now:  Eastdale’s secretary, Mrs. Cox, has a nephew who is playing in one of highest level sports events in the world this week!  It is called the Masters Golf Tournament and her nephew’s name is Corey Conners.  The official colour of the Masters is green and Eastdale plans to wear green tomorrow too.

Fun Team 2 facts: Evie and Leena met Corey at golf lessons in the summer.  Evie has a golf ball that Corey  signed. Corey’s wife Malory taught Addison swimming lessons.

Game Time with Time Games

Team 2 is getting faster at telling time to the quarter hour.  Fast enough to have fun with it. We played games all morning.  First we made (and played) time concentration, or made time posters.

Issac’s poster

Next, We learned a new app to practice telling time to the quarter hour:

Jungle Time


We ended with a time counting circle. Our rule was if you say the hour you are out.  When our classroom clock showed 11:00, we were all out.  For recess!

Funny Looking Numbers and a Time game

Roman Numerals

This morning our class schedule showed that we would have math at 9:00. That wasn’t quite true. We didn’t start until 9:05.  Here is what really happened.
8:45 AM: Students arrived on the school yard
8:55 AM: School Bell. Students entered the classroom and completed the following independently:
Say good morning to Miss Versteeg
Unpack school bag
Hand in homework and planner
Hang up personal items in classroom closet
Put on shoes
Begin snack
9:00 AM: Opening Exercises
Stand to sing O Canada
Sit to listen to Announcements
9:05 AM
We began our math class

Today we used the clocks we made last week to practice for a  game called “I have who has”.  The first card was easy, but after that we had to work together!

Time Game

9:40 AM Library   I read another book about time while we were in the library.  The Roman Numeral chart above and the image below are from my favourite page:

*Today only about half of the students were able to sign out a library book.  Make sure you bring your books back for our library time next Monday.

Analog Clocks and Time to the Quarter

What are two ways to read this time?

In grade 2, students need to be able to tell time to the quarter hours. In math class today we made analog clocks out of paper plates and pipecleaners.  We labelled our clocks with the words “quarter after, half-past, quarter to and 0’clock”


The analog clock above shows a quarter after 10.I linked it to an interactive clock where you can practice creating analog times with a digital display.

Tomorrow is a PA day for students, so we did our check out today:

April 3: Making Timelines of Our Day

April 3: Even more timelines: math classes lately we have been learning more about clocks and time. We have been trying to better understand hours and minutes and how long each one is as well. Today we made timelines.  First we talked about what we see in this poster:

Sample Timeline

Next, we turned the information from yesterday’s post into a timeline

April 2 in Team 2

Finally, we each made a time line about our day or a part of our day that we wanted to share with our friends.

Some of Our Timelines