All Ready For November (And Our Check Out!)

“Check Out” is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. I take this time very seriously. I pay attention to what kinds of things stand out in student memories, and I try to make every wish come true.

All Ready For November: When a new month begins, our class does special things.  We make a new seating plan and meet new spirit buddies:

We review our reading log entries from the previous month:We make a new calendar:

We learn about the new Captain Job:

And we do our best work on everything else too!

All of the Costumes, All of the Kindness, All of the Captains, All of the Notes

All of the Costumes:  Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To tell the class about my costume today, I used adjectives. I was an excited, thankful, big-eared, quiet mouse.  I took photos of everyone, and we thought of adjectives to describe our costumes.  Check student blogs to see how these creatures described themselves!

All of the R.A.K.s:  Our day was full of kindness. Our main class R.A.K. for today was to walk to Caressant care to show the residents our costumes.  It rained, so we had to cancel the walk. And then someone did an amazing R.A.K. They hired a bus so we could go even though it rained!

A Random Act Of Kindness so we could do our Random Act of Kindness!

Our class R.A.K. yesterday was making awesome awards.  Today DQ made the awesome awards even more awesome.  They added free ice cream to the awesome awards.  How awesome is that?!

Ice Cream is always AWESOME!

I’m in the mood for one last October R.A.K. to keep the kindness excitement going.  Are you ready?


All of the Captains: Brayden had his turn to be the captain today.  Great work everyone!

All of the notes:

1) The adjectives I wrote about the quiet mouse are correct.  I have nearly lost my voice.  Interviews tomorrow will be interesting!

2) Even thought there is not homework, we will still  have our E spelling test tomorrow.

3) There is a new list for Pizza day tomorrow:

4) Someone else finished a whole reading log!

On The Second Day of R.A.K. Week…

There are 5 R.A.K.s in this picture.

On The Second Day of R.A.K. Week:  We did another class R.A.K. today. Our school has many Halloween traditions.  One of them is a family pumpkin carving contest.  The top 3 pumpkins in each category win a family prize.  There are over 70 pumpkins, but only a few pumpkins will get one of the family prizes.  We thought that every pumpkin deserved a prize, so we made AWESOME awards. Mr MacSorely asked the Team 2 students with June birthdays count all of the AWESOME awards to make sure there were enough.  There were 82.  Now everyone will have a prize winning pumpkin tomorrow.

Other Great things:

1)We did two dot talks:

2) We Learned More About Halloween:  What do you know about the history of Halloween?  We read about it here:  The History Halloween. What did you learn?

3) It’s almost November: We started to make our November calendar today. We still need to write instructions for the Captain job.  I will send the calendar home when we come up with job instructions.4) A Student Achievement:

BREAKING NEWS: Addison has filled a reading log. She wrote 39 pages. You are more than 400 minutes smarter now Addison.

5) Two Captains: Ivy and Avery explained how to make some Halloween things.

Our Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Book Fair!

Our Random Acts Of Kindness Week This will be an extra-wonderful-four -day week. In addition to Halloween celebrations it is R.A.K. week for Team 2. R.A.K. stands for ‘Random Acts of Kindness.’

Random Acts of Kindness Day  is really on Friday, November 2.  Our school has a PA day then, so we are going to have a whole Random Acts of Kindness week instead!

Each student has a Kindness Bingo sheet that is full of ideas for how they can show kindness this week. They also have a small blue card to use for an extra special act of kindness.  Use link above to print Bingo cards for your whole family!

More Media Files:

1) A Dot Talk Screenshot:

2) A Sample Student Survey

3) The New Spelling Words

4) I am Peace: Enjoy our bonus word story!

5) Book Fair News: Today we did our our first whole-class R.A.K.  We helped Mrs. MacNeil make the book floor display look perfect for the people who shop next!  Every class makes a wish list at the book fair.  Here is ours:



October 29 – November 2, 2018: What Will We Learn?

Each week, I create a collage that includes the Ontario curriculum expectations our class learning goals will be based on in the week ahead. These collages also feature students scheduled to be ‘Team Captains’ in the week ahead. This month, Captains will bring “something they made themselves”. Presentations will include telling the class what they created, materials used, and steps followed.

The Last October 2018 Check Out

“Check Out” is how we end a week of learning in our classroom. I take this time very seriously. I pay attention to what kinds of things stand out in student memories, and I try to make every wish come true.

The Last October Check Out 2018: Happy Friday!  We had another wonderful week.  We noticed that next week we will have a November Check Out.  That was fast!

37 Awesome Days Together!

Notes for Next week: 

1) Eastdale is having a Halloween food drive.
2) The book fair will be open in the library all week.
3) Wednesday is Halloween. You may dress up in something that is not scary. We will be walking the Caressant Care to show the residents our costumes at about 10:00 (after the Eastdale assembly)
4) Report Cards and Interview Times will be sent home on Monday
5) Friday is a PA day.

Picture of the day:

Done the math task? Time to make up your own math challenge!

I See Dots, Questions About Surveys, and Captain Creations

I See Dots: For the next few weeks, we will use the dots we made yesterday for our number talks.  We will even play some games with them! The video above shows what our dots look like when they are not on a dot.

What do you see? How do you see it?

Questions about surveys: We did a more surveys today! The more we do, the better our math talks get! What do you notice about these graphs?  What makes a good survey question? Do you remember how to take a screen shot? **Do any of the adults reading this know how to generate bar graphs from a google form? Help!

Captain Creations:  Evie and Colin spent extra time making their Captain posts awesome.  Please check their blogs to see their writing, their photos, and their typing.  I think you will be as proud of their hard work as I am!

Another Team 2 Survey: Data Collection Time!

(**this is a post I am using for teaching this morning. I will either  update this post at the end of the day, or write another.)

Good morning Team 2!  This is another survey.  It is about special things our class does together.  You get to answer my questions, and then write your own!

The survey link was here: If you finish, please see me for a Dot job.  I will give you one of these: Big Dot.

(Try not to peek at Science yet.)

Persuasion and Pictographs: Plenty of Student Posts!

Lauryn wants me to be a funnypuppy

Persuasive Writing Halloween is coming soon, and I need a costume!  Today the class wrote reasons to persuade to use their idea.  Lauryn has some great reasons about why I should be a funny puppy.  Visit our blogs to read reasons for these costume suggestions:

Pictographs: More Math Surgery As promised, today we did data “surgery” today. We snipped, sorted and attached data to a learn about Merlin’s garden.  My “surgery” resulted in a pictograph about the flowers in Merlin’s garden. Student “surgery” resulted in pictographs about the bugs in Merlin’s garden.  This activity also helped us understand more about the important parts of a graph.

What would you plant?

Social Studies:  We started another map today!  We labelled the 7 continents and watched a short video about what each continent is like.

What continent do we live in?

Today’s two Captains were Bennett and Alyssa.

Mindful Monday Morning

Just another wish coming true!

Mindful Monday Morning:  On Mondays, Team 2 students set their own learning goals.for the week.  I always set a goal too.  My goal this week is to add “Mindful Moments” to our day.  I think this will help us all focus on our learning. 

Monday Math:  In math today, we used data from a tally chart about winter sports to create pictographs and interpret data. Students will create their own graphs tomorrow morning. We also started a math book (we only made it to page 2).

We had several recycling connections when I started to read. That means taking extra time for this one is worth it!

Other Mindful Monday News: We also enjoyed a new word list, a guest teacher, new library books, and a new blog for Brayden!

**Parent Reminder:  Please return interview forms as soon as possible. If you think the one I found on the floor (pictured below) was supposed to go to your house, please send a note to indicate your preferred time.  I still have lots of space on Friday morning!