A new list of words will posted here at the start of each week.  Later in the year, most Grade 2 students will be tested on the list.  The tests are on Fridays.  While these tests do not comprise a significant portion of final grades, I encourage the class to take them seriously.  Preparing for and taking the weekly tests, gives students a chance to become confident in a test taking setting.

April 23 – April 26: CH


Clean, wash, peep, teeth, egg, swim, river, pool, stool, blue
Those, wash, hold, warm, year, place, paint, sold, shirt, bird
April, seed, bring, found, around, please, under, spring, rain, rabbit
Our, tray, play, junk, flat, met, does, made, work, been
Shine, kind, hike, snail, dairy, water, swim, leader, bucket, basket
Season, cycle, yesterday, blame, kind, quiet, pedal, drive, truck, window
Dirt, spring, Easter, bird, flower, puddle, green, nest, playground, plant
Skunk, knock, clock, search, chop, neck, carry, above, country, continent
Better, bring, carry, clean, cut, done, draw, drink, eight, fall, symmetry, icicle
Laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, March, geometry
How, know, live, of, once, just, let, may, old,open, friend, winter,
Trip, tree, say, said, hop, train, number, stop, stopped, one, diamond, rhombus
This, then, thing, thank, bank, with, wish, think, sing, these, just, February, Valentine,
Have, give, love, from, live, friend, much, such, old, told, Atkinson, Science, leader
More, store, stand, star, blew, flew, new, stone, sting, ring, graph, phone
Now, down, how, out, shout, about, our, house, slow, show
Boat, coat, float, long, along, belong, paw, fawn, tall, wall, January
Be, see, got, she, sheep, shop, queen, green, bee, he
As, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, hop, big
Cute, cube, huge, music, use, you, few, view, usually, ukulele, unicorn
Home, nose, joke, also, boat, goal, own, snow, hero recorder, portfolio

List 9: Vowel Name I: (words below the line are bonus!)

List 8: Vowel Name E: (words below the line are bonus!)

List 7: Vowel Name A: (words below the line are bonus!)List 6: Vowel Sound U: (words below the line are bonus!)

List 5: Vowel Sound O: (words below the line are bonus!)

List 4: Vowel sound I (words below the line are bonus!)

List 3: Vowel sound E (words below the line are bonus!)

List 2: Vowel Sound A (words below the line are bonus!)

List 1: All the Names.  **No test! This is practice week.  Can you read all of the names in our class?

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