Measurement Math: We used our online tools to further explore weight and Capacity.  We used the pan balance to compare weights:

A pan balance is used to measure or compare massWe used the cylinder to compare volume:

A cylinder is used to measure volume

10 frame Game

Fun day!

These links will take you to an assortment of places on the internet that are a part of what Grade 2 learns this year.

  1. San Diego Zoo for Kids: Great animal photos. Easy to read facts.
  2. Animal Fact Guide: The reading level is geared for older students but the information is exactly what you need.
  3. Smithsonian National Zoo:  Facts! Videos!
  4. Switchzoo
  5. National Geographic
  7. Listen to Robert Munsch
  8. Getting Students Connected
  9. You can have your own family math night anytime if you show your family how you can addapps to your home computer or tablet.  You need to use the chrome browser.  There are several to choose from.
  10. Pebble Go This is a place to read and learn non-fiction informationName: eprise Password: school
  11. Music Play Online
  12. Go Noodle:  This is a link to some great body breaks!images
  13. Learn About a Favourite Author
  14. Sight Word Lists   An important part of our literacy time will be learning new sight words.  The full list is at the bottom of this page.  You can also click link and scroll down to see cards to print and practice at home.
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