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February #AMDSBKidsChat: Patience

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Join us as we discuss #Patience during our next #AMDSBkidschat on February 27th from 10AM-11AM. It’s is a great place for students to connect with their peers, creatively share ideas, improve literacy skills by communicating and collaborating with others, and develop citizenship and character. Everything you need to get started can be found here! Watch the video, answer the questions, and join us to share your ideas to learn with other K-12 students throughout #AMDSBLearns!

“Patience is not just about waiting for something…

it’s about how you wait, and your attitude while waiting.”     ~ Joyce Meyer

This month, after you watch the video we encourage you to try this experiment with your class! Don’t forget to take pictures and share them during our chat!

The Marshmallow Experiment


  1. What does it mean to have patience?
  2. How did the kids in the video show patience? OR How did you show patience during this experiment in your own classroom?
  3. Why is it hard to be patient sometimes?
  4. Describe a time when you have had to be patient at home or at school.
  5. Why is it important to be patient?
  6. How could you be better at being patient?

LL Cool J …Be Patient (additional video)

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