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A Kids’ Guide to Canada Webinar

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A Kids Guide to Canada – By Kids, For Kids

Un guide du Canada par des enfants, pour des enfants

Helping K-8 Students Discover #KidsMatter and the World Needs Their Contributions!

Join A Kids’ Guide to Canada and Angela Maiers on March 23rd from 7-8PM EST as we discuss how Canadian #KidsMatter, and how you can help your students discover their intrinsic worth, creative powers, and ability to impact their world.
Angela Maiers (International Author, Speaker, and Founder of Choose2Matter) will introduce the free Genius Matters resources and activities included in the Kids’ Guide to Canada project, while also explaining how to help children realize they have gifts and talents, and that the world needs their contributions! Learn about the very real opportunities K-8 students have to create a new culture of mutual understanding, empathy, respect, and hope!
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