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Our goal is to teach our students how to work in teams, learn from and contribute to the learning of others, develop social networking skills and empathy when working with diverse groups. Blogging provides students with opportunities to collaborate with each other, the teacher, their families, other students in AMDSB schools, students around the world, experts, and global learning partners.

How can a blog be used to amplify and improve collaboration skills?


– write a post that includes a question to continue the conversation about learning
– document and post conversations and invite feedback for further discussion
– document and post descriptive feedback (strengths and next steps) and include a question or link to new information to continue the conversation
– use the blog as a teaching platform to post provocations or problems that require a collaborative effort
– post written reflections about teaching and learning on the TLC blog and invite others to comment
– comment, reply and ask other bloggers questions about teaching and learning


– write in a purposeful and authentic way that engages a global audience and offers potential for collaboration
– reply to comments and descriptive feedback from family, teachers, admin, support staff, peers, students in other schools, students in other countries, global learning partners, experts . . .
– respond to descriptive feedback from family, teachers, peers. . .
– write comments to their peers, students in other schools, students from other countries, global learning partners
– improve on the quality of their conversations through written posts, comments, and replies
– document and post the process and products of learning for others to collaborate and provide feedback
– document and post conversations with teachers, peers, students in other schools, students in other countries, global learning partners, experts . . .
– ask questions
– answer questions
– create unique products of learning in partnership with others using apps like Explain Everything, Book Creator, and iMovie
– post about a provocation or inquiry on the blog and invite students and others to comment
– develop relationships and form working partnerships with global learning partners 
– create digital portfolios

Visit the Program Department’s website for more information and resources.

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