Important Mish Mash

Who can believe we are already in the middle of February?
I would like to catch up on a few classroom events and give a refreshed update to our homework in Grade 5/6.

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting the photo up of our amazing terrific kids, Ben and Katelyn who received the award for responsibility in January. Great work you two!

The weekly wonder continues to be homework for term two, with 1 to be completed each week. A reminder that they need to be put in your own words, include visual interest by using coloured text and pictures/videos. It is essential that you use creative commons when including pictures to ensure that you are not breaking copyright laws with your post. Remember that you need to save the image and then upload it, rather than just copy and paste so that the picture will stay with your blog long after the website that it came from has been deleted. As well, nightly reading is always encouraged.

Things we are working on:

The students have each been reading a biography from the ‘Who Was’ series, working towards completing a project in class. These are great books and easy reads that the students have really enjoyed. I recommend them if you are looking to purchase books to read at home.

Classroom Events and notes:

Thursday Feb 23 we will be having our pizza party that we won through the Community Living contest as well as a visit from the project coordinator.

If you have any newspapers, magazines, clothing tags or junk mail that you would like to get rid of we would be happy to take them off your hands. We are working on a variety of mixed media projects in art and would love to have multiple options to choose from.

I look forward to posting the end result of our first mixed media project. Here is my quick exemplar, using a picture of someone very special to me.

Enjoy your family day weekend and spend some quality time with the ones you love most!

A Series of Fortunate Events

As I had mentioned in a previous post, as a class we entered a contest put on by Community Living Ontario to celebrate National Inclusion Education Month. I received an email last night, and as I read it my response was…


Our class video won 1st place!

I wasn’t sure how to break the news to the students so I asked Mr. Moir, our principal, to do the honours over the announcements, to share their accomplishment with the school. Here is a video of their reaction. (I apologize for my voice in the background, the announcements also included a Flag Day trivia question that the students were trying to figure out the answer for and I needed them to give their full attention to what was going to happen next 🙂

Gotta love these kids!

Another big event that happened today was achieving my personal goal for this year of receiving 10,000 page views on our class blog.  

We have done a lot of work on the moon, sun and the earth, and how they interact together. Today the students helped some of the younger classes to understand what an eclipse is and the types, solar and lunar. I look forward to posting some videos of their presentations at the beginning of next week. There will be a lunar eclipse tonight, so remember to watch the sky.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Reading Carefully, A Skill to Practice

Yesterday in class an activity that should have been simple and informative about the dangers of marijuana, ended up leading to a teaching opportunity related to reading instructions carefully.

After being asked ‘What do we do?’ or ‘Can you help us?’, and having students answer ‘No’ to my follow up question of ‘Did you read the instructions?’, I felt it was time for an intervention.

In the past I have done different variations of this ‘reading test’ and the result today, although a bit better than other years, yielded the same results. The students were given the following reading test.

Reading Test

1. Read everything before you do anything.
2. Put your name in the upper right hand corner of this page.
3. Circle the word ‘name’ in sentence two.
4. Draw five small squares in the top right-hand corner.
5. Put an X in each square you have just drawn.
6. Put a circle around each square.
7. Sign your name under the title of this page.
8. After the title write ‘yes yes yes’.
9. Underline sentences number seven and eight.
10. Put an X in the lower left-hand corner of this page.
11. Draw a triangle around the X you have just made.
12. On the back of this page multiply seventy by thirty.
13. Draw a circle around the word ‘top’ in sentence four.
14. Loudly call out your first name when you reach this point in the test.
15. If you think you have carefully followed these directions, call out ‘I have carefully followed the directions’.
16. On the reverse side of this paper add 107 and 278.
17. Count out in your normal speaking voice from one to ten.
18. If you are the first person to get this far, shout out loudly ‘I am the first person to get this far following these instructions.’
19. Turn your paper over and write why you feel Mrs. Bedard did this activity.
20. Stand up and say out loud, “I am nearly finished following directions” and jump.
21. Now that you have finished reading carefully, do only sentences number 1, 2, and 19. Don’t laugh and say nothing to anyone else.

Watch the following video to see how the class fared. (Spoiler alert: The end is particularly entertaining)

This was effective as a tool to help the students understand the importance of reading instructions in regular everyday life, as well as at school.
Fingers crossed, lesson learned!


What phase is the moon in today?

It’s Monday so why not start the week off with an assignment?


Today in class we discussed the phases of the moon.The following is a video that explains why we see the moon in different ways as the days pass.

Moon Phases (Blog) assignment:
1. Create the moon phases using oreos and the handout we discussed in class. Take a picture of your phases.
2. Answer these questions:
1. What appears to happen to the Moon as it goes through the cycle?
2. Why does the Moon look different at different times of the month?
3. What do you think “waxing” means?
4. What do you think “waning” means?
5. How long does it take the Moon to cycle through all of its phases?
6. How many times a year do we see a full Moon?
7. In what phase can we not see the Moon from Earth? Why not?
8. What would happen if the Moon’s revolution speed was twice as fast as it is now?
9. What would happen if the Moon’s revolution speed was half as fast as it is now?
10. Explain why we always see the same side of the Moon.

3. Use your picture in Picollage to label the moon phases including waxing and waning.

4. Create a blog post that includes your picture, the video and answers to your questions.



Friday’s List

1. A reminder for those who didn’t bring their planners to school that there will be a science quiz on Friday. If your child did not bring home their Science duotang, I have included the sheets that will be helpful for their studying. They will need to know at least two physical characteristics for each planet, the order they are in, and how the sun, earth and moon work together.

This picture is the collaborative solar system that we did after they worked with a partner to create their own.The picture has been shared with them on Google Drive if you are unable to read it.

2. Instruments are due for Music class on Friday for Mr. Coursey.

3. If you have a pair of dark sunglasses please bring them on Friday.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and we will see you back on Friday!


Together We ARE Better!

As a class we put together a submission for a contest put on by Community Living Ontario called Together We are Better. This contest is focused on classes discussing their ideas related to providing an inclusive classroom where students of all abilities are equal within the classroom community. I couldn’t be more proud of the videos the kids created and how much they have grown so far this school year. As you have seen with the many photos and videos I have shared so far this year, our classroom is one that truly works together and includes everyone. We embrace the unique and provide opportunities for everyone to learn in the way that fits their needs.

Take a look at our video and let us know what you think!

Reminders for Monday

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend with this ‘spring-like’ weather that we have been having. Just a few reminders of things that went home on Friday that have upcoming due dates.

Grade 5’s and 6’s were given a math sheet to complete for homework. If they somehow have forgotten it, never fear, I have them covered.


A copy of the sheets are provided below in pdf format and can be printed at home or viewed and completed on a lined sheet of paper with the proper question numbers.

Pizza and Milk orders were handed out and are due back to the school by next Monday, January 30th

See you Monday!

Back in the swing of things

After a well deserved holiday we are back into the swing of things!


In January, we are beginning our unit on Space in Science. This week the students worked in partners to create informational posters with all of the planets on them, as well as adding jot notes of information for each.

We will continue discussing how earth is part of an interrelated system, space exploration and Canada’s contributions. For the grade 5’s we will tie in the changes and states of matter as they apply to earth and space.

In Language, we are working on reading and writing non-fiction texts, specifically biographies. Students started interviewing each other today and I look forward to their finished products in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

With Math we are staying with measurement, moving from unit conversions to perimeter and area. Today the students had the opportunity to work with Lego while exploring perimeter.

In art, we continued with the colour wheel as well as warm and cool colours. The students worked hard at creating beautiful city scapes.

In gym, we are finishing up our badminton unit and cooperative games during DPA. On the snow day this week, the request was to do some just dance. This fun dance soon turned into a girls vs boys challenge. Yesterday, the rematch was called so that the rest of the class could vote. Watch the results below.

If you want to take on our champs, just let us know!

You will have to practice first so here is the video to get yourself prepared.

Months gone by, but not forgotten

The last couple of months have been very busy coming into the Christmas season with the concert, crafts and review but I didn’t forget about these great students in our class.
Congratulations to Hunter and Nathan for receiving recognition in November for Courage, and Clarissa and Austin for Compassion in December.

A high-five to all four of you for making such a difference and being role models to the rest of our class.