Important Dates

The year is winding down and I’m happy to say that I am gradually able to spend more time in the classroom!

Next week is the last week of school and we have some great things planned.

Family Picnic

Come one come all!

Current and next year’s EES families are invited to our First Annual Family Picnic June 25 from 12-12:45.

Bring a picnic, a blanket, and/or chair and set up a spot for your family to eat on our yard. Please remember to pack a snack as your students are used to eating at 11 and 1. In the event of rain, families will be invited to eat where ever we can find space in the building.
Grandmas, cousins, aunts and uncles are all invited to join the fun!  


June 27 Mr. Chaput and the students would like to have a potluck. Also, on the 27th, all students are asked to BRING their tie-dye shirts for everyone to sign.

Exciting Upcoming dates and side note disappointments

Today was a great day for Track’n’Field and the students did a great job putting in their best efforts in their events!

Mr. Chaput asked me to send out a few reminders for the class and the upcoming school events.

June 5- Tomorrow is the due date for the Spaghetti dinner donations for our theme basket ‘Family Movie Night’. If you are able to add to this school fundraiser it is greatly appreciated.

June 7– PA Day

June 10 – Spaghetti Dinner

June 13- Next week is our class field trip to the Circle R Ranch! I am very excited for the students to have this new field trip opportunity and have my fingers crossed for good weather. If you want to see more about the ranch and their school programs, click here.

June 19– Wellness Wednesday- students are asked to bring in a rock to school that is big enough to put a positive message on. The students will be painting them with their buddies and then putting words of positivity or encouragement on them, then placing them around town on a school wide walk.

June 25– School Picnic more information to follow


Our classroom is unique and enjoyed by all students, both past and present because of the environment that has been created. Each year some minor repairs are expected on the furniture that I have sourced and purchased, due to reasonable wear and tear. As the year has gone on the students have been asked many times to respect the furniture and take pride in their classroom. I purchased new chairs in the fall for the class and, unfortunately, this is the shape they are in now.

It is truly disappointing to see how these chairs have been tore apart. No one wants to take responsibility for the damage so I thought I would just send out a note sharing my frustration.

Shout out to a Great Kid!

I have enjoyed teaching all of the students who I’ve had the privilege to have in my classroom. Everyone has their own special gifts and great qualities that make them unique and different from everyone else.

Sometimes it takes people who don’t know us longer to truly see what our gifts are, and sometimes others are too narrow minded and aren’t willing to give people a chance.  Remember that not everyone has to be our friend, as long as we have a few good people that bring us happiness and joy, the others are just missing out.

Imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same?

Here is a special shout out to one of my unique former students that adds colour to everyday. Remember no matter what others think or do, you are awesome! 

Ball Hockey and French Projects

Mr. Chaput and Mme Young asked me to put some notes here just in case they didn’t make it home.

Ball Hockey players are reminded that they will be leaving at 9am tomorrow morning.

“In French class we’ve been working on a project on the Carnaval for the last month and a half or so. The project is due on Thursday during class. Please let Mme Young know if you have any questions or concerns.”

Unfortunately I continue to be away from the classroom. Please make sure you are connecting with Mr. Chaput about any class and school events as the blog will not be used as frequently.


The coming week…

Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately I am away again this week, slowly on the mend 🙁 Ms. Dodds will be in for me again, with Mr. Weber there on Wednesday.

Author Visit

Author Mike Wade will be coming on March 28 to discuss his books/stories. His books will also be available for purchase. Please clarify with Ms. Dodds the cost so you can send exact change or cheque if you wish to purchase any. These books are great for reluctant readers as each chapter is a full story, which are short and interesting.

Visit his website for examples of his writing and to learn more about him.

Mike Wade

Here is a review and a chapter read aloud to give you an idea of what these books have to offer

Homework for the week is ready to rock and be handed out for Monday. Remember to hand back your duotangs to get credit towards responsibility in your learning skills!


This week

First, a thank you to all of you who have sent well wishes. I appreciate your support 🙂



This week, Mr. Weber will be at school today and the rest of the week will be Ms. Dodds.

Homework duotangs will still be going home and is posted on the ‘Homework’ page of our blog.

In Language, students will be finishing up the novel ‘The White Giraffe’ and working with an online comic creation program to summarize the book and create a character map (time permitting, but this may carry over into next week).

Feel free to check out the website Pixton

In Math, we are wrapping up linear measurement for now and moving onto decimals. Decimals can be tricky for some, so here is a video link to help explain the concept. There are many great videos that you can find on YouTube by Khan Academy and MathAntics as well that are a little longer and more in depth than what are given here.

In Science we are continuing with our concept of matter, dealing with physical and chemical changes.

I hope things go well this week and fingers crossed I will see you next week!

Next Week

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to touch base to let you know that unfortunately I will not be at school next week as I continue to deal with a medical issue. I will be sending all lessons plans and curriculum directions to the substitute teacher that will be in the class and hope that all things will run smoothly in my absence.

Looking forward to hearing good stories from the supply teacher and from the students about their March Break activities.

Updates and The Past Week in Pictures

Look for new sheets in the red duotangs and the new post on the homework page.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Students have always been allowed to have snacks from their lunches in the morning if they wanted to. Lately, more and more kids are getting the munchies in the mornings. This is just an FYI for those who may be coming home hungrier because they are eating parts of their lunch earlier in the day. I have encouraged them to pack more food in their lunches, or ask for more food, to ensure they have enough to eat for the whole day.


Tomorrow is Pancake day, enough for a snack but not a full breakfast.


What’s Happening Now?

This past week we worked on perimeter and area using lego blocks. On different days, students were given various cards that required them to use certain blocks to create a specific perimeter or area.

The following day, I gave groups 3 index cards, of 4 different colours, and they needed to create 4 different shapes, and calculate the area and perimeter. At the end of the activity when we consolidated the learning, the light bulb went off that shapes can have different perimeters but the same area. We will be applying these concepts in real life situations this coming week.

This group enjoyed building with Lego so much that they chose to build as their art period, working cooperatively to create 3-D structures in small groups or independently.


In Science, we have begun exploring ‘States of Matter’, starting with the 3 states and their properties. I am looking forward to completing some fun experiments relating to the changes that happen with matter and exploring chemical and physical changes as well. Below is a quick demonstration of the three states. (No children were injured in this activity) :).

Special Visitors

We had a presentation from Hydro One on Friday, discussing the importance of being safe around hydro wires and different areas in the community that house electrical wires.

Also on Friday, we started our activities with the public health nurse assigned to our school. She will be coming to see us for 4 weeks discussing stress, how it affects our bodies and how we can deal with it. I am looking forward to these sessions with Maris.