EQAO Preparation

The time of EQAO is quickly approaching and I wanted to share some notes with those who will be writing it this year. Below is a document discussing the purpose of EQAO and how it is used within the education system. I realize that many may not view this assessment as important, however, it is an opportunity for students academic work to be seen outside of the school and give a snapshot of how he/she compares to the provincial standard. We will be completing it during May 24-May 31 in small manageable pieces.

For those who would like to see examples of past assessments and practice the types of questions, as we do in class, click here.

Below is one of the past assessments, math as well as language, to take a look at.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this or anything else happening in class!

Happy Hump Day!

In math, I am hoping that we have gotten over the hump of how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, and mixed numbers to improper fractions while participating in an activity today.

For those who would like to practice the concept more at home, here are some interactive games to help.

Fraction Fling

Fraction Match

This video also provides a comprehensive explanation.

Enjoy the games and the rest of your Wednesday!

Wear Pink, Share the Message

Today is the international day of pink, a day when we recognize and encourage others to accept our differences. Wearing pink provides a visual representation that you are standing up against all forms bullying.

The students were asked to make a blog post to use their voices to speak out and increase awareness about the day of pink and it’s importance. They are also using what they have learned about persuasive paragraph writing to hopefully persuade their readers to stand up, and wear pink.

Today we took the Day of Pink Pledge. Will you?


Everyone Looks Good in Pink!

A couple reminders for this week. The family forms went home for our Learning Showcase night coming up in May. Please send in the bottom of the information letter with the number of people from your family that will be attending by Wednesday this week. It will be a great night with food, friends and fun!

There will be two sessions to explore different learning activities, a BBQ then two more sessions. The night will end with a draw where one lucky family will win a bike or custom tree house for toys to play in.

Wednesday this week will be the international ‘Day of Pink’ where communities across the country, and the world, come together in solidarity to celebrate diversity and stand up against all forms of bullying. Remember to wear pink on Wednesday April 12 to show your support.


Zoos and Animals in Captivity

In class we are starting to work on persuasive writing and what better topic to explore than the concept of animals in captivity. There are many arguments for both sides and we will explore both.

Please read the content on the following websites to gain a better perspective on the argument for zoos. As you read make jot notes about the benefits that you feel are important in your coil notebook.

Can you worry about an animal you’ve never seen? The role of the zoo in education and conservation.




What’s up this week?

We are heading on our field trip tomorrow to New United Goderich, if you have not sent in your permission form and money please do so.

On Friday, we will be having a science quiz applying what we have talked about in class as well as what we learn on our field trip. Here are the pages you will need to refresh your memory.

Happy Monday!

This is why I love my job…

Many students completed their steampunk inspired art on Friday. I am so proud of their efforts and how fantastic these pieces look. The students created the ‘Pieces of Me’ canvas’ with detail and a lot of thought. The end result is absolutely fantastic. Anyone can be ‘good at art’ if they put their mind to it.


Congratulations go out to all of my students for a job well done. One student stood out on this project because he normally doesn’t get too excited about the art he creates in class, but he was so proud of this piece and he did an amazing job putting all of the ‘pieces of him’ together. So proud of you Brady!


Stay tuned to the blog for more pictures of these amazing masterpieces!