Current events: Anxiety

Today we talked about a current event that happened at the University of Guelph. A student stood up to a professor who was mistreating a student with anxiety during a lecture. We talked about their thoughts on what anxiety is and watched this video to get a better understanding of what anxiety is.

Once we had an understanding of what it was and how it felt, we read through the article together. It was great to see the outrage, hear their comments of how horrible this was, and how brave the student was to stand up for what is right. We also looked at the comments below the article and had a valuable discussion about being aware of what you say before posting online. One person replied to another in an attempt to rebut against a negative comment they had said. Knowingly or not, the writer standing up for the student made a demeaning comment about those who ‘sweep floors at McDonalds’. I made it very clear to the class that although this person was attempting to do something positive, at the same time he/she insulted many others in the process. I was intent on making sure the students understood that all jobs are valuable and need to be done. Everyone works in order to support themselves and their families, and by doing that, deserve respect. No one is better than anyone else.

Feel free to read the article from CBC about the professor.

Standing up for what is right, and knowing that everyone has value are extremely important lessons. It is my hope that they were learned today.

Have a great weekend!

(officially stepping down from soap box)

Field Trip!


In class we have been discussing inclusion and growing through struggle. Recently I had the opportunity to see the film ‘The Greatest Showman’, which is a historical musical drama, inspired by the story of P.T. Barnum. This film has many themes related to what we have been doing in class and will connect to writing that we will be doing in the near future.

The students wanted to have a field trip as their reward for filling their coupon jar. Since we used a song from the soundtrack of this film for our entry in the contest ‘Together We are Better’, I would like to take the class to Silver City cinema at Masonville mall next week, on Thursday January 25 to view the film. I realize that this is short notice, however, the movie will soon be leaving the theatres, and it truly is a fantastic movie that can be applied to a variety of school situations.

The total cost of the trip, including bus and movie ticket (in reclining leather seats) is $12. We will leave the school at 11:35 a.m. and the movie starts at 12:45 a.m. and we will arrive back at the school at around 3:15 p.m. Please make arrangements to pick up your child at that time. There will be room on the bus for parents who would like to join us. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer to come along for this event on the permission form when it is returned (cost per ticket $8.00).

Discounted Concession options:
These are completely optional. Please put a check mark beside your choice and indicate if you have sent the money in or paid online.

If you have misplaced your information sheet with concession options, one is attached here.

Together We are Better

Reminder that the Open House for Grade 6’s is at SHDHS tonight.

Class News

The contest put on by Community Living Ontario called ‘Together We are Better’ is running again this year. This contest is focused on showing how classes provide an inclusive classroom where students of all abilities are equal within the classroom community. After seeing the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ over the weekend, I was drawn to the song ‘This Is Me’ to put with the video of how our classroom works together and includes everyone. We embrace the unique and provide opportunities for everyone to learn in the way that fits their needs.

This is our entry, let us know what you think!

I sent a reply out to Hugh Jackman himself to one of his tweets to try and get his permission to use the song from ‘The Greatest Showman’. Although I’m sure he would not be able to comment, as he would be bombarded by requests, he did react positively to our video.

The Greatest Showman is a story of perseverance, acceptance, inclusion and following your dreams. It truly is an amazing film with many lessons that I hope to have the students watch.

Have a great night!

New Year News

Hello everyone and welcome back to school!

A note was sent home this week regarding an OPEN HOUSE at SHDHS for Grade 6 students, on Wednesday January 17, to meet the staff at the 7/8 campus from 7-8:30 pm.

What is on for January…

Language:  We are finishing up the novel we have been reading aloud in class entitled ‘The White Giraffe’ and working on summarizing as a comprehension strategy. Students will be required to complete a summary of the novel using their folders created in class.


Also, to take the place of the reading 100 (since very few completed this homework assignment on a regular basis) the students will be required to complete 2 reading responses in class each week. Reading at home is always encouraged!

Math: We are finishing up our unit on decimals and moving on to linear measurement, specifically perimeter and area of quadrilaterals and parallelograms.  You will be seeing more homework coming home in an attempt to practice class concepts for those who are in need.

Science: We have begun our unit on electricity and I look forward to completing some exciting hands on activities to explore circuits and how we use electricity in our daily lives.


Art: We have completed our unit on colour theory (tertiary colours and complimentary colours) and will be heading towards art pieces that involve line and balance.

Reminders for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is pajama day and Potluck. Thank you to everyone that has said they will contribute to the day.


Many have mentioned desserts of some sort, if anyone is able or willing to switch to something more main course, it would be appreciated. Myself, Ms Studerus and Ms Pridham will be bringing in food as well to hopefully balance out the sweets.


Thursday is our Secret Santa day, please remember to bring in your final treat for your friend.


The ‘Heart’ of Christmas

Today we were able to have some real-life, hands on experience with the heart and lungs! I was able to get the main parts of the respiratory and circulatory system from a local abattoir in order for the students to truly understand the placement of the organs and how they work together. It was great to hear the ‘now I get it’s’ and see the learning happening regarding the parts, their location and the students surprise as to the texture and feel of the organs.
Another great learning day!

The Christmas concert is tonight! Remember to have your child at the school at 6:15, wearing black and sunglasses if possible. We will be in Room 105.

Next Week
We have discussed activities that we would like to do to celebrate the holidays.
Wednesday- Movie & Potluck: please send in a note as to what you would be able to donate to our meal
Thursday– Secret Santa reveal
Friday- last day of school before the break



The time is drawing near…

Christmas Concert

Reminder that our Christmas concert is this coming Tuesday Dec 12 at 6:30 pm at the South Huron District High School large gym. Dress rehearsal will happen at school at 11:30 am


Notes for that evening:

  • please do not drop off your child at his/her designated classroom any sooner than 6:15 pm (room locations and maps will be posted upon entering the high school)
  • Your child will stay with his/her class until you pick him/her up at the end of the concert at the same room you dropped your child off. All students are part of the finale, so we appreciate you waiting until the end of the concert to pick your child up
  • be sure to let me know that you have picked up your child before leaving to make sure all students are accounted for


Secret Santa

In our class, the students decided that they would like to participate in secret Santa gift giving. This was completely optional and not all students chose to participate. If your child is, the limit is $5, homemade gifts are welcomed as well. If you have any questions please let me know.



Book Orders

The holiday book orders went home this week and are due Monday Dec 11 in hopes that everything will be here in time for the break.

10 more school days!

What’s happening?


In science we have been exploring the brain and central nervous system. We discussed the different lobes of the brain, creating a visual representation of them using modelling clay, labeling the different parts. Today we constructed vertebrae and nerves to demonstrate how the brain sends and receives messages with the body.

We were fortunate this month to have an amazing expert visit our class and discuss how our brain grows like any other muscle. We are able to grow our brain through struggle and learning new things.

During this presentation we built neurons and discussed dendrite formation. Thank you so much to Krista Dalzell-Gingerich for contributing to our understanding of the brain. We continue to grow our dendrites on our bulletin board every day!

Next we will be discussing the circulatory system!


We have been discussing how to construct a proper paragraph using the ‘stop light’ paragraph framework. This skill sets the foundation for all areas of writing. What we have noticed is that students struggle most focusing their paragraph using a solid topic sentence. We will continue to work on this as we move into our research project relating to diseases that affect the brain and nervous system.

This project will be completed entirely at school.


Through working with blocks, STEM challenges, and cards, with groups and independently, we have explored the concept of place value and the different ways we can represent a number.

Next, we will be comparing and ordering numbers, as well as applying problem solving skills to work through real life problems presented in word form with multiple steps involving numbers to 100 000 to 1 000 000.

In other news, we have started a new system in class to create a more quiet productive work environment for everyone. Students receive a ticket, to be put into a draw, when they are on task, demonstrating great learning, participating often or helping others. You may have noticed that your child wants to wear pajamas to school or other interesting outfit choices. Wearing something different to school was part of the ‘reward’ conversation that we had during our community circle. I made it known to the students that it didn’t matter to me what they wore to school (within reason) as long as it didn’t affect their learning or the learning of others. What you wear is part of your personal expression, feel free to be original.


Tomorrow is Character Day– Dress up as your favourite character from a movie, book, etc. (e.g super hero) to support Jessica’s house. Looking forward to seeing some great outfits. Donations to support the cause are always appreciated.



Notes Home

Tomorrow morning Murphy Bus Lines will be presenting to all of the students regarding bus safety. Part of the presentation involves the students going outside to practice evacuation skills. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

As a school we will be supporting the Huron County Christmas Bureau again this year and we will be accepting gift items until Monday December 4, 2017. Unwrapped gifts will be placed under the Angel Tree in the front entrance of the school. Items such as pajamas, socks, personal hygiene items, toys, clothes, recreational gifts and food certificates are great items to consider. The Bureau is collecting gifts for children ranging in ages from birth to 18 years of age.

Our Christmas concert will be on Tuesday December 12 at 6:30 pm at the South Huron District High School in the large gym. A dress rehearsal will be the same day at 11:30 am. If you are unable to attend the evening performance you are welcome to attend the rehearsal, however, seating is limited. More details to come closer to the date.

More information to come about some amazing events from last week!

This Past Week, and Things To Come

We had our remembrance day assembly today. Thank you to all those who have made sacrifices working toward a greater good. Tomorrow is remembrance day, please take 2 minutes of your day for reflection and to give thanks.


Science: Digestion
This week we explored how the digestive system works, the organs involved and it’s function. We conducted an experiment with bread and vinegar to see how food moves through the digestive tract. As a reflection on the activity, we should have added water as well to allow for more liquid to be separated from the mashed up bread, but overall the activity worked well.

This video provides a great break down of how our digestive system works. Just keep remembering that it’s food.

Upcoming events:
Monday is picture retake day. You must have the proofs that you have already received in order to get your photo retaken. No proofs, no photo.


Book Sale: We will be having our Jessica’s House book sale on Nov 15-16. Books will be priced from $0.01 to $2.00 giving affordable options for some new-to-you books, supporting a great cause.

Have a great weekend!

Remember that if you want more kindness in the world, put it there.