Extra Extra Write All About It!

Tonight’s homework is writing a newspaper article about an event that happened in the book Shiloh Season, which we are reading in class. These were started in class and were only homework if they did not finish them in class.

This document provides the purpose and elements that should be included.

Below is a template that can be used to put their thoughts together and then organize their ideas into sentences for a final piece.

In math, the grade 6’s are struggling a little with the concept of surface area. Here is a video to provide more information for home in order to help with these calculations.

Remember that:

  • Tomorrow is Treat Thursday
  • Friday is ‘dress as your future career day’

Talent Show

We are fortunate here at EES to have some very talented students willing to be brave and share their skills with the rest of our school. Mr G and Mrs. Campbell did a great job taking the time to put together a very entertaining show that left everyone in the audience smiling.

In our class we had some amazing talents shared. Lorna did some crazy walking, Atley and Jackson showed their scooter skills and Sophie sang beautifully.

Well done to all participants and kudos to the students in our class for having the courage to be in front of the whole school doing what you love.

Sophie singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana

Lorna’s Wacky Walking

Atley and Jackson:  Scooter Skills

Congratulations to everyone! I felt like a proud mama bear watching you all 🙂

Every one of you has special gifts, whether you were in the show today or not. Cherish them and share them with others!



Today and the days before…

Tonight’s homework
We have been working on the concept of ‘Volume’ in math. We will continue with it tomorrow moving onto open top boxes and even more hands on work.

News from the Office

  • Yesterday we sent home an advisory that someone in our class has head lice. Please check your child at home and follow any steps necessary if you notice an issue
  • Spring fundraising information went home today. The flyers are provided below.

Celtic Animal Workshop

As I mentioned last week, we were fortunate to have Linda Wiebe, an artist from Goderich, come into our class to create a collaborative art piece (this workshop was provided by the Foundation for Education). Students were also able to create their own individual spirit animal using the techniques shared by Linda. Here are a few pictures from that day.

In other news…

I’m sure you have been wondering if there were any pictures taken of the kids sewing their sock bunnies. Wonder no more….


Have a great night and remember to do your homework!

April snow brings May….wait a minute?


April News

(and tonight’s homework)

This month there are many things happening in our classroom and around the school. I have updated the class calendar (on the right side of the blog home page) to include everything so far.

April 4:  Jamie McMillan presentation

Today we had Jamie McMillan present an assembly about the skilled trades as an introduction to careers available in the apprenticeship pathway. Jamie became an apprentice for Ironworkers Local 736 in Hamilton after high school and she is now a journeyperson who enjoys sharing her experience with young people. While she was here, she provided the students with a lot of information to think about as they consider what they would like to do in the future. After her presentation, some students had the opportunity to stand on a beam to simulate being construction workers.


Yesterday in Science we explored some of the properties of air as we move into our flight unit. Here is a quick video of our experiment.



This Friday, April 6,  we will be participating in a Foundation for Education workshop on Celtic Animals, provided by Linda Wiebe. Students will learn about art from the Celtic tradition and have opportunities to create and express themselves, individually and collaboratively with the class. In preparation for this, each student completed a quiz and discovered his/her spirit animal. Ask your student which animal they were.

Treat Thursdays!

Me to We will be selling a variety of chips and popcorn every Thursday for the months of April and May for $1. All proceeds raised will go towards a Me to We charity and a local charity.

Me to We students will be coming to your classrooms during nutrition breaks on Thursdays and your students can directly give their loonie to them. Students can only buy ONE bag of chips each. We need to make sure all students who want one, will get one.
Bring in your loonies tomorrow!
Tonight’s Homework
Directions this month:
Grade 6’s will have opportunities to practice concepts as we move toward EQAO in May. You will see more homework example questions sent home to help them prepare and become comfortable with how the questions are worded.
Science: Flight
Language: Writing Narratives, visualizing while listening to ‘Shiloh Season’ as a class read aloud.
Math: This month will be full of concepts as we gear up for EQAO. We will be discussing fractions, probability, metric conversions and volume.



The time of EQAO is quickly approaching and I wanted to share some notes with those who will be writing it this year. Below is a document discussing the purpose of EQAO and how it is used within the education system. I realize that some may not view this assessment as important, however, it is an opportunity for students academic work to be seen outside of the school and give a snapshot of how he/she compares to the provincial standard. We will be completing it during May 22-May 31 in small manageable pieces.

For those who would like to see examples of past assessments and practice the types of questions, as we do in class, click here.

Below is one of the past assessments, math as well as language, to take a look at.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this or anything else happening in class!

Hold on to your socks…actually, don’t

Socks Needed

The students have requested to do a sewing craft tomorrow in art. They would like to make sock bunnies. To do this, each student needs a sock, preferably a clean small child sock. If you have a few that you wouldn’t mind donating it would be greatly appreciated. I will provide the needles, thread and stuffing.
If we are unable to make it work for tomorrow, here is the tutorial link on how to make these at home over the weekend if you wish.

Tonight’s Homework

Math Assistant

Today the students explored the ‘Khan Academy’ which is a math program designed to target specific concepts that we are working on in class. It also allows students to go back and look at other concepts that they would like further practice on.

Instructions on how to use it:
1.    go to https://www.khanacademy.org/

2. Click ‘login’ on the top right hand side of the screen

3. Login using their google drive username and password

Students can earn badges too!

Have fun with math!