Reminder that we are starting to glue our treasures onto canvas tomorrow, if you can send in glue sticks or a glue gun for us to borrow it would be greatly appreciated. We may need an extension cord or two as well, if you have any we could borrow.


Looking forward to some amazing pieces!

Flight, Field Trip and For Home

In class, we used a new app/website called ‘Padlet’. This allowed us to discuss what we already know about flight, creating a board that was interactive. I took a picture of Karlee and Olivia to show the class how you could add a photo to the padlet board.

Made with Padlet

As a class we completed a few experiments the week before the break to explore the properties of air and Bernoulli’s principle. It is a hard concept to understand. Bernoulli said that where there is moving air there is low pressure. Low pressure refers to the air pressure. We are surrounded by air, and since air exerts pressure and has weight, the more air we have above us the higher the air pressure will be. What this means is that when we blow over a piece of paper, the air flowing over the top is moving. This moving air has low pressure so the air underneath has high pressure, pushing the paper up. The faster the air is moving, the lower the pressure it has.

Click here to work through an interactive view of the experiments that we completed in class.

Here is a quick video demonstration:

Field Trip!
As part of our unit on flight, we will be going on a field trip to ‘New United Goderich’ on April 4 at 11:15 am. This company provides aircraft repairs and refurbishing. We are very excited about seeing first hand what they do, and we are fortunate that they are right in Huron Park. Permission forms will be going home tomorrow or Wednesday. Total cost will be $3.50 to cover busing.

We started this worksheet in class, students should have it finished for tomorrow.

Do you want to empty your junk drawer?

The following is a copy of a letter that was sent home with many students on Friday before the break, however, some were missed so I will be sending it home to those who did not receive it.

Do you want to empty your junk drawer? Need to find a better place for little toys than on the floor? This is the art project you have been waiting for!

In art we have been exploring mixed media and how we can use different tools to create beautiful pieces of art that are unique. As a final project, the students will be creating a canvas using the techniques we have discussed in class, as well as introduced to some new ones.

For this last piece they will need to bring in items that will add visual interest and texture. The theme will be ‘Me in Pieces’. They will put pieces together that will show who they are. For example, they could focus on interests, hobbies, family, etc. The items that they will bring in will be painted on or over, so they need to be relatively flat and lightweight so that they can be hot glued onto the canvas. Since, they will be painted, colour does not matter. The type of art we will be doing is a spin on ‘steam punk’.

Here is an example of one that my sister created to give you an idea of what the end result will look like:




Examples of items: bolts, nuts, washers, clothes pegs, safety pins, knitting needles, doilies, lego, chains, buttons, screws, crochet flowers, twigs, fake flowers, toy cars, old super hero dolls, beans, pasta, keys, little wooden letters, paint brushes, old cupboard knobs, wire, string etc. The possibilities are endless! The canvas will be approx. 11”x16” so items should not be overly large so that the students can include as much (or as little) as they prefer.

As with any large projects, it takes a village, so donations are welcomed! We will be using glue guns and glue, if you have additional ones that we could borrow/use it would be appreciated.

Each student is asked to bring in 1 packaged of small glue sticks (Dollarama/Dollar Tree) for hot glue guns. I will supply the canvas boards.

We will start the project the first week back to school.
Thank you for your continued support!


In February we celebrated the character attribute of perseverance. As is the case with most months, I had a difficult time deciding who was most deserving of this award because there are so many students that I could choose, so I asked the students to vote for who they felt showed perseverance.

Congratulations to Jack S and Liam!


Honourable mention goes to Nathan, Keera and Hunter!


We have been working on perspective and point of view in our writing. Every story can be written in a different way based on the perspective/point of view the narrator takes. This is a great rap video to explain all of the different points of view that a narrative can be written in.

You can also find this video on the Flocabulary website.

Check out the student blogs to see their creative perspective writing!

In class assignment:
1) Take a picture of your writing
2) Post it to your blog.
3) Talk about: What the different points of view are and how point of view changes the story.

Easy Ways To Pay

As a school we have adopted the new School Cash Online program in an effort to make things easier when it is time for milk and food orders. Each student was sent home with a brochure about the program as well as a sticker with their username and password. Registration is quick and easy and will allow you to pay for not only food orders, but field trips as well, online without the need to send in cash or a cheque. Orders will still be available in the office for those who choose not to use the online format.

Click here and you will be directed to the website.

MacBook Air Entrepreneur Blogger Business - Credit to Commons License home thods via Compfight
Forms for chocolate fundraising were also sent home, please send back only if your child will be participating in this program. There are lots of great prizes to be won and who doesn’t love chocolate?
The form is due March 9.



Gratitude and Class Notes

We are working away on a variety of projects in class and with time ticking away, some work will be sent home, as practice, so that we can continue moving forward with our goals for the year. (If students finished their work in class, there would be none sent home.)

Homework Today:
Math sheets

Science Blog Post 

If not already finished, students will need to complete their blog post from class.

  1. Create blog post: include the link to the interactive NASA website, discuss what you learned from the site
  2. Do you think we should explore space? Why or why not.
  3. Add your picture created with background eraser
  4. Find 2 disadvantages to exploring space, add them to your post and discuss.

Pizza Party

This past Thursday was the day for our special pizza party provided by Community Living Ontario that was part of our first place prize for the ‘Together We’re Better’ contest for inclusive education.
In speaking with a dear friend today, we discussed how important it is to recognize that inclusive isn’t solely defined as including those with disabilities. An inclusive environment is one that makes everyone feel that they are included, those who are a different race, religion or gender, those who struggle with reading or writing, have difficulty showing their creative abilities or thinking outside the box. This class, has become an accepting and supportive group of kids, that embrace each other but also feel comfortable exploring their individuality, and for that I am thankful. Everyday they bring a smile to my face and they deserve to be recognized for their sense of community.

Keep eyes peeled for the March newsletter/direction and EQAO notes!


Just a quick message, we will be having our special guests from Community Living Ontario tomorrow and our pizza party (so pack a light lunch). If possible, it would be nice if everyone were able to wear their special t-shirt that they made at the beginning of the year.

Important Mish Mash

Who can believe we are already in the middle of February?
I would like to catch up on a few classroom events and give a refreshed update to our homework in Grade 5/6.

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting the photo up of our amazing terrific kids, Ben and Katelyn who received the award for responsibility in January. Great work you two!

The weekly wonder continues to be homework for term two, with 1 to be completed each week. A reminder that they need to be put in your own words, include visual interest by using coloured text and pictures/videos. It is essential that you use creative commons when including pictures to ensure that you are not breaking copyright laws with your post. Remember that you need to save the image and then upload it, rather than just copy and paste so that the picture will stay with your blog long after the website that it came from has been deleted. As well, nightly reading is always encouraged.

Things we are working on:

The students have each been reading a biography from the ‘Who Was’ series, working towards completing a project in class. These are great books and easy reads that the students have really enjoyed. I recommend them if you are looking to purchase books to read at home.

Classroom Events and notes:

Thursday Feb 23 we will be having our pizza party that we won through the Community Living contest as well as a visit from the project coordinator.

If you have any newspapers, magazines, clothing tags or junk mail that you would like to get rid of we would be happy to take them off your hands. We are working on a variety of mixed media projects in art and would love to have multiple options to choose from.

I look forward to posting the end result of our first mixed media project. Here is my quick exemplar, using a picture of someone very special to me.

Enjoy your family day weekend and spend some quality time with the ones you love most!

A Series of Fortunate Events

As I had mentioned in a previous post, as a class we entered a contest put on by Community Living Ontario to celebrate National Inclusion Education Month. I received an email last night, and as I read it my response was…


Our class video won 1st place!

I wasn’t sure how to break the news to the students so I asked Mr. Moir, our principal, to do the honours over the announcements, to share their accomplishment with the school. Here is a video of their reaction. (I apologize for my voice in the background, the announcements also included a Flag Day trivia question that the students were trying to figure out the answer for and I needed them to give their full attention to what was going to happen next 🙂

Gotta love these kids!

Another big event that happened today was achieving my personal goal for this year of receiving 10,000 page views on our class blog.  

We have done a lot of work on the moon, sun and the earth, and how they interact together. Today the students helped some of the younger classes to understand what an eclipse is and the types, solar and lunar. I look forward to posting some videos of their presentations at the beginning of next week. There will be a lunar eclipse tonight, so remember to watch the sky.

Have a great weekend everyone!