Sprouting blogs, could it be a pattern?

We are continuing with our work on patterning, translating geometric patterns into numeric patterns by writing what we see into a table to make the pattern rule more visible.

The students have started to put their first blog posts together, learning how to add a picture and some taking on the challenge of including a youtube video as well. I am looking forward to watching them grow as digital citizens. Please take a look at the student blogs and comment. They have included a question at the end of their post to encourage conversation, please take them up on the invitation!

We are also working on patterns created by translations and rotations, which is a great opportunity to show how Art and Math can be linked together. The class watched a quick video on the artist M.C. Esher, and started our tesselation art projects.

Stay tuned for pictures of these amazing projects!


Upcoming Dates
Friday Oct 13 Rainbow Day


Tuesday Oct 17 – Photo day



Welcome Rocktober!



  • Writing: ‘Who was…’ book series biography project (being done in class)
  • Writing/Media: Started to blog today, working towards making effective posts and sharing our learning with others
  • Reading: Main Idea- In class last week we started discussing main idea, what it is and how to find it within a piece of text. Moving forward, when doing reading at home ask ‘What’s the main idea to you?’

As a refresher, here are a few videos to help you being an effective helper.


In math, we have moved on to patterning. Students will be creating, extending and building growing and shrinking patterns, and discovering pattern rules.


The Khan Academy has many helpful videos to explain math concepts we are discussing in class.

Social Studies/Science

Continuing with Canada’s connections to the world and then moving on to Human Body

October Dates:

6th- Magazine Fundraiser Assembly

13th – Me to We Rainbow Day

17th- Picture Day

27th- United Way fundraiser Hat Day

Feel free to comment or ask questions!



T-shirts for Terry

As a school we are having our Terry Fox run/walk tomorrow afternoon, the last two periods of the day. We walk to remember a great man and to support an important cause. Donations are welcomed.

As a class, we would like to all wear our tie-dye shirts tomorrow to hopefully get our first class picture to share with you.

Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear your tie-dye shirt!


This week in 5/6

Last week we began a small assignment related to Canada’s imports and exports. Those who did not have it finished at the end of class today are expected to complete it for homework.
The requirements were on a previous blog post, click here for the questions and websites.

In class:
In the morning, students have independent reading time and are required to answer questions related to what they have read. The level of questions they choose have a point value, requiring 100 points by the end of the week (70 this week since it’s a short week). 
Since this reading time may be cut short sometimes, students may answer the questions in class based on reading that they have done at home. Also, seeing as our reading time is shorter, the writing time to create their responses can be affected as well. With that in mind, students are allowed to work at home as well to complete their total points (writing down what question they are answering before hand). 

At home reading is always encouraged and this will help students achieve the goal of 100 points per week.

RACE(S) format

When writing a reading response it is important to establish the proper format to help students organize their thoughts/answers, to provide an effective answer. The RACE(S) strategy is one that I have found effective in the past. Below is a quick video demonstrating the elements of RACE(S). Please encourage your child to use this format as they complete their reading response questions.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Notes from the Office:

Bus Notes
Just a reminder that we do not allow students to access alternate drop offs or bus rides unless it is for babysitting or extreme extenuating circumstances. If this is the case, parents have to fill out an Alternate Transportation Form.


Blogs and Book Orders

We can officially start blogging next week!

A letter went home tonight about what blogging is all about, although I wasn’t able to catch everyone.

Below is the letter that was sent home.

Sept. 22, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Technology has become an essential part of education in the Avon Maitland District School Board. To be able to live, learn, play and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to utilize technology effectively and establish a positive digital footprint. This year your child will be learning how to blog using Edublogs – the largest education blogging platform on the web.

By choosing blogs as a form, and purpose for writing, your child will engage in collaborative working partnerships with students in his/her own class and abroad, with opportunities to read, write and communicate, think critically, problem solve, and create with a global audience. Your child will also work towards developing a Digital Portfolio, which will provide him/her with a space to document learning, showcase his/her best work, share accomplishments and challenges, and reflect on the process of learning. Our goal is to improve your child’s digital literacy skills and prepare your child to succeed in the modern world by using blogging as a platform for learning.

The Edublogs platform is housed on the Internet and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer with a web-browser, which will allow students to work on their blogs at school and at home.
When accounts for students are created, students receive usernames and passwords that is the same as their G-Suite (GAFE) login credentials for ease of access.

All communication and content shared within the Edublogs platform is monitored by Edublogs staff, and by the supervising classroom teacher. The students will be instructed in matters of Internet safety and the importance of not revealing any personal information while blogging (or using the internet). Teaching students how to become responsible digital citizens, which includes using online tools responsibly, will be an important part of the learning experience within the instructional program.

Please ask your son or daughter about using Edublogs. Your child is encouraged to blog at home and is capable of demonstrating the process to you. To learn more about blogging in the AMDSB, you can also visit the AMDSB Technology Learning Community here: http://edublog.amdsb.ca/tlc

If you have any questions about this program, or would like to discuss blogging as a method of teaching and learning further, please contact Mrs. Bedard at the school.

Books Orders

Book orders were sent home this week. Please have any orders in to me by Wednesday Sept 27. Payment Online is available as well for your convenience.

The links to this months flyers are below if you did not receive them at home.

Back to School September-1fp0kq5

middle school September-1cxee3n

september book order-1z5lqul


Have a Great Weekend!


Glowing Day at the Plowing Match

Today was a great day full of sun and fun! There were so many things to look at, I feel like we just scratched the surface of all there was to see in the tent city at the International Plowing Match. The mud was minimal and we were able to get around all the areas with ease. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that came with the school to help out, we appreciate your support!

Here are just a few pictures of the students I had in my group, if you have picture of the plowing match, please feel free to share them!

(next personal learning goal: how to switch videos from being sideways)
Hopefully everyone has a restful night and we will see you tomorrow!

Field Trip Cancelled

Our field trip to the plowing match has been cancelled as the plowing match is closed.


Stay tuned for news as to whether we will be able to reschedule for Thursday or Friday this week.

If you volunteered to attend, please let us know if these dates are still available for you and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you were not able to volunteer before but would like to now, please send me a message in your childs planner or here on the blog using the ‘Contact Mrs. Bedard’ tab.

Open House is still running as scheduled tonight from 5-7!


Things could get a little dirty…IPM (and Meet the Teacher)

Tomorrow is our field trip to the International Plowing Match!

We are hoping for good weather as there will be lots of things to do and see, however we have heard that it is muddy there so dress accordingly with proper footwear!


Students are asked to wear EES clothing or they can wear their new tie-dye shirts (which look fantastic!)

Tomorrow from 5-7 is also our Open House to come see our classroom and it is an opportunity to introduce myself. After progress reports are sent home, an interview time will be set for us to discuss how your child is progressing.

So, who’s coming?


Looking forward to meeting all that are able to attend!

In Class Assignment

Students, please go to the following websites. You are specifically looking for Canadian exports and imports.


Agri-Food Exports

Answer/complete these questions in a Google Doc:
1. List 3 important Canadian imports AND exports

2. Who are Canada’s main trade partners? How do you know?

3. Find something that you use on a regular basis and find out where it comes from. Why do you think that is?

4. Why is agriculture so important to the Canadian economy?