An Update From Our Principal

Dear EES Families,

During these challenging times, the staff of EES are thinking of the students and families of EES and wishing you all best.

Based on the directive from the Ministry of Education specific curriculum planning and lessons will not be sent home to families and students until April 6th. Up to April 6th, families may use the Ministry of Education link and AMDSB link for at home learning Please click here for details.

If you need to contact the EES office, please call the school and leave a message. The messages will be checked daily. Based on urgency, your call may be returned.

Please stay safe and we all look for to hearing our hallways fill with laughter again

Admin will be meeting again Thursday morning so we need to know if there are problems that keep you from connecting with your students by Wednesday at 3 pm.

Abby Armstrong

Principal Exeter Elementary School
Avon Maitland District School Board
Telephone: 519 235-2630
Fax: 519 235-3700

To Get Us Started

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all safe and healthy. In Google classroom the kids will find math activities, comic writing, coding and online reading options, in the ‘Stream’ tab. Epic, an online reading app/site that we often use in class is now free at home until the end of June. If you did not receive an email to enable the at home access please message me back with your email. Hopefully this will help until we have official directions.


Upcoming Time Away from School

The kids were asking if they were going to be hit with a lot of homework today and the answer is no. Please take March Break as what it was/is intended, a break from school. The following two weeks I will post activities, website links, videos and more on the class blog for the students to complete. Stay safe and have a good holiday whatever it is that you choose to do.

Stay Tuned…


Fog Day Work

We have many students here today even though the weather is poor. Those who are not here, go to and sign in with your google account. There is an assignment there and we will be exploring this today in class. We will also be discussing translations in math. I have assigned some questions in knowledgehook.

A translation moves a shape up, down or from side to side but it does not change its appearance in any other way.

Translation is an example of a transformation. A transformation is a way of changing the size or position of a shape.

Every point in the shape is translated the same distance in the same direction.

(definitions from

Homework & Reminders

Homework was sent home today that students did not finish in class. The following document is what was sent home.

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Students are also asked to create a planning sheet for their mixed media art, of where they are wanting to place their items on their canvas. They will need to bring it to school on Friday with their items.

We had only 6 students remember their items for the art project, so we were unable to start.

Please bring in your items for your mixed media art so we can start it on Friday, as well as a package of glue sticks (the small ones from the dollar store).

At this time, school will be closed next week due to strike action on Friday Feb 21

Supplies for Next Week

We have been working on texture in Art and the students chose to use the extra canvas’ that we purchased at Christmas time for a steampunk inspired mixed media art project. (Thank you again for those who sent in money for these to be purchased.)

The canvas will be covered with small items that represent their interests, personality and favourite things. All items on the canvas will be painted over, so colour doesn’t matter. The canvas is 9″x 12″ as a guide to help you choose items that will be appropriate.

We will start this project on Wednesday Next Week

What will students need to bring in?

  • small items to hot glue to the canvas that represent them
  • 1 package of hot glue sticks for them to use in order to glue their pieces on and share amongst the class. (As I’m sure you can imagine we go through a lot of glue)

Bringing in the hot glue is essential to be able to finish the project. I will supply filler items that the kids can use along with the items that they bring in, and the paint of course.

Looking forward to seeing these projects when they are finished!


Homework This Week

This week, as you all know, we will not have class on Tuesday and Thursday. With that in mind, the students will be sent home with their math duotangs to finish up a few things. Unfortunately I was sick last week on Thursday. My supply teacher gave the students a package full of practice, which was more than intended. The questions are great practice and I would hate to waste the paper, so the students can work away on these pages throughout the week.

Reading is always encouraged and having students summarize what they have read so far in a book or creating a summary for a picture book is a great way for them to help their comprehension.


Thank you again, for your patience.

Notes for the Future

We are heading into some tumultuous times with the disagreements relating to what constitutes quality education between teachers and the government. We appreciate your support and patience.


That being said, your children will not be left behind. My intent is to send home work as needed based on student need and to keep this Grade 5 train moving. If you have questions or concerns please send me a message here or on SeeSaw.

I will try to post here often about what we are working on so if there is not homework sent or it gets ‘lost’ between here and home that you know the concepts that we are working on.

We are continuing to work on summarizing, heading toward main idea and theme. In math, we are rounding decimals right now, heading to area and perimeter. In science, we are continuing with the systems within the human body and how they are interrelated.

Some Great websites to practice Math concepts:

Knowledgehook (all kids have an account)
IXL Math  

YouTube has great resources created by MathAntics and Khan Academy if further clarification is needed.