Directions for January

Friday is Crazy Hair Day!


Directions for January
Language: Today we began our class read aloud ‘Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library’. As we go through the novel we will be completing many activities such as summarizing, visualizing, and reviewing concepts we have already touched on such as making connections and reading responses. In writing, we are working on a informational poster about the central nervous system as we continue with our human body unit in Science.

Math : We were working with the addition and subtraction of 3 to 4 digit numbers with regrouping and have moved into decimals.
What is a decimal?

Science: We started our human body unit this week. We will be completing experiments and research related to the various systems e.g. respiratory, circulatory and digestive.
Yesterday we worked on mapping our brains, focusing on our sense of touch.

Using Brain Mapper


As I am sure you are aware, the teachers unions are working through a difficult political battle to allow us to support students in the best way possible. As things change you will kept up to date of any actions that are being taken.


For those joining us from home…

Here are some of the activities we are working on in class today.

If you are able to access a copy of ‘The Grinch’ book or movie, you will need them to complete this activity.

We will continue our work on character traits by creating a slinky version of The Grinch, which will look similar to this, but with much more detail and of course the head of The Grinch.

Use the doc that is attached (which is also shared with you in Google Classroom)

Everything you need is provided for you in Google Classroom.

Here are a couple of links that you can use to draw The Grinch (also provided in Google Classroom)

Updates and Excitement

Looking forward to some great activities over the next 2 weeks.


Christmas concert information review.

Day performance: 
Thursday, December 12th 11:30am at EES gymPrelude music performed by piano students at 11:15am
Evening performance:
Thursday, December 12th 6:30 p.m., at SHDHS large gym. Prelude music performed by SHDHS Junior Band at 5:50 p.m.
Students are asked to arrive at 6:00 pm. We are singing ‘Hip Hop Reindeer’ and asking the students to wear a red or green shirt, jeans (if they don’t have jeans, dark coloured pants or tights but not sweatpants please)
We will be in Room 97, please ensure that you touch base with the teachers before taking your child home so we know where they are and that they are accounted for.
Secret Santa
The students would like to do Secret Santa this year. We will be picking the person tomorrow and it will start on Monday next week. Students are able to give a clue everyday, with their final gift to be given at the end of the week. If the kids would like to give little treats with their clues it is up to them.  By no means is this something to add stress or pressure to this busy season.  Students are able to opt out and please let me know if you would prefer to not participate.


Carol Singing:

Wednesday December 18 – period 3  9:55 – 10:25 
Thursday December 19 – period 3  9:55 – 10:25
Friday December 20 – period 3  9:55-10:25


I hope you enjoy the ornaments that came home today and more seasonal art and crafts will be coming home before next Friday 🙂


Directions for December

There are lots of things going on this month. We have finished up some units and moving on to new concepts heading toward the Holidays.

Directions for December

Language: We will continue working on writing our opinions, moving onto persuasive writing in the form of letters. For reading comprehension, we are developing our understanding with inferring.

Math: Starting to work through geometry, measuring and drawing angles and discussing the different types of triangles.

Social Studies/Science: We are wrapping up our government unit, discussing how the government addresses larger issues. We will be starting our human body unit, discussing the various systems at work in our bodies, and will continue this into the new year.

Past and Future

Lots of great activities keeping us busy

Working on our last shading project 

Finding Angles 

 The first of many Christmas inspired art activities. Act surprised if these are given to you as a gift 🙂  (folds create angles and triangles tying in with our math)



Upcoming Dates


December 3- Volleyball tournament; I’m away in the afternoon

December 4 Book Orders Due

Dec 5 Holiday Sweater Day

Dec 6 PD Day

Dec 12 Christmas Play 11:30am at our school

Dec 12 Christmas Play 6:30 pm at SHDHS


Parent Council has provided us with canvas’ to do some winter paintings. I would like to do an additional painting with the students, if you would send in $1.25 to purchase additional canvas’, and I will cover the taxes .

Looking for clean white socks and old socks (multicolour are ok) for Christmas/winter crafts.

Homework & Legion Contest

The homework went home for the week today.

A strategy we are working with in class is breaking the question or ‘Snapping’ it into 2 different pieces, what information are we given (know) and what are we being asked to figure out (show).

Legion Remembrance Day Contest
Submissions will be picked up on Monday Nov 18. Students will need to have a form signed (which I have here) and we can supply the paper for the poster as well. All of the rules are included in the document below.


November Already!

Welcome to the Blog!


I am excited to show you all of the great things that have been going on in our classroom! On the blog you will find pictures, videos about class topics, homework sheets and school events.

I will still be sharing the day to day announcement of items being sent home or special days using SeeSaw, and you can still message me directly there as well. The blog is a more user friendly way for me to get more class content into your hands, and I hope to be able to continue with this blog for the remainder of the school year (fingers crossed) but if things change beyond my control I will of course let you know 🙂


Language: We have been working on creating proper paragraphs and non-fiction text features. As we move through November, we will begin focusing on inferring when we are reading and moving into persuasive paragraph writing.

What are Non-Fiction Text Features?

Math: We will begin working on measurement, specifically telling time and calculating elapsed time.

Social Studies: Since touching on areas of government earlier this year as it related to making informed choices during the election, we will now be going into greater detail about areas such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Health: We are continuing to discuss mental health literacy, and understanding our role, and the limits of our role, in helping others who may need mental health support.

Art: We will continue to work on shading and move into winter art related to the colour wheel.

Classroom News and Activities

Pumpkin winner!

Our class won the pumpkin decorating contest for halloween! Everyone pitched in to help and it looked amazing.

Groups had to measure their feet, tape them together and then figure out the mean/average shoe size just by folding.

Stay tuned for more great stuff from Grade 5!


Important Dates

The year is winding down and I’m happy to say that I am gradually able to spend more time in the classroom!

Next week is the last week of school and we have some great things planned.

Family Picnic

Come one come all!

Current and next year’s EES families are invited to our First Annual Family Picnic June 25 from 12-12:45.

Bring a picnic, a blanket, and/or chair and set up a spot for your family to eat on our yard. Please remember to pack a snack as your students are used to eating at 11 and 1. In the event of rain, families will be invited to eat where ever we can find space in the building.
Grandmas, cousins, aunts and uncles are all invited to join the fun!  


June 27 Mr. Chaput and the students would like to have a potluck. Also, on the 27th, all students are asked to BRING their tie-dye shirts for everyone to sign.

Exciting Upcoming dates and side note disappointments

Today was a great day for Track’n’Field and the students did a great job putting in their best efforts in their events!

Mr. Chaput asked me to send out a few reminders for the class and the upcoming school events.

June 5- Tomorrow is the due date for the Spaghetti dinner donations for our theme basket ‘Family Movie Night’. If you are able to add to this school fundraiser it is greatly appreciated.

June 7– PA Day

June 10 – Spaghetti Dinner

June 13- Next week is our class field trip to the Circle R Ranch! I am very excited for the students to have this new field trip opportunity and have my fingers crossed for good weather. If you want to see more about the ranch and their school programs, click here.

June 19– Wellness Wednesday- students are asked to bring in a rock to school that is big enough to put a positive message on. The students will be painting them with their buddies and then putting words of positivity or encouragement on them, then placing them around town on a school wide walk.

June 25– School Picnic more information to follow


Our classroom is unique and enjoyed by all students, both past and present because of the environment that has been created. Each year some minor repairs are expected on the furniture that I have sourced and purchased, due to reasonable wear and tear. As the year has gone on the students have been asked many times to respect the furniture and take pride in their classroom. I purchased new chairs in the fall for the class and, unfortunately, this is the shape they are in now.

It is truly disappointing to see how these chairs have been tore apart. No one wants to take responsibility for the damage so I thought I would just send out a note sharing my frustration.