So much awesomeness to share…

This past week, students worked on a dance challenge of my own design (insert sinister laugh here). They made up their own groups and had to pick a song out of a jar, and then 2 different dance moves that they needed to integrate somewhere into their choreography. They nailed it! All of the groups enjoyed it and they were great to watch. Love these 90’s songs!


Bingemans: Information for the Day of the Trip

Our field trip to Bingemans is TOMORROW!

Please arrive at the school by 7:45 am so that we can do a head count etc. and leave the school promptly at 8:00 am. We will be coming back to the school at 4:30 pm, please make arrangements to pick up your child at that time.

Notes about Bingemans:

Please note:

–          Children must be wearing socks to use the FunworX Play Structure.

–          Closed-toe, closed heel shoes are required on the high ropes course and rock climbing wall.

Food – For those who did not pre-order lunch, they have concessions available if children and the supervisors would like to bring extra money to purchase any food and/or beverages.

Locker Rental – Lockers can be rented for $15/day. Upon returning the key, you will get $10 back.

Checklist of suggested items to bring:

–          Sunscreen

–          Towels

–          Hats

–          Sunglasses

–          Change of clothes

–          Snacks

–          Extra plastic bags to put your wet clothes into at the end of the day

–          Running shoes

–          Socks


We are looking forward to a great day!

Please contact Mrs. Bedard or Mr. Gleadall with any questions or concerns.

Robots and sew much more…

We have been working on a lot of great activities in Grade 5/6 over the past week!

On Thursday, last week, we had the opportunity to design and create our own robots out of recycled material with the help of Kristen Keller. Students discussed the different things that robots can do and how to complete the circuit with the motor and batteries to make the robot move. Below are some of the pictures of the creators at work.

We have also been working on getting our father’s day presents finished up for this weekend. All the dad’s out there should be very proud of all the hard work that was put into their gifts. I will try not to give away the surprise but here are some photos of your kids hard at work.

Remember we are going to Bingemans on Tuesday next week. A note home will be sent and I will make a blog post as a reminder as well.

Recycle Reminder

We are doing our robotic art workshop tomorrow!

Remember to bring in recyclables and found materials such as: pop cans, plastic water bottles, soup or tuna cans, any plastic containers for salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, small film canister, empty pill containers etc.

No glass or flimsy plastic or styrofoam (e.g. take out containers, empty berry containers)

Be creative and bring in some fun things to put on your robot!

Reminder that it is crazy hat day as well tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing all the things you come up with!


Meaningful Mentoring

The Grade 6’s had a great day meeting their Grade 12 mentors, having an opportunity to learn some new things and become more familiar with the high school environment. The students were able to participate in a variety of subjects including music, art, biology, chemistry, food science, english, drama and gym. Here are some pictures of the activities they did today, stay tuned for videos to come!


Update and Revised dates

Thank you very much to all of the people who contributed to the potluck today, the kids were very appreciative, as were Ms. Pridham and I for your continued support. We are very fortunate to have you all!


Bingemans Meal Ticket 

On our trip, there is an option to prepay for a lunch for your child. If this is of interest to you please put a checkmark beside your choice and send the money into the school or use CashOnline to pay.  This is completely optional. Students can also bring a packed lunch with them on that day.

It will not be on CashOnline until Monday if you wish to pay online. Below is the options. We are also looking for volunteers. If we have more respond than what we need, we will put names into a draw and contact you.



June 5–  Grade 6 to SHDHS for Mentoring (needed to be changed from tomorrow due to student availability), Spaghetti dinner donations for our Road Trip class basket

June 7– Grade 6 orientation at 7/8 campus with Mrs. Hrudka, Ms. Pridham and Mrs. Thiel

June 8–  Robotics Workshop in the afternoon

  • Crazy hat day
  • Optional Bingemans Food order (if ordering) Due

June 9–  PA DAY- no school

June 12– Spaghetti Dinner at 5pm-7pm

June 13– Track and Field Regionals for those going

June 20–  Bingemans trip, Kitchener  (optional food order to be sent home tomorrow)

June 22– Middle block outdoor games with the other Grade 6 class

June 23– Beach Day


Notes Home

Today, information was sent home about activities happening next week, as well as the information about our raffle basket for the spaghetti dinner.

First, we hope to watch a movie on Thursday that is based on the novel ‘The Giver’ which we recently completed. On that same day, the students would like to have a potluck. The note that was sent home is below.

Please return the permission slip and what you would like to contribute to the potluck by Tuesday May 30.

On Friday next week (June 2) the grade 6 students have been invited to spend the day at SHDHS as part of a peer mentoring program developed in partnership with the Active Minds group from the high school. The focus of the group is on positive mental health, and the intent of the day is to introduce the students to what life will be like in the not so distant future once they have completed grade 8. For more details, please read the letter that went home, a copy is provided below.
Please return the permission form and course choices by Wed.May 31

As mentioned earlier, the theme for our raffle basket is ‘Road Trip’. Any items that you would be able to donate would be appreciated.


EQAO continues next week for grade 6 students. There is one section left for language and then 2 sections of math. Please check out previous links shared on the blog for practice if you wish.

Upcoming Dates:
June 1- Movie and potluck
June 2- Grade 6 Mentor Day at SHDHS

June 5- Spaghetti Dinner donations due

June 7- Grade 6 orientation day at SHDHS
June 8- Robotics Workshop

June 12- Spaghetti Dinner at Rec Centre
June 20- Class trip to Bingemans, Kitchener
June 26-27 Great Canadian Outdoors sessions

Enjoy your weekend!

You got this!


We will start writing EQAO on Wednesday May 24 from 11:30 to 12:30 continuing until Wed. May 31 (Wed, Thurs and Fri and Mon, Tues, Wed). We will be completing language portion for the first 4 days and then math for the final 2. A fruit tray will be provided for a snack, but feel free to bring in anything you feel you would like (nut-free of course).

When completing the assessment, Students are encouraged to relax.

R read the question carefully more than once, then reread the text or problem to find the answer

E examine every answer choice before you choose an answer

L  Label your answer in the reading passage or problem (underline or highlight)

A   Always check your work

X   x- out the answers that you know are incorrect or don’t make sense

Notes for writing the language assessment:

For those who would like to practice, there is a wonderful blog by another teacher that lists all of the student booklets and their scoring/answers from 2005 to present, to help you through the process. Click Here for extra practice!

Students are reminded to use the RACE strategy we have talked about in class in order to create a well structured response, not just on EQAO, but in all of their written work. For those who are unfamiliar with the strategy, here is a song that I found to explain it, and hopefully help you to remember.

Remember, you are awesome! One test cannot prove you are, and a test can’t take it away. You’re awesomeness is beyond measure, you are just that awesome.



Have a great long weekend everyone!

Math Review

As EQAO approaches (next week) we are focusing on reviewing concepts that we have discussed so far this year. A reminder that if you have a calculator of your own to bring it in, just in case there are not enough for everyone.

We discussed ratios and unit rate the last few days in class. Using the flyers that come in the mail is a great way to explore this concept at home. For example, if 6 rolls of Bounty is on sale for $4.49, how much does each roll cost? Students seemed to be able to understand the concept with little prompting.

Since ratios relate to fractions, our first area of review is converting decimals, fractions and percentages.

Homework went home to practice this concept for those who I caught before the end of the day. If you do not have a copy at home, the questions are attached here.

This is a graphic that will help with these questions.–Converting-Fractions-Decimals-and-Percentages-Chart-114051

Remember that tomorrow is Track and Field Day. Dress appropriately for the weather, bring water, lunch, sunscreen etc.

What’s your spin on it?

Fidget spinners have become the talk of the town, even the country. They are a great little toy that is all the rage this year and we are seeing them coming to school more and more. People are even jumping on the bandwagon with bulk purchases and trying to sell them on Facebook, Kijiji and more.

The question when it comes to it’s use at school is, is your child using it as a tool or as a toy?

An interesting article has come out by the CBC which discusses this exact question, tool or toy, helpful or hurtful? It is an excellent read if you have a minute.

In the end it is your decision. As a class, students shared their ideas today and we will be collaboratively creating rules for their use in class. Once we have come to a conclusion, we will share the rules with you here.

Stay tuned…