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Things are winding down here at EES and we have lots of fun still to come.

We had a great day at Camp Bimini last week! Thank you to the volunteers that were able to come with us. The weather worked in our favour and the kids were able to be active out in the wilderness.


Canada Day Play Day Tuesday June 26 (last block)

Wear red and white on Tuesday. 


We would like to have a potluck as our end of the year celebration on WEDNESDAY JUNE 27. Please let me know if you would be able to contribute something for the kids to eat that day. We have 24 students in our class and a peanut allergy.


Thank you in advance for helping with our celebration!




Field Trip Information

We are going to Camp Bimini tomorrow. Students are reminded to bring a cotton shirt for the t-shirt craft, rubber boots, a plastic bag (to put the boots in), water bottle, swim suit and towel. Lunch is provided at the camp. Parent volunteers who have not paid for lunch are reminded to bring their own lunch. We will be back in time for regular buses.

Remember to dress appropriately for the weather.

On Monday, all grade 6’s will be heading over to the high school for the Grade 7- Welcome to the Pride day! Reminder that permission forms are still needed from students in order to attend.
Below is the schedule for the day.

Grade 5 students will spend the day at the school with me.



June is Here!!!


Upcoming events:
Track’n’Field is on Monday next week. Schedules went home earlier this week as well as a note from Mrs. Coward.

Clarification will be sent home tomorrow regarding the lunch break. Below is the note from Mrs. Coward.

Dear Parents and Guardians, Thurs. May, 31/18

I wanted to clarify the message about lunch on Track and Field day, Monday, June 4th. Lunch is provided by the Parent Council and will be served during first nutrition break. Our breaks will be a NORMAL break in the day. First and second nutrition breaks will run as usual. The schedule sent home on Monday does match our normal breaks in the school day. Our day will begin at 8:35 am and first break will be 10:35-11:15 and second break 12:55-1:35. In the event of rain we will follow the same schedule Tuesday. Treats will be available at the booth and prices range from $.25-$1.00 if you choose to send money.


Mrs. Coward

Field Trip permission forms:

We are going to Camp Bimini on Friday June 15. Permission forms were sent home earlier this week. Please return forms and pay online or send in payment to the school. Rubber boots are requested on the form in order for students to do some cray fishing n the creek.

June 18 Grade 6 students will be going over the SHDHS for a day of fun with the rest of the future Grade 7’s.

Please return any pizza orders by Tuesday next week.

June 26th will be a Play Day here with a Canada Day theme


Looking forward to a fun filled end of the school year!



This week

Tomorrow we start EQAO! As mentioned before, we will be writing during the middle block from 11:15 until finished.  Students can bring snacks if they wish as long as they follow the peanut restrictions in place at the school and are not a disruption to others (e.g. crinkling bags etc.)


Grade 5 students will be joining other classes completing work or helping out with younger grades. Some students will be helping Mrs. Campbell tomorrow discovering the outdoors, so sunscreen and hats would be beneficial tomorrow.

Thursday is Jump Rope for Heart and the Grade 6 students will be helping run the events. Please dress appropriately for the weather e.g. sunscreen, hats and proper running shoes.

Spaghetti Dinner

Our annual spaghetti dinner is being held on Monday June 11. This year our donation basket theme is ‘Movie Night’. If you would be able to donate items related to our theme it would be greatly appreciated. All theme baskets are raffled off the night of the spaghetti dinner as a fundraiser for the school.


Stay tuned for more events as they happen!

Events, homework and EQAO

A Note from Mr. G
May 24th is our Jump Rope for Heart activity day! Remember, the online pledge forms are really wasy to set up and use. All it takes is the email adresses of the people you want to ask for pledges and they can do everything else online. Our cut off date for pledge forms is Friday May 18.

Track and Field will be on June 4. Forms were sent home if you wish to order food for that day. All options are on the SchoolCash online website for your convenience.

In class today, students had the opportunity to follow directions written by their peers. We completed a procedural writing assignment where students needed to write steps to complete something that they knew  how to do well. Materials were brought in for today’s activity and it was fun to watch all of the different procedures being carried out. They were handed out at random, so some boys had the opportunity to explore the world of nail polish.

Homework was sent home regarding prime and composite numbers and breaking numbers into their factors.


EQAO will begin on Wednesday May 23, with Wednesday and Thursday being the days set aside for the math section. The next four days, being Friday, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of the following week will be the language section. We will be writing from 11:30-12:30 each of those days, students are allowed extra time as needed to ensure they have completely answered all of the questions.

When completing the assessment, Students are encouraged to relax.

R- read the question carefully more than once, then reread the text or problem to find the answer

E- examine every answer choice before you choose an answer

L  Label your answer in the reading passage or problem (underline or highlight)

A   Always check your work

X   x- out the answers that you know are incorrect or don’t make sense

Please CLICK HERE to see a previous blog post with links to practice questions and examples of the assessment.

Today’s Homework and Class assignments

In class we are working on writing procedures (how-to). Each student will be writing step by step instructions on how to do something that they know how to do/make well. They will need to bring in any materials that will relate to their procedure on Thursday this week. All writing will be completed in class.

**Remember to bring in items to start working on your ‘Me in Pieces’ art project tomorrow**


Tonight’s Homework

Coming up next…

Spirit Day tomorrow: Dress as your hero


Do you want to empty out your junk drawer?

In art we have been exploring mixed media and how we can use different tools to create beautiful pieces of art that are unique. As a final project, the students will be creating a canvas using the techniques we have discussed in class. For this last piece they will need to bring in items that will add visual interest and texture. The theme will be ‘Me in Pieces’. They will put pieces together that will show who they are. For example, they could focus on interests, hobbies, family, etc.  The items that they will bring in will be painted on or over, so they need to have a relatively flat side and lightweight so that they can be hot glued onto the canvas. Since, they will be painted, colour of the items does not matter. The type of art we will be doing is a spin on ‘steam punk’.

Examples of items: bolts, nuts, washers, clothes pegs, safety pins, knitting needles, doilies, lego, chains, buttons, screws, crochet flowers, twigs, fake flowers, toy cars, old super hero dolls, beans, pasta, keys, little wooden letters, paint brushes, old cupboard knobs, wire, string etc. The possibilities are endless! The canvas will be approx. 8”x10” so items should not be overly large.

As with any large projects, it takes a village, so donations are welcomed! We will be using hot glue guns and glue. If you have a glue gun that we could borrow/use it would be appreciated.

Each student is asked to bring in 1 packaged of small glue sticks (Dollarama/Dollar Tree) for hot glue guns. I will supply the canvas boards and paint.

We will start the project the next week.

Thank you for your continued support!





Notes for Next Week


Reminder: On Monday, Grade 6 students will have a quiz on the OPP health program content. Their booklets went home on Wednesday this week to look over.

If you have any sand paper around home that you are wanting to get rid of we will thankfully receive it here to help with our Mother’s Day projects 🙂

Wear green on Monday for Mental Health Awareness!

(disclaimer: video has some graphic content that some may find gross but the message is effective as it relates to mental health in our society)


Friday is a ‘Spirit Day’ dress as your hero!